Friday, January 14, 2022


 Daria woke up more confused than ever. Hadi had left her in a dilemma. The fear kept her gripped. She had stayed away from emotional upheaval for so long. she almost forgot what it was to feel again. She had been happy in her own busy little world . She did not get much time to think because just then she was called down for breakfast. After that it was absolute madness. The caterers, the decorators, the florists were all going about their work . The lawns looked splendid after they were done up for the engagement. Just then her cousin came and called her for lunch. After lunch along with her cousins, she was sent to the parlour. Her hair appointment and a mini spa all fitted in . 

She came home happy with her hair . Makeup she always liked doing it herself. Thankfully! She hadn’t bumped into Hadi. She did not want to deal with all that today . Tonight she wanted to enjoy herself thoroughly. After a long time, there was going to be wedding gaiety in the family. Starting from tonight it was going to be fun. The wedding was fixed for next month. Time for her to shop and plan her outfits 😊. She smiled to herself as she got ready in her soft velvet ankle length gown in emerald green with copper trimming. It did something magical to her colouring . Her crimson lips looked beautiful. Her eyes shone. The loose messy bun looked perfect. Her long chandelier ear rings touching her softly dusted collar bones. She looked beautiful and elegant. 

She never paid attention to herself. Not now, never before either. Her grandparents and her mom and uncles were already seated. She was enveloped in bear hugs by her uncles. Her grandad called her and looked at her lovingly . He took out a small ring box and told her” This is an antique ring of my mother’s, I want you to have it. Wear it tonight. It matches your outfit.”. Daria was moved to tears. The most beautiful ring stared out at her. Encrusted between golden vines it sat majestically, a deep green colour”. She wore it . Her grandfather smiled lovingly at her.

She was called by her cousin . She went to meet them. She was thirsty. She went looking for the juice counter. Just then Hadi stopped her. He smiled at her and said” You look beautiful tonight. May I have a dance with you”.

She and Hadi danced for a long time together. They found a quiet spot on the lawns . They were both famished. They filled their plates and sat enjoying the music and the breeze.

After sometime Hadi cleared his throat “ So what have you decided Daria”?

Daria answered hesitantly” I honestly don’t know Hadi. I still don’t feel ready. I need time”.

Hadi smiled and then replied” Take as long as you want. I’m not resting till I hear a yes. I’m here for few more days . Then I might visit you. Anyway next month we’ll be meeting for the wedding festivities again. I would like you to spend as much time with me as you can”.

Daria smiled back at him. They danced for some more time. Then sat with her cousins. It was late . They were all calling it a night.

Hadi walked her to the door. He wished her good night. Hugged and kissed her . 

Just before turning he said” Be ready by 11. We are going to a beautiful quaint little place up in the mountains. We’ll be out for the day. Dress comfortably “.

Saying that he turned away.

Daria smiled to herself and fell asleep.

Stay tuned for more excitement.

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