Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Choose wisely

 The power of believing!

Seeing it being manifested is for real! It’s happened countless times. The universe does hear your thoughts. What would you like it to hear? Think deeply before you give in to negative thoughts. Chaotic emotional tirade is what you would like to present the universe! Then what gifts 🎁 do you expect the universe will bestow.


In the most trying times, I have experienced the power of my wishes coming true. Manifested to the best!

Someone is definitely listening. Sometimes our mind and heart is at a conflict. What do you then? Who do you listen to! Definitely to the one belting out positive numbers! The orchestra of life, make it worthwhile, soulful. At times when we are tormented, it’s the toughest. That’s when the strength of your inner r self comes to the forefront. Dig in to the reserves of resilience being held there protectively. You will be surprised to find vestiges of power. Hope another dear friend who always smiles and stays by your side. Lighting your dark sky with twinkling stars. There yet not there. When you need it, just a stone’s throw away.

Many a times during meditation, I have seen the power of it. It has amazed me. Left me spell bound. I always believed the universe holds you in its space. Then does not the universe deserves to be held in your positive thoughts. 

The power of wishful thinking is for real. Start believing and practising!

See the magic of it!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Please kindly take a minute to hold everyone in your thoughts and prayers. The ones who are battling in war torn regions, the ones being hit by the fury of nature and the ones who are battling their inner demons!

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