Thursday, February 24, 2022

I have a voice

 She sat in the dire strait of misery. Engulfed by the violent tides of conditioning and expectations. Her being stifled and chained to acceptance. Her voice choked and muted. Her dreams buried . In the pyre of her burnt aspirations and hope, she still saw no acceptance. Just a series of her flaws mirrored so flawlessly in those perfectionists walking the face of earth. 

She believed them all. Slowly accepted it. Buried her all in the happiness of all.
Until one beautiful dawn when something in her broke free. She left all at the threshold. Crossed it. Conquered all her fears. She armoured herself with the belief” I matter”. I love myself just the way I am. I’m perfect in my own being. She let go all.
She carved a niche with new beliefs. New beautiful heartfelt expectations. Her being glowed. She had never looked more beautiful than now. She wore the adornment of joy!
It looked so perfect on her!
 A symbol of strength! She came to be called from far and wide! 
The power of loving herself truly. Each moment revealing of her utmost joy. Revelling in the joyous ardour of a woman who followed her heart.
Every breath a beautiful ode to living!
She learnt the art of loving and living to the best!
Every moment takes my breath away,
in what a beautiful art of living is in its truest form!
Her mantra for living!
All she had to do is just love herself!


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Dawn of Positivity

 A beautiful morning to greet you a new. 

In the breathtaking hues of cheerfulness 

A ray of positive sunshine

Chirpy joy,

Sparkling kindness

May it all keep the joy and smiles all the way today!

Keep the faith on!

Another breathtaking morning just to greet you joyously

The joy of breathing in the effervescence of the moment!

What a delightful moment to start your day!

Of course I cannot forget my steaming mug of cappuccino  which is my soulmate in a mug 😄😄😄.

Without it I’m totally lost😀.

Smile and enjoy the day!

Have a blessed Thursday beautiful people!

Every breath counts,

Every moment,

A legacy of yours,

Left behind by you😊

Alluringly Mysterious

 Daria was still humming to herself as she came out of her shower. The first soft tunes of the band playing tonight could be heard . The Pre-Wedding  festivities were being kicked in from tonight. There was something softly romantic about a wedding. Daria always loved to be immersed in its romantic hues.

She had ordered her outfits and was waiting excitedly to be adoring them during the wedding. Tonight she had got a special one done in shell pink. It had a crochet hand made vintage lace neckline. A deep scooping v neck, adorned in tiny shell pink buttons. The long dress fell just near her ankles . It was a beautiful creation in chiffon and soft lace. It definitely looked vintage. Daria looked exquisitely beautiful in it. She wore her grandmother’s antique Pearl set. It looked so perfect with her dress. Her hair looked silky. It felt in long soft tumbling curls around her face. She accentuated her eyes in soft olive green and brown. Her skin looked radiant and glowing. Daria wondered dreamily, was the glow because of her blush? 

She smiled softly to herself as she made herself out on the lawns. She was busy for the first hour. Finally Hadi had to sneak her out from there towards the gazebo. It was a beautiful night . Radiant with the glistening moonlight. 

Hadi just looked at her . A man in love with his entire being and soul. Their eyes met in the gleaming dark. Soft and serene all around. Hadi took her in his arms and they danced to the soft romantic tunes of the band. 

They stayed like that for a long time. Hadi whispered”Time to go back”

Daria looked dreamy and irresistible. Hadi kissed her deeply. His eyes asked the question once again.

Daria turned herself quickly. They both quietly made their way back.

Once more they were lost in the company of others. Hadi walked her to her room. Just before going, he asked her to be ready at 10 next morning.

Saying that he bade her good night and went his way.

