Monday, September 26, 2022

Lessons by the Waves

 Last evening as I sat by the waves in contemplative silence hearing their lashing tides, it was purely therapeutic. Making my dreams on the sands , I realised repeatedly how the tides washed away all every single time. Again leaving it all clean and clear to start afresh.

How similar was our life and experiences. We move, we listen to the chaos and try making something anew. Looking at the different coloured sky scape painted so exquisitely in the shades of dusk, I realised how each shade spoke something new to me. 

I sat by the beach lost in my thoughts listening to the sounds of time. So much came back, so much stayed , so much was washed away.

How I wish my heart at times was like the shore. Cleaning up all and leaving just a fresh one ready to gather new memories deep within its fold!

In that introspective silence definitely grief also visited for sometime. My happy being reusing Riley it sit for long. Like an uninvited  guest, it was quickly made to leave. How I longed for the moment to last. Just like the waves, dusk enveloped me soon.

Watching the glistening shore from afar and hearing the waves coming back every single time with more zest, I learnt the power of true resilience!

Empower your being, your thoughts and your self to fight against each crashing wave of emotion.

Grief numbs but positivity, kindness and compassion the combined trio always keeps the smile in place!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

By the beach hoping to learn some more new lessons!

Keep the faith on!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Morning Grandeur

Morning grandeur beckons you to sip in its positivity soaked moment of joy! Some days you barely want to get out of bed. That extra 10 minutes of sleep. The warmth of the comforter calls to comfort you. Some mornings the dawn slowly kisses you awake as it softly wakes up the world around you. 

I just love my morning moments. They bring so much solace and calm. I sit by the trees listening to the chirping. The quiet around me just keeps me in a deep meditative mood. As I write ✍️, I am doing exactly that. 

Sitting with my coffee ☕️ and thinking of gratitude πŸ™ this hour. My gratitude journaling diary beckoning me to start the journey . Gratitude now for me every moment is to be breathing anew each dawn! 

What we pack in light hearts and soups. What we gently give out, What we leave behind as a trail of kindness, is what shall stay as your breathing legacy.

From mud you were made,

Inti that beautiful earth you

Shall be put to rest!

Then why thou seeks for the riches 

of the world?

Seek for the richness of 

heart, soul and mind!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Keep the faith of doing something truly different!

Make every moment your best moment. Your purpose is always a bigger one than what you see!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Living in the moment

 This morning has been my best after a long time. Woke up with positivity. Back on my yoga mat after almost 5 weeks. 

I truly listened to my body this time. I did not push it. Gave it the test it requested for and required. After my viral, I was low on my energy. So many mornings just went by. My earlier self would have been so hard, taunting criticising for missing even one day of practice.

Living truly in the moment finally understood and put into practice.

Immense gratitude to another day of being alive and healthy.

Gratitude for having the energy to do my yoga practice.

Immense gratitude to my wonderful yoga instructor for helping me to practice my session.

Joy for the simple things in life.

The joy of breathing freely and connecting to my inner self in meditation is priceless.

Joyous to be back on my yoga mat.

Have a blessed day ahead lovelies.

Memories Barrage

 Kiera woke up unsettled after a long time. The pain had come back last night  after almost a decade. Life had a funny way of taking you back again and again towards pain. Just when she had learnt to forget it all. It was staring at her again.

She still remembered that beautiful evening at the cocktail dinner of her cousin’s friend. They had all been close. They had all been invited. Azar had just come in . He was the bride’s cousin. They had been introduced. Later she came to know he had been her senior at school. 

They spoke quite a bit that night. Next day there was the rehearsal dinner followed by dance. The evening had turned out beautifully. They had already become quite comfortable with each other. Next day at the wedding they were trying to look for an opportunity to be together. There were a lot of guests and they both got busy. 

Suddenly the wedding had come to an end. There was one last function. There was a day’s gap then reception. All of them planned to go for out a picnic and sight seeing. 

Keira and Azar were inseparable. In the reception they both confessed to loving each other. Azar was going back to U.K after a week. That week they spent every waking moment with each other. Azar had even gifted her a beautiful pink topaz ring . The bond  had been sealed. 

Few months they were still crazy about each other. Slowly Keira felt that Azar was tensed on the calls. Then suddenly for few weeks he was totally uncommunicative. She had left so many messages. So many unanswered calls.

Until one day Keira almost stopped breathing. Her cousin casually told her Azar had been engaged to his cousin. His mother had been adamant. 

What had hurt Keira was that Azar did not even have the courtesy to inform her. Something had broken within Keira that day. The promise of forever, you are my only one, so shallow and hollow.

She had been a mess. Slowly she picked her self together. Just as she was coming terms to it. She suddenly lost her father.

She was burdened with responsibilities. Taking charge of everyone. Her mother, younger siblings. Life had just passed. Today they were all settled. Keira had finally learnt to be happy until 2 days ago when Azar again came right in front of her.

