Sunday, January 9, 2022

Daria Troubled

 Daria was torn. Next morning she left early . She went to her friend’s place . They were both going to be out for the day. She had to attend her cousin’s engagement tonight. She did not want to meet Hadi today . She wanted to be away from him. This was too soon for her. She did not want to give her answer right away. She still did not know about her feelings. She was still trying to understand. 

She was sitting at her favourite cafe in the olden part of Marrakech. They made exquisite coffee. It was always her favourite place. She often came here then too. 

Suddenly it all came back to her . How perfect it had been with Ali. Then suddenly at her cousin’s wedding, he came to her and whispered” We have to talk”. She went with him towards the garden and he dropped the bomb . 

He looked awkward and suddenly he blurted out” I’m sorry Daria but we can’t get married”. I still remember those moments . I had stopped breathing . I just kept staring at him. He went on” I’m getting married to Fariya”.  Saying that he had gone away . Leaving her life for good.

How hard those months had been after he had left. She had stitched her broken heart together but by bit . She had lost faith in love and forevers.

Now Hadi had come and forced her to acknowledge emotions which she had thought were alien to her. 

Love was something which terrified her. She knows there was nothing like love. Love never stayed. Love hurt. It left you broken and hurt .

Her friend brought her out of the reverie. It was time to head back . She would get late for the engagement.

She was going in when she heard footsteps behind her.” Where have you been whole day”? . I have been looking for you . It was Hadi . She answered him in a hurry . “ I was out with a friend. Just got back . Please excuse me. I have to get ready . I’ll be late” 

He looked at her closely and said” Daria we are still not done”.

We’ll speak later . Saying that he turned away and walked towards the lawns .

Daria went to get ready . More disturbed and confused then ever.

Stay tuned for more.

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