Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Alluringly Mysterious

 Daria was still humming to herself as she came out of her shower. The first soft tunes of the band playing tonight could be heard . The Pre-Wedding  festivities were being kicked in from tonight. There was something softly romantic about a wedding. Daria always loved to be immersed in its romantic hues.

She had ordered her outfits and was waiting excitedly to be adoring them during the wedding. Tonight she had got a special one done in shell pink. It had a crochet hand made vintage lace neckline. A deep scooping v neck, adorned in tiny shell pink buttons. The long dress fell just near her ankles . It was a beautiful creation in chiffon and soft lace. It definitely looked vintage. Daria looked exquisitely beautiful in it. She wore her grandmother’s antique Pearl set. It looked so perfect with her dress. Her hair looked silky. It felt in long soft tumbling curls around her face. She accentuated her eyes in soft olive green and brown. Her skin looked radiant and glowing. Daria wondered dreamily, was the glow because of her blush? 

She smiled softly to herself as she made herself out on the lawns. She was busy for the first hour. Finally Hadi had to sneak her out from there towards the gazebo. It was a beautiful night . Radiant with the glistening moonlight. 

Hadi just looked at her . A man in love with his entire being and soul. Their eyes met in the gleaming dark. Soft and serene all around. Hadi took her in his arms and they danced to the soft romantic tunes of the band. 

They stayed like that for a long time. Hadi whispered”Time to go back”

Daria looked dreamy and irresistible. Hadi kissed her deeply. His eyes asked the question once again.

Daria turned herself quickly. They both quietly made their way back.

Once more they were lost in the company of others. Hadi walked her to her room. Just before going, he asked her to be ready at 10 next morning.

Saying that he bade her good night and went his way.

Daria lay thinking of him for a long time. She couldn’t sleep for a long time.

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