Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Eid Fervour

 Daria was so excited! After almost 33 years she was enjoying the excitement of going to the Soukh, a night before Eid. The last 2 days had flown in enjoying the delicious spreads of iftar. She had enjoyed meeting all her childhood buddies. Being pampered to the hilt. The feeling was surreal. Her favourite had been going to Kuwait continental plaza for their iftar and dinner spread which was renowned. It had been her all time favourite in Kuwait . A ritual which they had adhered every Ramzan . How she missed her cousins gang. 

The night before Eid her uncle used to take all of them to Farah Shuwarma and then to the Soukh for shopping. Their last minute Eid shopping. They celebrated Eid for 3 days . Dressed to the hilt. They would come back late at night after a satisfied round  of retail therapy. Then they would stop by their favourite ice- cream shoppe and have their cones. How she had missed the flavour of it. She gorged on Galaxy and Mars . It was so beautiful to have relived all this. Eid had been fun . A round of visits to all her friend’s  places. The second day also passed in a flurry of excitement. 

Time for their reunion now. Her Carmel gang were all coming in today. Planned at the Hilton. The next morning brunch at the SAS . All their favourite places.

Today she had come to Salmiya . Enjoying being by herself. Going to the favourite book store where her dad had bought many books for her. It was so peaceful to walk down the street. 

She was back in her childhood. She missed all the people who had been a part of it. 

To making new memories in Kuwait once again.

An encore of memories in Kuwait! 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Perfection Manual

 Time and again, I have seen people repeatedly criticising the other. Thinking its the best way to make the other improve. Do you really think the other improves?

What does criticism do? Criticism at any point does not work. It makes a person more defensive. You definitely are not helping. You are making matters worse.

I always like to ask the ones who enjoy criticising. Have you been given a Perfectionist certification. Are you qualified to do that. You come from your experiences and conditioning, how do you know they have been good. 

Every human is born differently. What works for one might not work for another. You have come from a different perspective, from a different school of thought. Every human makes a mistake . That’s what makes them humans. If we all had to be similar, why would not the creator do that for us? Why would he give us the trouble to do that? It definitely means, he wants us to be different, unique. 

If a person makes a mistake, that is also his freedom to do so. Its very easy to judge and criticise. Get into that person’s shoes for few minutes and think from where he or she is coming from. What has shaped him or her? 

When you hear criticism and judgment, what would be your reaction. The person staring out at you from the mirror, does he get that too.


You in turn see a lot of criticism there. You start criticising, thinking of all that is not there. Do not give yourself that, it deserves much more. You are born to make a difference. There’s a purpose to life! 

You are not here just to please others all the time. You have come for something much higher that just existing. 

Do not let others thoughts rub onto you. 

Like I always say” The ones who love you unconditionally will still do, the ones who love you after you have been conditioned by them, do they really live you”?

Think about it!

Let not anyone’s opinion mar your existence. Live the way you want. Do your best, leave the rest to the universe.

It’s non judgmental! 

Have a lovely Sunday ahead! 

Stay blessed!

Stay safe!

Keep smiling 😊

Don’t forget to love the one staring out from the mirror.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Daria at the Beach


Daria woke up feeling at peace. It was still early. She wanted to capture the rays of dawn at the beach. Her favourite spot.

She made her way to the beach. Feeling the early morning moist breeze. There was a little moistness in her eyes too. She sat at the beach and traveled back in time.

She could see her 8 year old self with all her cousins and family frolicking at the beach. This was mostly a ritual on a Friday morning. Then they would return back. Have a sumptuous lunch. Then relax through the day. How everything just came back to her. It was as if she had not left Kuwait ever. 

Today she was by herself at the beach. All had moved to different parts of the world. But each still carried a part of their childhood deep in their hearts. 

She looked down and found herself making her sand castle which she usually had done in the past. One huge wave had washed it all before she could complete it . Leaving just some wet sand in her palms. She looked deeply at it and thought”This was exactly how long ago all had been washed away with one giant wave in her life too”.

She looked deeply at the waves. Suddenly she was brought out  of it by the ring of her phone. 