Daria lay thinking of him for a long time. She couldn’t sleep for a long time.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Friday thoughts


This beautiful morning as I sat on my yoga mat, so many thoughts kept coming in and out. So many things thought forgotten . So many left unsaid . All sat waiting to greet me this dawn. I sat quietly lost in my thoughts. The beautiful calm, serenity of the quiet morning just stole my breath away. Is this what we hunger for? The peace so priceless. In that moment, I was thinking of nothing but my breath and the moment. Both so priceless. For the breath to be calm, I was sitting on the yoga mat. My breath and my moment both taken would never come back again. The breaths I take, each I dearly pay homage to, in sincerity . The moments all lived, my legacy, I leave behind. My solitude continued in the park. Sitting perched up there, lost to the world, sat thee. So rested it looked, devoid of the tests. I long for the solitude in thy midst. In the woods of life, I long to unfurl my tired being and rest a while with thee. 

A beautiful morning complete with my cappuccino. Truly grateful  and immense gratitude 🙏 for each breath.

Life is nothing but the breaths and the moments spent. When they become one with the will of his, its a symphony of soulful rendition. Have a lovely Friday!

Stay blessed. May you be showered with the choicest blessings!

Keep the smile on😊

Keep the faith going!

Monday, February 7, 2022

In between Poha and Poetry

 Kaira’s day started like a roller coaster ride. This was the day when everything was meant to go wrong. She had to be at work for a meeting. As she was getting ready her cook called and said “ Amma aaj nahi aaoongi”. 

Kaira wanted to scream. She had happily thought the breakfast would be taken care of by her. She rushed into the kitchen to organise a quick breakfast. Just then her little one came crying. He had a bad tummy ache . “ Mummy my stomach hurts” . Kaira went to get him settled. Just then her poha was sizzling. Ohh God! 

She had forgotten about it . Thank God the onions were still good not burned to ashes. Her day was already turning towards disaster mode. Just then her phone beeped. Ohh No! Her poem had to be sent now. She sat in the kitchen with the Poha splattering and her sonnets screaming out to her. She began penning her poem. From the fumes of ginger garlic paste to the sizzle of curry leaves and adding salt . Her love conquered all. Ohh God! What had she written? Where did ginger garlic paste come in between a love sonnet. Thank God! Shakespeare was no more. He would have had a fit. She started again once more. Her son came crying and the poem went . from the wails and tumoil of a child to the passion of uncooked morsels, the turmeric looked at her balefully. Was this love? To be jilted and left tasteless for all to devour”. Just then her husband came in asking for his breakfast. One look at the unmade poha sitting majestically, he blew the fuse. The poem continued, could poha drive a wedge between love? Could the unmade, non tossed green chillies make a difference to undying love? Well looks like it did! 

To top it the daughter slipped in the bathroom. The poem continued Love slipped at the threshold of water not mopped!

To top it Kaira sent it to the publisher. She did win the award.

The fumes of Poha and the tingling scent of love got mingled. Instead of scented love you had splatters of spices adding their aroma to the pot of poetry!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Daria Melting

 True to his word . Hadi was waiting for her next morning. Ready to leave . Sporting a smile and a sports jacket, he looked straight out of the magazine cover. Daria looked beautiful herself. Of course she never acknowledged it . Wearing a button down powder blue shirt, jeans and a vintage scarf tied casually around her neck. She looked poised, elegant and beautiful. The drive was beautiful. Daria let go herself for just this once . Totally lost in the beauty of her scenic drive .

Hadi stopped by a quaint little cafe. Set in the heart of the mountains. Daria sat lost in the beauty of it . Smiling to herself. Hadi sat lost in her beauty . They were having a lovely time . Enjoying the stops on the way . They stopped by a beautiful resort in the mountains. Spent good time there . Daria reminded him of the dinner tonight being hosted by her cousin’s parents . 

Daria was sitting by the mountain gulping the beauty. Hadi leaned and planted a kiss on her forehead . Daria turned towards him . Confusion mirrored . Hadi smirks her softly “ Daria please give us a chance. It will work. Just give it a chance please “.

Saying that he turned towards the car. The drive back was beautiful and quiet . Both left to their own thoughts . When they reached the house . Daria turned towards Hadi “ Thank you for this lovely day “. Saying this she leaned into him and kissed him on the cheek. 

This time it was Hadi’s turn to be shocked .

Daria had a naughty smile on her face as she made her way upstairs to her room.

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...