Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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 The beautiful month of March greets us anew. What do we perceive for ourselves in this month of spring?

Do we look forward to the joyous spring in our lives?

Let us hope for joy. 

Let us take each day in our stride 

All we ever truly have is the moment. The moment we are living, rest is our wishful thinking.

Make each moment your best.

If the day has been dark, wait for a beautiful dawn tomorrow. Waiting for you . Promising as ever.

Line your days with a touch of kindness and compassion.

It holds immense power.

Smile and spread joy.

You never know how your smile might be brightening someone’s day.

Keep the candle of faith burning bright. It always brings light and untold joy to others.

Compliment and accept compliments coming your way.

Nurture and love your being.

Practice gratitude.

Keep your gratitude journaling updated . You will see how there is to be grateful for on the days you don’t feel yourself. There are always beautiful blessings sent your way . 

Meditate . 

Go out in the open for walks . Stay tuned with nature.

Meet the people who love you unconditionally often. They are the biggest feel good factors you need.

Wear your favourite colour. Look good, feel good

Life is short! Line it with joy!

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