Her friends were calling to check where she was. She could hear their excited chatter . She smiled and got up. Dusting the sands of time from her being. She wondered for a minute “ Whether she would ever be able to”

She slowly made her way out of the beach.

Excited about the day ahead. It felt so good to be back here. Felt like home. 

The last few days of Ramadan were the most beautiful. She was looking forward to the excitement. She smiled peacefully as she sat in the car.

She heard a lot of “ Sabah Al Khair”

Wished in return. It was truly “ Sabah Al Khair”

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


 Daria  had returned after 30 years to the place where she had opened her eyes for the first time. A brand new visitor to the world. To think of it! So true! We are all visitors. As she stepped out of the plane. The rush of memories left her weak hearted. She could feel the sheen of tears behind her eyes. Thankfully her oversized sun glasses were shielding it from the prying eyes all around her. 

This was the place she had found comfort. Grown up as a happy child. Child indeed she was, when her father was snatched away cruelly forever by the clutches of destiny. She still remembered her lost childhood. The worst was when after 4 years they left the comfort of this place too. She still remembered at the airport how longingly she had turned back for the last time. Hoping against hope that she would be stopped from going away forever. This was the place which had held her cherished memories. Her childhood spent in the tender, loving arms of her father.

The upheavals of life had taken her through various twists and turns. Today after 30 years, she came back to the comfort of it again. The reunion of her school brought her back. Her childhood friends missed her. She missed the scent of this place. The dust which settled on her being lovingly. How alive she felt once again!

She was so glad to have made this decision. This time round, she would do it all for herself.
Smiling she walked out after an hour from the airport. She heard joys of scream . She instantly knew. Her friends Sarah and Hiba were waiting for her. Suddenly all these years slipped away. The familiarity greeted her as she drove through the streets of Kuwait.

How happy she was to be back here again. Her favourite food joint at Salmiya was still standing tall and strong. It had aged a little though, just like her. How many times she had thought of these beautiful by lanes. So many memories attached to each. As they stopped to have Iced Tea,  She was greeted lovingly “Sabaah Al khayr “
How she had missed this. Instantly she found herself answering back with a beaming smile.
She did feel at home. She told herself “ Habibti this is where you belong”.

The Secret Door

 The Secret Door

I took hesitant steps through the dense forest to the old ancestral house. I had seen my parents go there often. They always spoke in whispers about that house. Today I had made up my mind to go there on my own. I was curious about the old wooden door which I was never allowed to open. As I entered the house , it was all eerily quiet. The caretakers were not to be seen. I slowly made my way towards the old wooden door. I could hear faint singing from behind the door. It could not be, thought I. I slowly opened the door. It opened without a sound. As I made my way inside. I was frozen. A little older version of me started out innocently at me. She had such a sweet smile and an angelic face. She was by playing on an instrument and singing to herself. She saw me and halted. She spoke “ So you finally came, didn’t you take too long”. I looked shocked at her. “ How did you know that I would come”?. Suddenly she looked angry and that’s when I got frightened. She said I have waited since 200 years for you to come and take me from here. I turned to flee. That’s when I found myself woken up rudely from my sleep. I had rolled off my bed and hit my head on the nightstand. Thank God! It was a nightmare!

Ohh God! The huge bump on my head laughed at me. 

Thank goodness πŸ˜…. It was just a nightmare. 

 © Shireen Haider 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Ill Fated Afternoon

A short story written beginning with 
“Your character looking from behind a curtain”
Story Prompt writing ✍️ 

