Friday, April 29, 2022

Daria at the Beach


Daria woke up feeling at peace. It was still early. She wanted to capture the rays of dawn at the beach. Her favourite spot.

She made her way to the beach. Feeling the early morning moist breeze. There was a little moistness in her eyes too. She sat at the beach and traveled back in time.

She could see her 8 year old self with all her cousins and family frolicking at the beach. This was mostly a ritual on a Friday morning. Then they would return back. Have a sumptuous lunch. Then relax through the day. How everything just came back to her. It was as if she had not left Kuwait ever. 

Today she was by herself at the beach. All had moved to different parts of the world. But each still carried a part of their childhood deep in their hearts. 

She looked down and found herself making her sand castle which she usually had done in the past. One huge wave had washed it all before she could complete it . Leaving just some wet sand in her palms. She looked deeply at it and thought”This was exactly how long ago all had been washed away with one giant wave in her life too”.

She looked deeply at the waves. Suddenly she was brought out  of it by the ring of her phone. 

Her friends were calling to check where she was. She could hear their excited chatter . She smiled and got up. Dusting the sands of time from her being. She wondered for a minute “ Whether she would ever be able to”

She slowly made her way out of the beach.

Excited about the day ahead. It felt so good to be back here. Felt like home. 

The last few days of Ramadan were the most beautiful. She was looking forward to the excitement. She smiled peacefully as she sat in the car.

She heard a lot of “ Sabah Al Khair”

Wished in return. It was truly “ Sabah Al Khair”

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