Thursday, March 24, 2022

Blessed Moments

The Joy of being alive! Living beautifully in the moment. Showing immense gratitude 🙏 for the gifts bestowed. That’s what I thought of this breathtaking dawn. In the quiet moment before it was graced with the yellow brilliance of positivity. In that moment, I saw nature beautifully waking up from its slumber. My favourite moment would always be when I sat alone with my thoughts in restive quiet or walking in the park with my thoughts. At times just sitting in my yoga mat. Listening to my breath. I would love watching nature greeting the first streaks of sunshine. 

The wish was so beautifully answered by both. Majestic and elegantly answered. Today I am just glad for my breath and the gift of writing which was given to me as the most precious one. When I lay battling for my life last year, it was my poetry which used to give me untold solace. For hours together, I stayed lost reading and writing. The prayers, the messages, the love which poured out, gave me immense strength to fight back. Those are the moments when you realise what an act of kindness can do! The special place you unknowingly make in someone’s heart and stay in their prayers. That’s what I always envisaged doing. Today when I turn back and see where I have come and from where, I just have only tears of gratitude 🙏. 

The moment is what I live for now! 

Totality in the moment is what I seek for!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Cherish the day, the blessed moments. 

Each day, each moment has something beautiful to be cherished!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Stay blessed! Stay safe!

Keep the faith on,

Along with your smile😊

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