It was a beautiful afternoon.
The view outside was breathtaking. The
meadows looked lush and colourful. The
blossoms all dewy after the sudden
downpour. Summer showers left its own
earthy smell. The garden table was
glistening. I was lost looking at the freshly
showered lawn. So enticing. Suddenly a
similar afternoon came to mind. A sudden
blinding flash of memory which left me
jostling. The aftermath of which still had
the power even today to leave me shaken
and reeling. I could feel the sheen of tears.
The dewy mistress felt on my eyelashes.
My eyelids felt heavy. My whole body
drugged. A sudden intoxication left me
heavy. I felt myself transfixed and in a
limbo. How happy I had been! So many
dreams woven, hoping it would come alive.
So many wows taken together. Who had
known that was all I would be awarded.
Just that one afternoon. The next dawn
was the doom of my life. A dawn which had
set the sun forever in my life. You were
taken forever from me. The Ill fated
morning cast a dark shadow on my life
forever. I turned and let the curtain slide
back in its place. The show had ended
forever. The grand finale of life had played
itself. The curtain had fallen forever. The
world a stage. My part I had played to the best.
The taste of coffee ☕️ still tasted bitter sweet on my lips.
Your favourite cake which I had baked for you was the last I had baked. I never baked it again. What joy we had shared. So many dreams woven with the thread of πŸ’• love. How could you be taken away from me so cruelly. Why had destiny not felt our eternal love and bonding? The touch of your lips on my forehead as you sealed our vows forever. The ring you had placed on my finger still bears the testimony of our love. It feels heavy and forlorn. 
No lustre , No Joy, just a sunken heaviness rests now. 
All found and lost in one afternoon!
No farewell, No goodbyes, Just the promise of a return and a forever was what I had been promised. Alas! What did I know that a “Forever” was just an afternoon.

Shireen Haider

Friday, April 22, 2022

You Matter

 The joy of a girl being born is immense. She’s the pride of her father. The joy of her mother. A favourite of her brothers. A friend and confidante for her sisters. She goes through immense phases in her life. 

Ask the parents the biggest fear. It is what would happen in her next lap of journey. After she is betrothed, married. How many dreams and aspirations the parents weave. So many joyous thoughts they spin throughout her growing up. What happens when its not what they had aspired?

She is a breathing human. Born free. Does she not have a right to break away from the bond, if it mars  her being. Is the ultimate destination of a girl child  just to be married? Time and again I come across cases of girls and women being Ill treated. Yet they still want her to continue. How many are brave enough to stand up for themselves? Is the tag of being married more important or her happiness is paramount.

Why do we not make the girls self reliant, brave, courageous, independent and confident? Are these not important?

If their self respect and self esteem are being manhandled, what next they should be doing? Are these not more important. 

Teach her to hold her head high as she walks the path of life. Teach her not to be dependent on anyone. Teach her its okay to be different, imperfect and flawed. We are all humans . Not some perfect robots who are expected to know everything. Its okay to err. Erring is Human.

Why is a girl expected to donn  multiple roles perfectly? Does she not have a right to be the way she is? 

What is a girl’s ultimate destination? 

To be married and after that nothing more.

Make your daughters happy. Teach them the power of being happy. We are all given one life. Just one lifetime. 

Neither are we born with instruction manuals on how to keep performing exceptionally well. 

Its fine! Its okay to make mistakes. 

Teach her to value herself. Teach her the importance of living herself. Teach her to value her inner being.

A confident, resilient woman will chalk out her own path. 

Educate her. Stand for your daughters. Let not any injustice meet them.

The more faith the woman has in herself, the more battles, she will be able to win.

To all the powerful women and strong mothers. Do not teach your daughters to sacrifice all the time. Do not teach them its okay to be mistreated. It is not okay.

By staying quiet in the face of injustice, you are equally to be blamed. You are as guilty as them. 

Do not teach them to be a victim. Being victimised is not being good. Its being unfair to yourselves.

Teach them that at all times you stand with them. Do not make them feel alone and bereft.

Make them feel loved , appreciated and wanted all the time. 

Do not shun them when they come to you with their problems. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Drop It

 It’s High Time! Yes! It’s now or never.

Drop it altogether!

You might be wondering about my opening lines. It is something to ponder about. 

15 things women should stop wearing after 30.

1) The look of sadness.

2) The frown which ages you.

3) The rivulets of tears.

4) Feeling of being undermined.

5) The tag of comparison.

6) The template of “you are not worthy”

7) The neck piece of “ Low self esteem”

8) The baggy apparel of low self appreciation.

9) The flat footwear of no drive to move forward.

10) The make up of “ Age”

11) Dress of the old.