Why did she have to go through pain repeatedly?

Why couldn’t it hit her once and for all and be done?

Why keep raking her pain? 

Why did she have to burn her soul  by walking on hot glowing coals of disappointment?


Why couldn’t sadness for once leave her alone?

Suddenly her phone rang.

It was her friends. She wiped her tears.

Spoke to them and decided that this time she would not give in to pain whatsoever.

She decided to put it all behind her.

She looked out of the window and found a cute little market being set up of handmade goodies.

As a child she would love going to these markets and buying cute little dolls and tea pots. Today the child in her wanted to relive it once again.

She decided to get ready and visit that cute little market there.

Her smile in place . She jumped into the shower.

Keira took pains with her make up. She wore a bright pink flowy dress. 

In the mood to conquer it all!

Monday, September 12, 2022

Morning Motivation

 Morning for some so hard to wake up from the lap of slumber. Sometimes it’s the weather too.

Give yourself half an hour each morning to just gather your thoughts. Do not stop your thoughts from flowing . Let it take its own course. Sit amidst nature if you can. Feel the breeze. Feel the vibes. Feel the positivity. Let go of yester. It’s done and gone. It cannot be salvaged. 

What you have is “Now” , your “ Today”.

Just dwell in the space of inner you. Let the silence greet you from outside and within you. Do not judge yourself in that space. Love you just the way you are.

These few moments before you jump into the day will work a lot towards keeping you going. 

Read an extract of a quote. Look at a blossoming bud. Do what makes you happy.

Forget criticism and judgment. You’ll get it in plenty. Forget all!

Remember there can never be another you. 

Love yourself just the way you are. 

Embrace it all!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Do not be Hard on yourself

 Each morning we wake up with a lot of expectations from the day ahead. No matter how much we plan abd want to do things, there can be few setbacks. Learn to let go. You do not have to live life on an automated manual. 

You are a breathing beautiful being. Learn to honour and cherish what you have today. If some day your body does  not want to hit the gym, or walk till the park or be attentive on the yoga mat. Let go!

Savour the moment in its truest form. Do not take any moment for granted. What is entitled to you, knows no one. We only realise when its too late. Late to enjoy and taste it fully. 

There are so many who have left the world untimely. Young lives extinguished in no time. How much time we have, we know not. What we only have is the present moment. Love it to its best!

Carve a path filled with the blossoms of positivity, compassion and humility. Savour the fruits of kindness. Plant the tree of life hoping to bear these beautiful fruits of labour. 

Let it be harvested long after you walk the path of life!

We take nothing from this world. Only what we have packed in our tender hearts. What we leave behind a gentle reminder for those who shall miss you after you are gone!

So keep in mind to leave a happy joyous one!

Hail to better fruitful living!

Keep the faith on!

Smile always! 

Have a lovely day ahead!

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Candle of Hope

 Kiera got up all confused. It was a beautiful morning. The sky looked beautifully stormy. She had nothing lined up today. She wanted to spend a quiet morning with her thoughts, her writing and of course her coffee ☕️ too. She wanted to explore the quiet little homey towns. Sit under the open sky, by the glade. Gazing at the blooms.

Her friends probably would be busy. Just then she remembered Azar. She hesitantly called him. He picked up after rings. Just when she was about to hang up. He answered sleepily. They spoke for sometime. 

He was off too. They agreed to meet at one of the open coffee shops. She got ready . Had a light breakfast. Set out in a touristy mood. She was penning something in her gratitude journal , when she saw him waking towards her. He looked carefree and wind blown. Wearing a soft lemon coloured linen shirt. He looked good . 

They exchanged pleasantries and got busy catching up.

So much had transpired over the years. They never came close to the part where they had been forced to move away from each other. 

It was still painful. The wound raw. Kiera had been broken to bits. It had taken a long time for her to overcome the pain. Who understands the journey of pain and grief? Except the ones who go through it.

The day passed by in a pleasant way. Surprisingly Keira had enjoyed herself. 

They big goodbyes . Keira had a dinner date with her friends.

She wanted to rest a bit before she got ready for the big dinner tonight. Tonight it was a mini reunion. 20 of them were meeting. Keira was excited to see most of them after decades.

She closed her eyes and next she knew the alarm was ringing. She quickly jumped into the shower. Leaving her hair in a messy bun. She got out and go down to doing her make up. She was wearing red tonight. 

Keira was ready just in time. Her friends were waiting in the lobby.

She was greet you whistles. They laughed and hugged each other.

The party was in a beautiful lounge. Live band and the ambience was casual. 

It was the perfect place.

They were dancing to the tunes of yester when she was asked for a slow dance. Azar had come with another friend. They had joined their party . Being a senior from school. He knew most of them.

The thrumming beats being played out reminded her of that beautiful evening, when they had been crazily, hopelessly in love.

Inseparable, how had they separated for decades.

