Monday, February 7, 2022

In between Poha and Poetry

 Kaira’s day started like a roller coaster ride. This was the day when everything was meant to go wrong. She had to be at work for a meeting. As she was getting ready her cook called and said “ Amma aaj nahi aaoongi”. 

Kaira wanted to scream. She had happily thought the breakfast would be taken care of by her. She rushed into the kitchen to organise a quick breakfast. Just then her little one came crying. He had a bad tummy ache . “ Mummy my stomach hurts” . Kaira went to get him settled. Just then her poha was sizzling. Ohh God! 

She had forgotten about it . Thank God the onions were still good not burned to ashes. Her day was already turning towards disaster mode. Just then her phone beeped. Ohh No! Her poem had to be sent now. She sat in the kitchen with the Poha splattering and her sonnets screaming out to her. She began penning her poem. From the fumes of ginger garlic paste to the sizzle of curry leaves and adding salt . Her love conquered all. Ohh God! What had she written? Where did ginger garlic paste come in between a love sonnet. Thank God! Shakespeare was no more. He would have had a fit. She started again once more. Her son came crying and the poem went . from the wails and tumoil of a child to the passion of uncooked morsels, the turmeric looked at her balefully. Was this love? To be jilted and left tasteless for all to devour”. Just then her husband came in asking for his breakfast. One look at the unmade poha sitting majestically, he blew the fuse. The poem continued, could poha drive a wedge between love? Could the unmade, non tossed green chillies make a difference to undying love? Well looks like it did! 

To top it the daughter slipped in the bathroom. The poem continued Love slipped at the threshold of water not mopped!

To top it Kaira sent it to the publisher. She did win the award.

The fumes of Poha and the tingling scent of love got mingled. Instead of scented love you had splatters of spices adding their aroma to the pot of poetry!

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