Monday, March 21, 2022

World Poetry Day!

 One quiet evening, I was going through some books. Extremely bored. This was the era without smart phones. We would either be reading, writing or playing. It was a quiet evening. I was on my own. A poetry book beckoned me. Enticing me. I picked it up and sat lost in the woods of words. That evening was the first time, I truly connected to poetry. In school we would be taught. But just as easily forgotten after the exam. From that evening on a new soulful connection was made. I started by looking forward to reading Shakespearean sonnets. The reason why I took literature in college. I enjoyed each classic, sonnets and the long poems. They took me to a beautiful realm. Lost in their world, I would never want to leave it. A little like “Alice in Wonderland”. My wonderland was words, poetic phrases. Time flew. My connection with poetry became faint. Just like a lost love. I never thought, the second time round it would be more intense and powerful. In the eyes of poetry, I found my beloved! My love for poetry came surging back. This time our connect is much stronger. It almost feels like all those years apart, just never happened! 

Today on the world poetry day, one thing I would like to say is” I am glad poetry found me again”

What it gives me is phenomenal!

Surprisingly today I can’t find the words to express my love for poetry! But are not some silences more beautiful and breathtaking. Just like when we gaze at the moon lovingly. In that moment, we do not need any words.

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