Could life and destiny be responsible jointly?

Wondered she!

Now why again after so many years?

Would she be brave enough to take a second chance?

Suddenly she looked into intense tawny depths? The same wiwad mirrored in that gaze.

Keira felt very hot suddenly. Flushed! She found her friends and ordered a mocktail  for herself.

The night progressed. Suddenly it was time to bid good night.

Keira was quiet on the drive back.

She went upto her room. Promising to meet them again tomorrow.

Why had life been so harsh?

Always so jarring!

She closed her eyes and after decades the tears came back.

Streaming down her face. Paying an ode to her pain once again.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Sensual September


Coffee under the Birches

 The fragrance of freshly brewing coffee, it’s priceless. Ask a coffee lover and they’ll be swooning . Arezouh loved going to her gran’s place . Her week was usually packed with work. Weekends was where she wanted some quiet moments amidst nature . 

What better place to be but her gran’s beautiful cottage and her gorgeous garden. Her grandparents were the most loving souls. Her gran would make all her favourites. A pro in baking . She just loved the ambience , the aromas wafting out of her sunny lit kitchen. 

These were the simple joys she looked forward to. They were truly priceless. Her specially home made skin cream would be massaged into her face. She would oil her hair lovingly and get nostalgic. 

Life had taught Arezouh a lot of lessons. Her name in Persian met “ Desire”. So many desires yet to be realised . So many hopes, some left unrealised, some buried long ago.

This was where she found true peace. She sat by the garden porch looking at the lush green expanse with bordered colours of positivity in the form of rose buds smiling lovingly at her.

How much had been taken away from her. She had lost her dear dad. Life had felt so colourless then, so devoid of joy! Some loving souls had eased the pain, erased the misery.

Would love also do the same, she wondered quite often!
Guarding her heart like a pitchfork!
She had seen many of her friends torn in love.
Could love ever be truthful and honest ? Wondered she!

Her grandparents were watching her from afar. Dearly wishing that love would conquer it all.

Just then there was a knock at their door.

Had love knocked? 
Had the universe listened to their heartfelt prayer!
Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Hello Beautiful September

 September does hold a dear place in my life and heart. Of course! It has to be. My birthday month. I opened my eyes for the first time on 1st  September at the crack of Dawn. 

September ,I always feel is a turn in the season. The road which curves towards better. In some countries called “ Fall”. I always feel it has a deeper meaning in itself there.

The falling of the old,

The drop of the yester,

The joyous beginning of today,

The “ Now” beautifully scented 

in smells of pine!

September the turn of the new leaf 🍁. It also teaches you how each comes with a shelf life. Nature teaches us so beautifully. Time to let go of the past , look forward to the future. 

There’s something beautiful always kept for you. Nature, universe , they all listen, so wish for what your heart desires.

I love September for its beauty,

Because I was brought into the worldπŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

It makes fall also a learning in our lives!

Do not fear the fall,

For thou shall learn in being humbled!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

May the rusts and the burnished hues, colour your thoughts in a beautiful golden warmth of positivity!

Books do heal

 This beautiful magical array of books, believe me are truly magical m. Each one of them helps you delve in deeper without leaving you unattended to. They heal you, make you question your insecurities. Yet do not leave you lost. So many questions which have been unanswered in our journey, which we never seem to find solutions to, here you find some solution to it.

The Magic is truly magical. Leaving you in a spell of self discovery.

Let the power be with you teaches you the significance of truly living in the now.

Louis Hay teaches you how to let go , otherwise your body is bearing the repercussions. The eroding slowly leaving a destructive trail of dreaded diseases and illnesses. The psychosomatic truly how it plays havoc.

The affirmations which you need to hear and say it to your beautiful being, so beautifully listed out and made easy.

I learnt the power of manifestation, that the universe truly does listen to you.

Definite must reads.
I do hope they help you the way they did to me.

Happy heartfelt reading!
Keep the faith on,
Do not forget your smile!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Yesterday comes back

 Keira slowly looked up. Wishing dearly that it was not true. This was not Azar.the recognition stated out loud and clear. The intense gaze which she had always loved, staring again at her. It had been almost 2 decades. The longing humming again in every nerve of her being. Destiny you cannot be so callous, she called out. Azar was accompanied with two other friends. Unknown to her. Once the introductions were in order . She came to know one of them had also come down for the conference. Incidentally Azar was heading it tomorrow. How she wished she could sleep in late tomorrow morning and miss it. Wish she was back in school where she could use the age old excuse of being unwell.

The evening passed pleasantly enough. It was time to draw it to a close. She was dropped back by her friends. Making plans for the next evening. 

Keira got into bed tired. Sleep was nowhere close. That evening came to haunt her again. How her live had changed. How she had matured over night. The responsibility immense. The tears came back . Flooding her being. Unleashing the dam of memories which she had held for long. 