12) The Badge of “ I am not good enough”

13) The weight of other people’s expectations and judgements.

14) The handbag of disdain brought about by others.

15) The cuff of misery adorning  your clenched palms.

Reveal your true being. Bring it out from where you have left her buried beneath the conditioning. Let her breathe freely. Rejoice in her truest hue. 

One thing which I have learnt and believe in. Which I would like to share it today . Something which keeps me going. A sort of mantra. 

“ The ones who love you will love you till the last breath, will accept you, just as you are”

Whereas the ones who could not love you will never be able to . Even if you become the best version of yourself. 

Mind you. You are the best !

You are unique!

You are one in a million.

You are the gift of God.

For some you will be “ Once in a lifetime”

For others “ You will never be enough in this lifetime”

Have a blessed day lovelies!

Wear your smile and your positive attitude, at all times.

Described Differently

 I was asked to describe love without using the word. This was my take on it.

The power of being attuned to the soul calling in other. Starting your day in meditative silence thinking of your soul mate. No matter where they are, feeling them the closest. Your unspoken answered in their spoken. You feel it, they sense it. You cry, they weep too in answer to your sorrow. Your being radiates joy just being close to them. You long and yearn only for them. Every desire of your heart is answered in “Earnest” by them. The true undulating joy seen in their eyes when they see you after a long time. Time stands still. You want to be lost in that moment, captive forever. Forever feels shorter. Eternal is what they try understanding. Lost in the world made just by them. The heartbeats in sync with each other. The calling of their joining understood by none. They sync in tandem to only their heartfelt tune of their souls. How beautifully they live it! How artistically they weave it into their fabric of their existence! The power of untold, unspoken understood rightly by their hearts, souls and spirit! Rest is still a mystery. Alluring and Enticing for Mankind.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

List of Simple Joys in Life

 The first thing we need to do is get out of the comparison trap. It’s definitely a killer. It just makes you more dissatisfied and leaves you feeling more dejected.

When you make your own special list, it helps you in changing the perspective. Earlier where you were leaving gratitude, now you would be grateful more than ever.

In the journey of life, its very difficult to remember each and every thing. Unfortunately in the nitty gritty of  life only what lacks stares out at you balefully. 

Maintains gratitude journal. Start penning your list. See how it changes your perspective. It will mostly leave you with a smile at the end of it. 

How to notice the simple joys in life. You need to catch your breath. Take a moment or two. Slow down. Introspect. Take out sometime to reflect. When you wake up or when you are just closing for the day. My favourite moment is usually early morning, right after dawn. When the world is still slumberous. I enjoy the quiet and the solitude. Usually I’m amidst nature. Either sitting and gazing or walking in their midst. It’s a great time to think. I get a lot of my answers then.

This practice helps you to change your negative outlook to a positive one.

Let’s start with the list. You could probably come up with one of yours.

1)Listening to rain hit the roof.

2) The first spell of rain after a scorching summer.

3) Going for a late night drive when it’s drizzling and stopping for ice-cream

4) An expected act of kindness.

5) Receiving a loving text, when you least expect it.

6) A surprise planned by your friends.

7) Looking at a breathtaking Sunset.

8) Receiving a compliment.

9) The sound of birds chirping.

10) The smell of Roses.

11) A perfect cold Coffee.

12) Going and having your favourite dessert on an impulse.

13) Going on a long drive with your favourite music playing.

14) Reading a new book.

15) Laughing hard with your friends.

16) A day at the spa.

17) Reading your favourite book.

18) Finding the exact item your were looking for on sale.

19) A song or fragrance that brings back old memories.

20) A nature walk

21) The smell of freshly baked muffins.

22) Friends who become family.

23) Practicing yoga 🧘‍♀️.

24) Meeting someone who immediately gets you.

25) Running into an old friend after decades.

26) Reunions.

27) Planning a vacation.

28) Trying a new recipe which turns out great.

29) A fire in the fireplace.

30) A good night of sleep.

31) The smell of your favourite candle.

32) Relaxing at the beach with those you love most.

33) Playing with the children in the rain.

