Thursday, March 31, 2022

April Blessings

 Dear April spread your glow far and wide! 

The yellow aura of positivity,

The burnished gold of compassion,

The soft orange of kindness,

The lemony scent of humility,

May it grace each threshold for long!

Let’s welcome the month amidst cheer and joy. Keep it smiling and sparking. Joy to all!

The showers of blessings may they encompass each and keep them devoid of sorrow and despair.

Stay blessed all!

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Journey of Pain

Each’s journey of pain differently hatched. Planned unique. How each handles a lesson in resilience. Some shed tears in their childhood, some in their adult journey, some life long. Then who do we journey longest with? Is it pain or life? Show me a dry eye. A heart which has remain devoid of sorrow. Where has there been only glee and smiles. Which heart has not screamed in agony? Yet we each travel. Trying our best to muster our strength. Hold the belief that there is a rainbow waiting for each of us. 

What keeps the pain at bay is those little acts of kindness. To see the sorrow in another. To see an orphan dance in the rain devoid in that moment of any pain. So giving! When you don’t own anything then what do you give out? You give out your selflessness. Isn’t that what the world needs today. Lots of it. Compassion, humility and kindness all mixed and fed to mankind. 

To hon all that pain is a requisite. Pain humbles you. Strengthens you. Makes you that compassionate being. Devoid of pain you don’t reach that level of humility.

Welcome pain. It’s another life teacher. Every sorrow was sent your way for a higher purpose. Welcome each . Feel the sorrow, grief and then place your brightest smile. Show the world what a strong being you are!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Blessed Moments

The Joy of being alive! Living beautifully in the moment. Showing immense gratitude 🙏 for the gifts bestowed. That’s what I thought of this breathtaking dawn. In the quiet moment before it was graced with the yellow brilliance of positivity. In that moment, I saw nature beautifully waking up from its slumber. My favourite moment would always be when I sat alone with my thoughts in restive quiet or walking in the park with my thoughts. At times just sitting in my yoga mat. Listening to my breath. I would love watching nature greeting the first streaks of sunshine. 

The wish was so beautifully answered by both. Majestic and elegantly answered. Today I am just glad for my breath and the gift of writing which was given to me as the most precious one. When I lay battling for my life last year, it was my poetry which used to give me untold solace. For hours together, I stayed lost reading and writing. The prayers, the messages, the love which poured out, gave me immense strength to fight back. Those are the moments when you realise what an act of kindness can do! The special place you unknowingly make in someone’s heart and stay in their prayers. That’s what I always envisaged doing. Today when I turn back and see where I have come and from where, I just have only tears of gratitude 🙏. 

The moment is what I live for now! 

Totality in the moment is what I seek for!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Cherish the day, the blessed moments. 

Each day, each moment has something beautiful to be cherished!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Stay blessed! Stay safe!

Keep the faith on,

Along with your smile😊

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Will you be mine


Daria woke up with a start. She jumped out of bed. Hadi had asked her to be ready by 10. She had overslept. She quickly sent him a hurried text. Apologising for being a bit late. She quickly freshened up. Grabbed her T-Shirt, jeans . Dressed hurriedly. As she was coming down. Her aunt came and said” Your grandad would like to see you”.

Daria rushed to see him. So unlike him to call her like this. She instantly got worried . She thought he was not well. She found him smiling and looking happy. Daria sighed in relief . She got a warm hug and a beaming smile as a welcome. Her grandad made her sit next to him😊. 

He enquired after her and then took out a beautiful antique velvet ring box. He cleared his throat and said” This belonged to your  great grandmother. I would like you to have it. It would be nice if you could wear it tonight for dinner”. Daria was moved. She had tears in her eyes. The most beautiful ring was staring out at her. Adorned in tiny pink diamonds set around a majestic looking pink Pearl. Incidentally pink was her favourite colour. She was awed. She hugged her grandad and ran up to keel the ring safely. She came down . Hadi was patiently waiting near the car.

She apologised to him. They went to a beautiful place set in the mountains. A cabin cafe . Rustic and Peppy. She loved it instantly. It had live music . So lovely . The food abd the coffee was to die for . 

