Monday, March 28, 2022

The Journey of Pain

Each’s journey of pain differently hatched. Planned unique. How each handles a lesson in resilience. Some shed tears in their childhood, some in their adult journey, some life long. Then who do we journey longest with? Is it pain or life? Show me a dry eye. A heart which has remain devoid of sorrow. Where has there been only glee and smiles. Which heart has not screamed in agony? Yet we each travel. Trying our best to muster our strength. Hold the belief that there is a rainbow waiting for each of us. 

What keeps the pain at bay is those little acts of kindness. To see the sorrow in another. To see an orphan dance in the rain devoid in that moment of any pain. So giving! When you don’t own anything then what do you give out? You give out your selflessness. Isn’t that what the world needs today. Lots of it. Compassion, humility and kindness all mixed and fed to mankind. 

To hon all that pain is a requisite. Pain humbles you. Strengthens you. Makes you that compassionate being. Devoid of pain you don’t reach that level of humility.

Welcome pain. It’s another life teacher. Every sorrow was sent your way for a higher purpose. Welcome each . Feel the sorrow, grief and then place your brightest smile. Show the world what a strong being you are!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

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