34) Doing something thoughtful for someone.

35) Singing along to your favourite song.

36) Carrying on your favourite childhood traditions with your cousins.

37) Late nights with your cousins, creating a riot.

38) Singing along to your favourite song in the shower.

39) Your favourite soft cozy blanket.

40) The sound of waves at night.

41) A great mug of coffee.

42) A new notebook.

43) Trying out a new fun restaurant.

44)  Trying out a new recipe.

45) Accomplishing a goal.

46) Enrolling for a short fun workshop.

47) Reading a quote that resonates with you.

48) Doing a beauty regime at home.

49) Buying your favourite shade of lipstick.

50) Decorating your table with your favourite table linen and a vase of fresh flowers.

51) Unexpectedly receiving a bouquet.

52) Having dinner on a roof top restaurant under the canopy of stars.

So much to be grateful for in the long run. 

Every little thing is a blessing 😊

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Choose wisely

 The power of believing!

Seeing it being manifested is for real! It’s happened countless times. The universe does hear your thoughts. What would you like it to hear? Think deeply before you give in to negative thoughts. Chaotic emotional tirade is what you would like to present the universe! Then what gifts 🎁 do you expect the universe will bestow.


In the most trying times, I have experienced the power of my wishes coming true. Manifested to the best!

Someone is definitely listening. Sometimes our mind and heart is at a conflict. What do you then? Who do you listen to! Definitely to the one belting out positive numbers! The orchestra of life, make it worthwhile, soulful. At times when we are tormented, it’s the toughest. That’s when the strength of your inner r self comes to the forefront. Dig in to the reserves of resilience being held there protectively. You will be surprised to find vestiges of power. Hope another dear friend who always smiles and stays by your side. Lighting your dark sky with twinkling stars. There yet not there. When you need it, just a stone’s throw away.

Many a times during meditation, I have seen the power of it. It has amazed me. Left me spell bound. I always believed the universe holds you in its space. Then does not the universe deserves to be held in your positive thoughts. 

The power of wishful thinking is for real. Start believing and practising!

See the magic of it!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Please kindly take a minute to hold everyone in your thoughts and prayers. The ones who are battling in war torn regions, the ones being hit by the fury of nature and the ones who are battling their inner demons!

Saturday, April 2, 2022



Ramadan has always been my favourite month. The power of the divine felt greatly in this blessed month. Incidentally my birth month too from the urdu calendar. This month it is even more special because last year I did get a second chance at life in this blessed month. I was battling for my life. Almost lost my life. The divine kept me safe . I was born again. In the literal sense! 

This month has always made me realise deeply the power of being thankful. How blessed we are truly. The essence of true gratitude πŸ™. The spirit of compassion. The satisfaction of sharing and giving. Each brought home more in this beautiful month. 

What always leave me a little saddened are the orphans, the children from the war torn regions. The ones who are still fasting and not sure of their next meal. Yet their faith in the almighty, so resolute and unshakable. 

O’ Almighty. Today I just ask you to take care of all those little ones around the world, who have lost their parents to war or covid. The ones who are heart broken, laden in despair, adorned in sorrow. 

Spread your light of cheer. Place smiles instead of tears. Make each heart illuminated.

Wishing Ramadan Kareem to all!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

April Blessings

 Dear April spread your glow far and wide! 

The yellow aura of positivity,

The burnished gold of compassion,

The soft orange of kindness,

The lemony scent of humility,

May it grace each threshold for long!

Let’s welcome the month amidst cheer and joy. Keep it smiling and sparking. Joy to all!

The showers of blessings may they encompass each and keep them devoid of sorrow and despair.

Stay blessed all!

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Journey of Pain

Each’s journey of pain differently hatched. Planned unique. How each handles a lesson in resilience. Some shed tears in their childhood, some in their adult journey, some life long. Then who do we journey longest with? Is it pain or life? Show me a dry eye. A heart which has remain devoid of sorrow. Where has there been only glee and smiles. Which heart has not screamed in agony? Yet we each travel. Trying our best to muster our strength. Hold the belief that there is a rainbow waiting for each of us. 