Hadi spoke to her at length. Daria reminded him about the dinner . The Pre- wedding festivities for her cousin’s wedding were going to start tonight. Hadi said he would drop her and go to the airport. 3 of their friends were coming down for the wedding. Daria’s cousins and few uncles and aunts had already arrived for the dinner tonight. They were expecting more guests tomorrow morning.

Just as they were leaving. Hadi cleared his throat. He said softly “Daria I saw this yesterday. I really wanted you to have this”. Saying that he took out a long box . A slender gold chain rested with a beautiful pendant set in gold. Antique finish. A woman looking out at the sea. It was simply beautiful. Done in old antique Italian finish. She loved it instantly. She wore it then and there. She leaned and kissed him. Hugged him.

Hadi was besotted. The drive back was beautiful. Both lost in each other. Once home. Daria was reminded of the dinner. She quickly thanked him and whistled as she made her way back.

She didn’t see her grandfather quietly watching from the window. He smiled mischievously too himself. 

The ring always proved lucky😃😃.

He thought to himself” Time to plan Daria’s wedding “.

His favourite grandchild 🥰🥰.

Stay tuned for more!

Monday, March 21, 2022

World Poetry Day!

 One quiet evening, I was going through some books. Extremely bored. This was the era without smart phones. We would either be reading, writing or playing. It was a quiet evening. I was on my own. A poetry book beckoned me. Enticing me. I picked it up and sat lost in the woods of words. That evening was the first time, I truly connected to poetry. In school we would be taught. But just as easily forgotten after the exam. From that evening on a new soulful connection was made. I started by looking forward to reading Shakespearean sonnets. The reason why I took literature in college. I enjoyed each classic, sonnets and the long poems. They took me to a beautiful realm. Lost in their world, I would never want to leave it. A little like “Alice in Wonderland”. My wonderland was words, poetic phrases. Time flew. My connection with poetry became faint. Just like a lost love. I never thought, the second time round it would be more intense and powerful. In the eyes of poetry, I found my beloved! My love for poetry came surging back. This time our connect is much stronger. It almost feels like all those years apart, just never happened! 

Today on the world poetry day, one thing I would like to say is” I am glad poetry found me again”

What it gives me is phenomenal!

Surprisingly today I can’t find the words to express my love for poetry! But are not some silences more beautiful and breathtaking. Just like when we gaze at the moon lovingly. In that moment, we do not need any words.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

The call

 Every phase of life will make you answer to a different call. The call of nature, the call of love, call of the “New you”. We go through so many phases. Each a different, unique one!

Sometimes the quiet of the night will give you a restive peace. The balmy ocean will play its tune and soothe your erratic heartbeat. The busy coffee shop at the end of the street will beckon you. The freshly baked cupcakes at your favourite confectionery will surreptitiously tempt you. The hustle bustle of the day will still make you smile at the end of the day. Sometimes the calm could also make you cry. We live through different shades of emotions. What each brings out in us is unique?

Remember you are all this and much more. Somewhere someone still remembers your heartfelt smile, the twinkle in your eyes, you kind words which wiped their tears. The compliment you had paid someone, still brings a smile. The random act of kindness shown still manages to hold a place in someone’s heart. 

Each moment a gift,

Each act, 

A legacy left behind by you!

Make sure to leave a rich legacy behind which will be remembered for long.

Have a blessed weekend!

Don’t forget to 😊 smile! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Mood board

 The beautiful month of March greets us anew. What do we perceive for ourselves in this month of spring?

Do we look forward to the joyous spring in our lives?

Let us hope for joy. 

Let us take each day in our stride 

All we ever truly have is the moment. The moment we are living, rest is our wishful thinking.

Make each moment your best.

If the day has been dark, wait for a beautiful dawn tomorrow. Waiting for you . Promising as ever.

Line your days with a touch of kindness and compassion.

It holds immense power.

Smile and spread joy.

You never know how your smile might be brightening someone’s day.

Keep the candle of faith burning bright. It always brings light and untold joy to others.

Compliment and accept compliments coming your way.

Nurture and love your being.

Practice gratitude.

Keep your gratitude journaling updated . You will see how there is to be grateful for on the days you don’t feel yourself. There are always beautiful blessings sent your way . 

Meditate . 

Go out in the open for walks . Stay tuned with nature.

Meet the people who love you unconditionally often. They are the biggest feel good factors you need.

Wear your favourite colour. Look good, feel good

Life is short! Line it with joy!

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...