Finally she slept in a restless fervour. Suddenly woken up by the loud alarm. She woke up with a nagging headache. God! Not today.

She went in for a cold shower. To awaken her senses. After gulping down two strong cups of coffee, her headache was a little better. She popped her headache pill too, just in case.

Dressed immaculately in fawn . She looked crisp and business like. 

Today she had to take a little longer with her make up to camouflage the dark circles.

She was just in time for the conference. Seated next to a distinguished looking person. 

Azar walked in just then. Her breath stopped. He looked 

“ Drop Dead Handsome”. Wearing a steel grey suit which fitted him to perfection. So business like. 

Be definitely had an aura around him now. Soon the conference was under way.

It was a long day. Keira was exhausted. She just wanted to sleep. 

Just then she remembered, she was meeting her friends. She wanted to go to a chilled out place. Hardly in the mood today. 

She came back. Slept for an hour. Soaked herself in the hot water with her favourite scents. 

Dressed casually in jeans and a bohemian shirt kaftan top. She looked relaxed . Her hair wind blown.

She actually did feel better. Seeing her friends her tiredness all vanished.

It was a beautiful evening and a gorgeous place. 

As they were reminiscing about their school days, they heard a familiar voice wishing them.

Ohh God! Not here again.

It was Azar and his friends.

Luckily this time they were more of them. So they didn’t join them.

Keira was suddenly very sleepy and tired after dinner. Hardly able to keep her eyes open.

Just as they were leaving.

Azar got up and came to her. He took Keira aside and said “ Please call me “. Quickly sharing his number he bade them goodbye.

Keira was still not ready.

She fell asleep.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Do not wait to be kind

 The power of kindness is immense. The true value is never truly understood by the giver. The receiver knows what it does. Never hesitate to speak a kind word, bless people with your beautiful Sunny smile. Your shining positivity, a gentle reminder to someone that there’s still hope. Your heartfelt compliment. That long hug when someone needs it badly. The wiping away of tears on a tear stricken face, misery ridden soul. The power of the moment of true kindness is priceless. 

Every person at some point does need it. Who does not want to hear a sincere kind word spoken to them? Who does not want a kind soul by their side, when they are in the throes of grief. Believe me! That kind gesture of yours will never be forgiven till that person’s last breath. Your kindness shall always be remembered! 

There is no heart which has not been scarred,

No eye which has remain dry eyed,

No being which has not been turmoiled,


Grief has touched each!

So make your presence felt and known for its kindness!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a beautiful day ahead!

Keep the faith!

Keep the candle of kindness burning bright!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

I love you yesterday


She stood at the window of present! Watching the shadows of yesterday playing again at the window pane. The tests which she had held at pay, silently trickling of their own accord. She saw her younger self laughing uninhibitedly. Laughing uncontrollably, tossing her hair in a careless shrug. Her shoulders not stooped by the weight of present troubles. Where had the joy gone?

Keira  wondered! How happy her youth and childhood had been. The day the sunshine of her life had ceased to breathe. A part of her had died too. She never got it back. Today she just stood wondering, what more world life want from her. Her father had died. Given the responsibility of running the household, the business, looking after everyone. Today Keira stood alone watching the beautiful sunset from her hotel window in Switzerland. Her conference had gone well. She was meeting her old school friends for dinner. She thought of resting a while. Suddenly exhausted beyond words. Keira took a long nap. Woke up refreshed and excited. She quickly got dressed. It was a beautiful, balmy evening. Her friends were going to pick up and take her to a place where there was a fair going on. A beautiful restaurant adjoining that was booked for the dinner after the fair. 

Keira wore a beautiful peach flowy  dress . Her feet adorned in golden flats. She wore her favourite hoops. Her make up subtle. Her hair wind blown. After ages there was a relaxed air about her. 

She had just came down to the lobby, when she heard her name being called out excitedly. Saira and Ferya were here. She was hugged at once by  both of them. 

So excited to see a part of her yesterday. An important part. She was so happy . Suddenly all the cares of the world did not exist anymore. 

The fair was beautiful. Keira picked up some Turkish bowls. She found a pretty pair of ear rings. It was fun. 

Her appetite was built. She was ready to tuck into dinner. 

Just as she was sipping her mocktail. She heard a familiar deep voice speaking from right behind her. Everything stilled in her. It could not be . After so many ears . No way!

Unfortunately it was!

She slowly turned and was looking into the grey gaze. The one which had rested on her lovingly, once upon a time. 

Not again!

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Never Feel Shamed

 In the age of shaming,

Every emotion experienced,

Is often felt a burden!

How you look? How you feel? You are entitled to it all. It’s a part of being “You” . In the ears of Perfection, each gesture is perfected! Then! where does the real you or the inner truth dwell? 

Why in this age of race, everyone just longs to be only accomplished. I cease to see true humans, only perfected models. Your mind, should be perfect, your dwelling has to be spotless, you have to be beyond perfect. Why? Why cannot the messy, imperfect me be accepted. Why do I have to be proven the best, work 24/7. Is resting and some”Me Time” not my entitlement. Sitting in solitude, treated like an offence or one of the deadly sins. 