What keeps the pain at bay is those little acts of kindness. To see the sorrow in another. To see an orphan dance in the rain devoid in that moment of any pain. So giving! When you don’t own anything then what do you give out? You give out your selflessness. Isn’t that what the world needs today. Lots of it. Compassion, humility and kindness all mixed and fed to mankind. 

To hon all that pain is a requisite. Pain humbles you. Strengthens you. Makes you that compassionate being. Devoid of pain you don’t reach that level of humility.

Welcome pain. It’s another life teacher. Every sorrow was sent your way for a higher purpose. Welcome each . Feel the sorrow, grief and then place your brightest smile. Show the world what a strong being you are!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Blessed Moments

The Joy of being alive! Living beautifully in the moment. Showing immense gratitude πŸ™ for the gifts bestowed. That’s what I thought of this breathtaking dawn. In the quiet moment before it was graced with the yellow brilliance of positivity. In that moment, I saw nature beautifully waking up from its slumber. My favourite moment would always be when I sat alone with my thoughts in restive quiet or walking in the park with my thoughts. At times just sitting in my yoga mat. Listening to my breath. I would love watching nature greeting the first streaks of sunshine. 

The wish was so beautifully answered by both. Majestic and elegantly answered. Today I am just glad for my breath and the gift of writing which was given to me as the most precious one. When I lay battling for my life last year, it was my poetry which used to give me untold solace. For hours together, I stayed lost reading and writing. The prayers, the messages, the love which poured out, gave me immense strength to fight back. Those are the moments when you realise what an act of kindness can do! The special place you unknowingly make in someone’s heart and stay in their prayers. That’s what I always envisaged doing. Today when I turn back and see where I have come and from where, I just have only tears of gratitude πŸ™. 

The moment is what I live for now! 

Totality in the moment is what I seek for!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Cherish the day, the blessed moments. 

Each day, each moment has something beautiful to be cherished!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Stay blessed! Stay safe!

Keep the faith on,

Along with your smile😊

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Will you be mine


Daria woke up with a start. She jumped out of bed. Hadi had asked her to be ready by 10. She had overslept. She quickly sent him a hurried text. Apologising for being a bit late. She quickly freshened up. Grabbed her T-Shirt, jeans . Dressed hurriedly. As she was coming down. Her aunt came and said” Your grandad would like to see you”.

Daria rushed to see him. So unlike him to call her like this. She instantly got worried . She thought he was not well. She found him smiling and looking happy. Daria sighed in relief . She got a warm hug and a beaming smile as a welcome. Her grandad made her sit next to him😊. 

He enquired after her and then took out a beautiful antique velvet ring box. He cleared his throat and said” This belonged to your  great grandmother. I would like you to have it. It would be nice if you could wear it tonight for dinner”. Daria was moved. She had tears in her eyes. The most beautiful ring was staring out at her. Adorned in tiny pink diamonds set around a majestic looking pink Pearl. Incidentally pink was her favourite colour. She was awed. She hugged her grandad and ran up to keel the ring safely. She came down . Hadi was patiently waiting near the car.

She apologised to him. They went to a beautiful place set in the mountains. A cabin cafe . Rustic and Peppy. She loved it instantly. It had live music . So lovely . The food abd the coffee was to die for . 

Hadi spoke to her at length. Daria reminded him about the dinner . The Pre- wedding festivities for her cousin’s wedding were going to start tonight. Hadi said he would drop her and go to the airport. 3 of their friends were coming down for the wedding. Daria’s cousins and few uncles and aunts had already arrived for the dinner tonight. They were expecting more guests tomorrow morning.

Just as they were leaving. Hadi cleared his throat. He said softly “Daria I saw this yesterday. I really wanted you to have this”. Saying that he took out a long box . A slender gold chain rested with a beautiful pendant set in gold. Antique finish. A woman looking out at the sea. It was simply beautiful. Done in old antique Italian finish. She loved it instantly. She wore it then and there. She leaned and kissed him. Hugged him.

Hadi was besotted. The drive back was beautiful. Both lost in each other. Once home. Daria was reminded of the dinner. She quickly thanked him and whistled as she made her way back.

