Thursday, February 17, 2022

Friday thoughts


This beautiful morning as I sat on my yoga mat, so many thoughts kept coming in and out. So many things thought forgotten . So many left unsaid . All sat waiting to greet me this dawn. I sat quietly lost in my thoughts. The beautiful calm, serenity of the quiet morning just stole my breath away. Is this what we hunger for? The peace so priceless. In that moment, I was thinking of nothing but my breath and the moment. Both so priceless. For the breath to be calm, I was sitting on the yoga mat. My breath and my moment both taken would never come back again. The breaths I take, each I dearly pay homage to, in sincerity . The moments all lived, my legacy, I leave behind. My solitude continued in the park. Sitting perched up there, lost to the world, sat thee. So rested it looked, devoid of the tests. I long for the solitude in thy midst. In the woods of life, I long to unfurl my tired being and rest a while with thee. 

A beautiful morning complete with my cappuccino. Truly grateful  and immense gratitude 🙏 for each breath.

Life is nothing but the breaths and the moments spent. When they become one with the will of his, its a symphony of soulful rendition. Have a lovely Friday!

Stay blessed. May you be showered with the choicest blessings!

Keep the smile on😊

Keep the faith going!

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