Thursday, February 24, 2022

I have a voice

 She sat in the dire strait of misery. Engulfed by the violent tides of conditioning and expectations. Her being stifled and chained to acceptance. Her voice choked and muted. Her dreams buried . In the pyre of her burnt aspirations and hope, she still saw no acceptance. Just a series of her flaws mirrored so flawlessly in those perfectionists walking the face of earth. 

She believed them all. Slowly accepted it. Buried her all in the happiness of all.
Until one beautiful dawn when something in her broke free. She left all at the threshold. Crossed it. Conquered all her fears. She armoured herself with the belief” I matter”. I love myself just the way I am. I’m perfect in my own being. She let go all.
She carved a niche with new beliefs. New beautiful heartfelt expectations. Her being glowed. She had never looked more beautiful than now. She wore the adornment of joy!
It looked so perfect on her!
 A symbol of strength! She came to be called from far and wide! 
The power of loving herself truly. Each moment revealing of her utmost joy. Revelling in the joyous ardour of a woman who followed her heart.
Every breath a beautiful ode to living!
She learnt the art of loving and living to the best!
Every moment takes my breath away,
in what a beautiful art of living is in its truest form!
Her mantra for living!
All she had to do is just love herself!


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