She didn’t see her grandfather quietly watching from the window. He smiled mischievously too himself. 

The ring always proved luckyπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

He thought to himself” Time to plan Daria’s wedding “.

His favourite grandchild πŸ₯°πŸ₯°.

Stay tuned for more!

Monday, March 21, 2022

World Poetry Day!

 One quiet evening, I was going through some books. Extremely bored. This was the era without smart phones. We would either be reading, writing or playing. It was a quiet evening. I was on my own. A poetry book beckoned me. Enticing me. I picked it up and sat lost in the woods of words. That evening was the first time, I truly connected to poetry. In school we would be taught. But just as easily forgotten after the exam. From that evening on a new soulful connection was made. I started by looking forward to reading Shakespearean sonnets. The reason why I took literature in college. I enjoyed each classic, sonnets and the long poems. They took me to a beautiful realm. Lost in their world, I would never want to leave it. A little like “Alice in Wonderland”. My wonderland was words, poetic phrases. Time flew. My connection with poetry became faint. Just like a lost love. I never thought, the second time round it would be more intense and powerful. In the eyes of poetry, I found my beloved! My love for poetry came surging back. This time our connect is much stronger. It almost feels like all those years apart, just never happened! 

Today on the world poetry day, one thing I would like to say is” I am glad poetry found me again”

What it gives me is phenomenal!

Surprisingly today I can’t find the words to express my love for poetry! But are not some silences more beautiful and breathtaking. Just like when we gaze at the moon lovingly. In that moment, we do not need any words.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

The call

 Every phase of life will make you answer to a different call. The call of nature, the call of love, call of the “New you”. We go through so many phases. Each a different, unique one!

Sometimes the quiet of the night will give you a restive peace. The balmy ocean will play its tune and soothe your erratic heartbeat. The busy coffee shop at the end of the street will beckon you. The freshly baked cupcakes at your favourite confectionery will surreptitiously tempt you. The hustle bustle of the day will still make you smile at the end of the day. Sometimes the calm could also make you cry. We live through different shades of emotions. What each brings out in us is unique?

Remember you are all this and much more. Somewhere someone still remembers your heartfelt smile, the twinkle in your eyes, you kind words which wiped their tears. The compliment you had paid someone, still brings a smile. The random act of kindness shown still manages to hold a place in someone’s heart. 

Each moment a gift,

Each act, 

A legacy left behind by you!

Make sure to leave a rich legacy behind which will be remembered for long.

Have a blessed weekend!

Don’t forget to 😊 smile! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Mood board

 The beautiful month of March greets us anew. What do we perceive for ourselves in this month of spring?

Do we look forward to the joyous spring in our lives?

Let us hope for joy. 

Let us take each day in our stride 

All we ever truly have is the moment. The moment we are living, rest is our wishful thinking.

Make each moment your best.

If the day has been dark, wait for a beautiful dawn tomorrow. Waiting for you . Promising as ever.

Line your days with a touch of kindness and compassion.

It holds immense power.

Smile and spread joy.

You never know how your smile might be brightening someone’s day.

Keep the candle of faith burning bright. It always brings light and untold joy to others.

Compliment and accept compliments coming your way.

Nurture and love your being.

Practice gratitude.

Keep your gratitude journaling updated . You will see how there is to be grateful for on the days you don’t feel yourself. There are always beautiful blessings sent your way . 

Meditate . 

Go out in the open for walks . Stay tuned with nature.

Meet the people who love you unconditionally often. They are the biggest feel good factors you need.

Wear your favourite colour. Look good, feel good

Life is short! Line it with joy!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

I have a voice

 She sat in the dire strait of misery. Engulfed by the violent tides of conditioning and expectations. Her being stifled and chained to acceptance. Her voice choked and muted. Her dreams buried . In the pyre of her burnt aspirations and hope, she still saw no acceptance. Just a series of her flaws mirrored so flawlessly in those perfectionists walking the face of earth. 

