Thursday, January 6, 2022


 The “Need of the hour” once again, your undeniable strength. The power you have within which helps you fight all odds. The place where you dwell and rest calmly. The uncertainty keeps each gripped once again. No assurance of life or moments. Whatever we have or are gifted in the moment is truly ours, rest it only wishful thinking . Wish always! Hope for the best as we say but to keep your being together in the most trying times is what resilience is all about. 

The fear of what holds next keeps each its unwilling slave. Yet! Slaves we all are at times. How we break free from the threatening, menacing tentacles of fear and anxiety is what living is all about. How? The question of many? To keep your sanity, your mental health together the biggest requisite.

Build a loving community together. Stay connected to your close ones. Practice self love. Read inspiring stories. Tell yourself each morning how important you are. Honour yourself by just saying at-least one positive word. One hour in the day, gift it to yourself exclusively. Work the brain along with the body. Stay inspired. Motivate others. Compassion, humility, kindness the biggest “ Need of the Hour”.

Keep the fear at bay. Smile often. Spread joy all around. Lend your shoulder for a troubled heart to rest. 


Have a blessed day ahead😊.

Keep smiling always!

Keep the faith, “ Whatever happens, happens for the best”!

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