Why am I made to prove myself competent time and again? Why? 

I want to be my messy, true self. Each pressured today and stressed beyond the right measure. Children to adults made to pass the tests repeatedly. 

The number game. The number game for the body, for the mind for the soul. Each put on the altar of measuring up. A yardstick ascertained!

Then where shall the inner, true you go?

Where is the solace to feel truly when each is curbed, curtailed, put in a cage of expectations?


Where is the mind without fear?

Where shall the being find,

A restful abode,

For the body, mind and spirit?


Monday, August 1, 2022

August Goals

 Hi Dear August! The month of monsoon. Each morning you pour your heart out! Is it a sign for us to do the same? Unleash and empty ourselves just like you do each morning. What a wonderful way to ventilate and free ourselves. Make space for the new. Hoping for the best!

Thought of some August Goals

Hoping for a more disciplined fitness routine

More long walks in the open!

Deeper connect with the Nature

More gulps of positive breaths!

More special finds along the way

New stories to unfold with magical moments 

More happy moments and sweet induced joys πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

More coffee ☕️ and more books!

Hopefully more adventures!

Laughter and meaningful conversation to rule big time.

Time for things that matter.

Anger and chaos to be kept at bay!

Fruits and flowers to decorate your table!

Keep yourself hydrated!




Pray, Pray and keep praying 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Joyful Fervour

 Rose scented wishes sent your way,

May it enliven and brighten your day ahead!

The pink rose scented warmth of blessings,

May they keep you embraced in warm hues,

The fragrance of good vibes

Keep your threshold scented and Blessed always!

A beautiful morning of positivity and blissful sunshine radiance,

May it illuminate and light each of your lives,

In the best luminous aura,

Stay blessed!

Stay joyful,

Keep the faith on along with the smile 😊 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Note to soul!

Dear Soul,

Bask in the warmth of the spirited being

Let your heart dictate the course you envisage.

Surround yourself with your loving tribe.

The ones who make love shine bright from your being and spill from your loving eyes.

Listen to your body.

Let it be healthy and well cared for , just by you.

Trust your soul.

Listen to its silence.

Calm and reassure your being to be able to listen to your soul in Earnest.

So much is held within you. Let it go, if it must.

Break free from the clutches.

Practice gratitude πŸ™ 

Be thankful to the ones who stand by you.

Let go of what is beyond your control.

Do not forget to smile.

Pray 🀲.

Speak to nature.


Just go with the flow.

Have a wonderful day ahead abd a blessed week😊😊.

Sincerely yoursπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

World Poetry Day!!!

 An ode to Poetry!

What better day then today, when worldwide it has been dedicated to you! In your honour, I pen down few thoughts of mine too. 

You kept me in a safe haven of thoughts. Your phrases and Sonnets took me to a realm of calm. Every dawn, I stayed lost in the woods of thoughts. At the brook of healing phrases. The brook of positivity of words stayed nestled in the woods. 

What an invigorating breath of fresh air!

Inhaled each dawn. Poetry caters to each mood, each thought of thy resonated by a poet. All your emotions and moods so lovingly dealt in the warm embrace of words. 

Poetry for me is my heart, soul, my spirit all lovingly taken care . It runs deep in my veins, blazing through my being. I would be lost without the love and warmth of poetry.

Poetry identifies with what you bury deep down. What is nestled within you, is brought out into the open by poetry. Poetry is healing. At times it plays the role of a therapist . A friend, a guide and a mentor. 

The gift of writing bestowed by the almighty, I would like to send immense gratitude for the blessing. I stay lost and forget everything around me. I have had the good fortune of meeting kind poetic souls. They have been an immense support in my journey. Nurturing and cherishing me and my words. The respect bestowed on me by poetry is so cherish ablest. What more adornment do you need for the soul! Its priceless beyond imagination. 

I only have tremendous gratitude πŸ™ for where I am today in my writing journey!

Have a lovely day ahead beautiful souls!

Stay embraced by poetry!

Hugged by the words!

Kissed by the Sonnets!

The song of the soul, played in the lyrical phrase of poetry!

Keep smiling 😊 

Monday, July 11, 2022

Rain Washed

 It is always a joy to wake up to a rainy squishy wishy morning πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Stormy grey skies, the sun lounging absently. The sleepiness of the day forces you to be lazy too. Just a relaxing day wanting and asking you to spend with your favourite warm beverage and yummy hot snacks. We’ll! For me it is πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ of course coffee ☕️. I enjoy going out for a lovely long drive with my favourite music on. Reading a book quietly or chilling at a quaint coffee shop with the aromas of coffee ☕️.

Its so therapeutic to just gaze at the freshly washed environment around you. Squeaky clean, sparkling new, r glowing radiantly.

