Saturday, March 19, 2022

The call

 Every phase of life will make you answer to a different call. The call of nature, the call of love, call of the “New you”. We go through so many phases. Each a different, unique one!

Sometimes the quiet of the night will give you a restive peace. The balmy ocean will play its tune and soothe your erratic heartbeat. The busy coffee shop at the end of the street will beckon you. The freshly baked cupcakes at your favourite confectionery will surreptitiously tempt you. The hustle bustle of the day will still make you smile at the end of the day. Sometimes the calm could also make you cry. We live through different shades of emotions. What each brings out in us is unique?

Remember you are all this and much more. Somewhere someone still remembers your heartfelt smile, the twinkle in your eyes, you kind words which wiped their tears. The compliment you had paid someone, still brings a smile. The random act of kindness shown still manages to hold a place in someone’s heart. 

Each moment a gift,

Each act, 

A legacy left behind by you!

Make sure to leave a rich legacy behind which will be remembered for long.

Have a blessed weekend!

Don’t forget to 😊 smile! 

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