Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Will you be mine


Daria woke up with a start. She jumped out of bed. Hadi had asked her to be ready by 10. She had overslept. She quickly sent him a hurried text. Apologising for being a bit late. She quickly freshened up. Grabbed her T-Shirt, jeans . Dressed hurriedly. As she was coming down. Her aunt came and said” Your grandad would like to see you”.

Daria rushed to see him. So unlike him to call her like this. She instantly got worried . She thought he was not well. She found him smiling and looking happy. Daria sighed in relief . She got a warm hug and a beaming smile as a welcome. Her grandad made her sit next to him😊. 

He enquired after her and then took out a beautiful antique velvet ring box. He cleared his throat and said” This belonged to your  great grandmother. I would like you to have it. It would be nice if you could wear it tonight for dinner”. Daria was moved. She had tears in her eyes. The most beautiful ring was staring out at her. Adorned in tiny pink diamonds set around a majestic looking pink Pearl. Incidentally pink was her favourite colour. She was awed. She hugged her grandad and ran up to keel the ring safely. She came down . Hadi was patiently waiting near the car.

She apologised to him. They went to a beautiful place set in the mountains. A cabin cafe . Rustic and Peppy. She loved it instantly. It had live music . So lovely . The food abd the coffee was to die for . 

Hadi spoke to her at length. Daria reminded him about the dinner . The Pre- wedding festivities for her cousin’s wedding were going to start tonight. Hadi said he would drop her and go to the airport. 3 of their friends were coming down for the wedding. Daria’s cousins and few uncles and aunts had already arrived for the dinner tonight. They were expecting more guests tomorrow morning.

Just as they were leaving. Hadi cleared his throat. He said softly “Daria I saw this yesterday. I really wanted you to have this”. Saying that he took out a long box . A slender gold chain rested with a beautiful pendant set in gold. Antique finish. A woman looking out at the sea. It was simply beautiful. Done in old antique Italian finish. She loved it instantly. She wore it then and there. She leaned and kissed him. Hugged him.

Hadi was besotted. The drive back was beautiful. Both lost in each other. Once home. Daria was reminded of the dinner. She quickly thanked him and whistled as she made her way back.

She didn’t see her grandfather quietly watching from the window. He smiled mischievously too himself. 

The ring always proved lucky😃😃.

He thought to himself” Time to plan Daria’s wedding “.

His favourite grandchild 🥰🥰.

Stay tuned for more!

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