Each season brings with it stories and untold joys and memories. The joy of getting wet and coming home drenched. Those simple things meant so much back then. Choosing the most colourful raincoat and umbrella. Playing with friends in the rain. Seeing our shoes soiled, our souls joyous though. 

The yummy treats made by my grandma lovingly. Keeping us entertained by her stories. All those beautiful moments cherished forever!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Joy of Celebration πŸŽ‰

 What do festivals do in reality? 

Every festival brings all the near and dear ones together. Celebrating as one whole big family. The celebrations bring home the reality of festivities. No festival is complete unless there’s a sumptuous meal and  loving people by your side. Dressing up and rising to the occasion. 

Festivals wherever they might be celebrated, whichever nook of the world. The underlying meaning and message remain the same. It’s universally uniform. 

We decorate our houses, adorn our beings, scent our hearts with love and invite all to our lit abode. The joy of being together in happy times. Taking blessings from your elders. Spending quality time with friends. Meeting your relations. A beautiful way to connect to all.

Feast always is the order of the day!

Definitely should be!



Let the feasting begin!

Wishing a blessed Eid Mubarak to all!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Coffee Musings

 Love coffee!

Yes definitely! See the adventure begin! 

Each morning my liquid hug in the cup. My innovation, motivation in the aromas of you! My quintessential. My be all and end all. I cannot imagine a day without your aroma, without your sip.

I see you and I am lost. Coffee keeps me sane. Sans coffee, it’s a total no day for me. Devoid of lustre and joy. 

I sit penning my thoughts on a beautiful morning. Breathing the freshness of vitality! The joy of a new day. To be alive itself is a beautiful celebration. Meditating in the crisp air of purity. The sun touching you with rays of compassion and kindness. 

Is not being alive then truly a celebration?

All my little things which keep me going are a true blessing.

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Stay blessed 😊

Decadent Dreams

 O’ beautiful decadent dreams,

What thy hold for me?

In your glittering plans?

Each night from the realm of sleep,

I find my abode of dreams,

A beautiful Dreamscape!

Where each fancy wish of 


This comes true!

Then why do I lose sight of thee,

In the stark daylight of reality,

I often wonder!

Dreams take you to a beautiful abode. Do we need dreams? Are dreams important?

Does it make us see, what we long to see. Sometimes in the chaos of life, We do not get the time to see even the clear laid out path. The Dreamscape makes you aware of it. What in the reality is sometimes unveiled, Is revealed in the beautiful escape of dreams.

Dreams sometimes help us in renewing our belief in dear hope. Sometimes giving us the much needed solace. 

Dream on!

You never know, When it comes true!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Affordable Self Care Ideas

“Self Care”sounds so complicated! Is It truly so confounding!

We are always trying to find new ways to improvise and work towards bettering ourselves. We should be doing that to reflect a better version of us. Gratitude is always the key definitely!

Positivity yes!

Apart from all this, few simple measures!

Writing a diary entry. Sounds “Cliche” but it works wonder . Here we shall go one step further.

Journal about how you have been feeling. Let it out!

Hydrate your body. 

Take a warm bath. Soak in the salts for sometime.

Try different types of breath work.

Go for a walk. Stay connected to nature.

Clean your space. De- clutter your thoughts and the space around you.

Stretch it out. Take a nap.

Write 5 things you are grateful for.

Get some sunshine.

Give a no agenda day to yourself.

Wear comfy clothes.

Book yourself a relaxing massage.

Connect with your loved ones.

Lastly do what makes you happy. 

Listen to your heart!

Listen you your soul!

Let them sing to you!

Saturday, July 2, 2022


 Today I chose to leave my thoughts here. A gentle reminder of my two favourite inspirational moments every dawn. It starts definitely breathing wholesomely( yoga), then my coffee penning my thoughts.

As I taste you,

An ocean of thoughts surge,

Deep within me,

Know not what I pen,

What flavours you induce,

I know my day goes

best with all of you!

A day without coffee, is no show day for me. I know not how I function. Everything feels inconsequential. I cannot envisage a day without your taste.

Coffee is the liquid hug πŸ€— which keeps me going. When I look for some quiet moments to retrospect, then its in a quiet, quaint coffee shop with the flavours of coffee beans assailing my senses. When I am neck down in work and need a caffeine rush, its again my dear coffee which comes to my rescue. When I am lost and need a jolt to be awakened, its of course indisputably my gud ole cappuccino. 

O’ thy flavours,

So many,

So beautifully coloured,

All your tastes,

All dear to me,

All mine!

Coffee is always my “Need of the hour”

Anytime is coffee time!

My favourite is Salted Caramel cappuccino.

My love affair with coffee begun 20 years ago. We are still strong, brewed together!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Moments Matter

 The yawning days of mundanity and boredom!

Ohh God! Shoo them away!

Time to rejoice! Each morning wake up with a smile. Believe that something awesome is in store for you. Beat the Blues! Paint the pinks! Let the softness of green spread the calm. The serene blue keep you restive. 

Inhale the breath of positivity. Practice meditation. Sit watching nature. 

What works for me is my morning session of yoga where I inhale a lot of positivity. After my session, I just sit and watch nature. Specially when it’s a rain kissed morning, it all looks so dewy and fresh. The grime of yester washed away by the sparkling rain. 

Then it’s time for my liquid hug in a mug. My gud’ole cappuccino . My morning liquid motivation in a cup. My essence, my need to start the day with a smile and the sip of my coffee.

These small little things are really the most important in life. A beautiful quote, a short passage on motivational writing, keeps me going.

Lastly I cannot forget my poetry, which keeps me inspired, motivated and teaches me to honour, cherish, respect and love myself better.

Keep the smile on, keep the positive thoughts running.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Blessed Friday


It was truly a beautiful blessed morning. My day started on a note of gratitude. Gratitude for seeing another beautiful, breathtaking morning. The first rays of sun as it was spreading its burnished hues. The joy of breathing. The contentment after my lovely yoga session. The essence of what life is, always brought closer in my yoga session. Gratitude to my yoga teacher for making me look towards my day with positivity. 

Today I just want to dwell on the joy of just being thankful. Thankful for all the blessings. Blessing for being given another lease of life. Blessing to be able to breathe once again without any restrictions. To just be me all over again.

As I sit amidst nature enveloped by its warm hug and my liquid hug( Coffee ☕️πŸ˜ƒ). I just feel immensely blessed. 

Surrounded by my favourites in the quiet. The solitude calls out to me tenderly . Worded aptly by Wordsworth 

“Once you fall in love with solitude”

“Its Bliss is intoxicating “

The joy of everyday blessings is immense.

Have a lovely blessed day and a beautiful week ahead😊😊

Monday, June 20, 2022

Yoga Day

 21 st June is celebrated as International  πŸ§˜‍♀️ Yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️ Day! 

For me every single day is yoga day. My day stands incomplete without yoga. Yoga is a quint essential of my life along with my coffee ☕️. Without both, I am truly lost. Yoga held me dearly when I had to be held. Yoga taught me how to love myself. It taught me how to create a space space for my being. A space where I was honoured, respected and cherished. It taught me the art of living and loving. A lesson in self acceptance.

To learn to live in the moment. To hold that space deep within you. The breath the answer to all chaos within us. 

I would specially like to thank yoga for coming to my rescue when I was battling for life. The art of wholesome breathing which rescued me and taught me again how to honour my stilted breath.

Yoga teaches me to stay grounded by just sitting on the yoga mat . Each morning, I inhale the breath of positivity and compassion. 

I am greatly indebted to my yoga teachers who imarat it so beautifully. Immense gratitude πŸ™ and May they be blessed to do more and more. The group energy of a class is so invigorating and inspiring. I would like to make a mention of all those beautiful souls who transversed with my in this journey of yoga. 

My positivity, motivation all gifted by yoga. Yoga took me to the zeniths of joy by teaching me to love myself. 

To do away with negativity and criticism. 

The art of smiling 😊. 

Ohh! Dear Yoga! What a great teacher you truly are!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Biting Loneliness


 Bitten, chewed and spat by loneliness . It let out a broken being. The gift of loneliness. Many a times its a slow poison which spreads through a being. Poisoning each vein, each tissue and each emotion. Each breath taken is a task. They long to unshackle themselves. They want to break free but unfortunately it grips them harder.

At times like this ,they want to seek help but are too weighed down by the judgement and criticism of others. The noise tightens until one day they succumb to it. 

What becomes our duty and priority?

In the crazy race for survival today, are we all running on robotic mindset? Are we too busy to be there for anyone?

Why are they getting more and more lonelier?

In a crowd,

She found herself the loneliest,

When alone she was content!

What had happened to mankind?

Today each in turmoil,

Tumult of chaos,


Why is mankind so disoriented?

So many why’s?

So many unanswered?

Yet is succumbing to the call of suicide?

The only solution!

In the era  of perfection,

Decade of filters,

Has reality been filtered too?


Is “ Fake” the new vogue!

Shallow the new fashionista?


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Rainy Morning

 Woke up to a beautiful, cloudy rain soaked morning. Much needed showers after the gruelling summer we had. Soaking in the morning exhilarating positivity in abundance. A rainy morning takes me back to my school going days . Those colourful raincoats, umbrellas, feeling the rain on our faces. Playing in the rain puddles. Going squishy squashing. The little joys of a rainy morning. How I miss those gud ole days. Making paper boats. Stopping and having dosas on our way back . If not that then we would be treated to hot samosas and bhajiyas. So happy and delighted with our little treats.

O’ those beautiful days . Where thou have you gone? What doth have you left for us today!

Back to the present!

Have a lovely day and a blessed week ahead😊.

Keep smiling!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Beautifully Broken

 She greeted the world with smiles. A smiling heart for all to see. Little did each know, that she cried herself to sleep each night. She woke up teary eyed at dawn. People saw her smiling, laughing. Within the confines of loneliness, the bare walls of her abode saw her weeping. Mental health is a huge issue. Not something to be brushed under the carpet. Many a times people in our midst who look happy could be dealing with intense loneliness. 

Always reach out to people. Text them and find out. Send a loving wish . Wish them a beautiful day. Meet them randomly. Make them feel wanted and loved. Today each is caught up in the snare of dreaded busy. The dreaded term! Gosh! 

How many of us can take out one single day of our lives without being busy. Can you seriously take out one whole day and spend it with people who are close to you. Be a support for the ones who are alone. Each is battling something within themselves. Unfortunately some succumb to it. 

Sleepless nights, holding unaccountable stress, unventilated pain, suppressing emotions. All are various causes for leading to depression. 

What best we can do is reach out to people. 

Make them feel appreciated, wanted , cared for.

Criticism, negativism does no good. 

It pushes the person further into a shell. 

A kind word, random act of kindness goes a long way.

Do not underestimate the value of a kind gesture. 


Be there for people in the best possible way you can.

Let’s do our bit in whichever way possible.

Stay blessed beautiful souls.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Pampering yeah right!

 I woke up very early. Feeling delighted that I had woken up without the alarm. To my utmost disappointment, I realised it was Sunday. I laughed to myself. It always happened with me on a Sunday. Why did I wake up fresh, alert and charged. Huh πŸ€”. Why on a Sunday morning? Why? For God’s Sake! Dear body clock why do you set the alarm on your own? 

I tried tossing and turning . Trying to stay away from the my mobile. Trying to sleep again. All in vain! Finally I woke up and went about my day. The first message, I received as I checked my WhatsApp was this” Allow yourself a little pampering”. I got tempted. Thinking to myself do I deserve a spa day, a body massage or just a lazy day. Hardly had I thought of it . I got a call from my cook. She called in sick. Promptly on a Sunday. I wanted to scream. 

I hurried into the kitchen. Planning to do some quick cooking. Just then I got a call from my cousins. They were dropping by . I had a feeling they would stay on for lunch. As I was thinking to myself. My mom came excitedly in the kitchen and said” I have asked your aunt and uncle to join us for lunch today”.

I started my kitchen spa. The aromatic fragrance of fried onions healing my turbulent senses, my eyes red and be puffy after the onions attack . The steam from the rice adding a red steamed glow to my complexion which was already hot thanks to the rising temperatures in the kitchen. The tadka added a smoky aroma to my tired being. My hand looked radiantly yellow after the turmeric treatment . What a lovely kitchen spa day I was indeed having. My French manicure taken care by the scrubbing of the pots and pans. 

Finally now as I rest . I think longingly of the spa day which I had so badly wanted.

So much for Sunday rest!

My little pleasures, tiny joys all sacrificed at the altar of vegetables, cooking, scrubbing and cleaning!

Rest in peace ohh dear desires. Your turn will come some day!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Treasured Moments

 I wonder at times about being free guiltlessly. Are we so automated today that to enjoy some free time makes you feel guilty about it. Is that how we are conditioned that to enjoy some “Me Time” is not required. When you are young, you should be working . Yes we should be. But don’t our bodies and minds also need some time to assimilate. Why are we so attuned only to work that we reach a burn out. Lose the zest of living . 

Countless times I have come across sullen expressions, joyless beings, people walking around like the dead. Dying before time. Sinking into anxiety. Swimming in the tide of negative emotions and eventually drowning.

Remember you are not here to prove your performance quotient to anyone. Live life the way you want to. Do things which make you joyous. Don’t slip into a rut which takes away the joy of doing small things for yourself too. 

Give yourself the much needed time when it is required. Go out spend time with people who keep the smile on . Buying things for yourself which make you smile from within.

You have come to live life once . Again and again you are not coming back to relive it. 

Live life to the best!

Smile often!

Indulge in what makes you happy.

Life is short!

Don’t let it be clouded by others opinions and judgments!

They don’t matter!

You matter!

Your joy!

Your hopes,


Untold , unspoken , unrealised dreams!

Do not let anyone ever take this from you!

Have a blessed Friday ahead and a beautiful weekend 😊.

Some might understand you readily, some might not after a lifetime. Then do you need to give that kind of time to a person. Think again!

Always question whether what you are giving, is not taking your all. Is it even worth it?.

Think of what you need in the moment! Then go make it happen.

If somedays you want to switch off, switch off from everything.

The ones who don’t value and cherish you leave them in the journey. 

Life is like a station. Some travel short distance with you. Some just come to bade you goodbye and some never really travel with you. They are just there giving you company.

Always think what you need from your journey?

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