She believed them all. Slowly accepted it. Buried her all in the happiness of all.
Until one beautiful dawn when something in her broke free. She left all at the threshold. Crossed it. Conquered all her fears. She armoured herself with the belief” I matter”. I love myself just the way I am. I’m perfect in my own being. She let go all.
She carved a niche with new beliefs. New beautiful heartfelt expectations. Her being glowed. She had never looked more beautiful than now. She wore the adornment of joy!
It looked so perfect on her!
 A symbol of strength! She came to be called from far and wide! 
The power of loving herself truly. Each moment revealing of her utmost joy. Revelling in the joyous ardour of a woman who followed her heart.
Every breath a beautiful ode to living!
She learnt the art of loving and living to the best!
Every moment takes my breath away,
in what a beautiful art of living is in its truest form!
Her mantra for living!
All she had to do is just love herself!


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Dawn of Positivity

 A beautiful morning to greet you a new. 

In the breathtaking hues of cheerfulness 

A ray of positive sunshine

Chirpy joy,

Sparkling kindness

May it all keep the joy and smiles all the way today!

Keep the faith on!

Another breathtaking morning just to greet you joyously

The joy of breathing in the effervescence of the moment!

What a delightful moment to start your day!

Of course I cannot forget my steaming mug of cappuccino  which is my soulmate in a mug πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

Without it I’m totally lostπŸ˜€.

Smile and enjoy the day!

Have a blessed Thursday beautiful people!

Every breath counts,

Every moment,

A legacy of yours,

Left behind by you😊

Alluringly Mysterious

 Daria was still humming to herself as she came out of her shower. The first soft tunes of the band playing tonight could be heard . The Pre-Wedding  festivities were being kicked in from tonight. There was something softly romantic about a wedding. Daria always loved to be immersed in its romantic hues.

She had ordered her outfits and was waiting excitedly to be adoring them during the wedding. Tonight she had got a special one done in shell pink. It had a crochet hand made vintage lace neckline. A deep scooping v neck, adorned in tiny shell pink buttons. The long dress fell just near her ankles . It was a beautiful creation in chiffon and soft lace. It definitely looked vintage. Daria looked exquisitely beautiful in it. She wore her grandmother’s antique Pearl set. It looked so perfect with her dress. Her hair looked silky. It felt in long soft tumbling curls around her face. She accentuated her eyes in soft olive green and brown. Her skin looked radiant and glowing. Daria wondered dreamily, was the glow because of her blush? 

She smiled softly to herself as she made herself out on the lawns. She was busy for the first hour. Finally Hadi had to sneak her out from there towards the gazebo. It was a beautiful night . Radiant with the glistening moonlight. 

Hadi just looked at her . A man in love with his entire being and soul. Their eyes met in the gleaming dark. Soft and serene all around. Hadi took her in his arms and they danced to the soft romantic tunes of the band. 

They stayed like that for a long time. Hadi whispered”Time to go back”

Daria looked dreamy and irresistible. Hadi kissed her deeply. His eyes asked the question once again.

Daria turned herself quickly. They both quietly made their way back.

Once more they were lost in the company of others. Hadi walked her to her room. Just before going, he asked her to be ready at 10 next morning.

Saying that he bade her good night and went his way.

Daria lay thinking of him for a long time. She couldn’t sleep for a long time.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Friday thoughts


This beautiful morning as I sat on my yoga mat, so many thoughts kept coming in and out. So many things thought forgotten . So many left unsaid . All sat waiting to greet me this dawn. I sat quietly lost in my thoughts. The beautiful calm, serenity of the quiet morning just stole my breath away. Is this what we hunger for? The peace so priceless. In that moment, I was thinking of nothing but my breath and the moment. Both so priceless. For the breath to be calm, I was sitting on the yoga mat. My breath and my moment both taken would never come back again. The breaths I take, each I dearly pay homage to, in sincerity . The moments all lived, my legacy, I leave behind. My solitude continued in the park. Sitting perched up there, lost to the world, sat thee. So rested it looked, devoid of the tests. I long for the solitude in thy midst. In the woods of life, I long to unfurl my tired being and rest a while with thee. 

A beautiful morning complete with my cappuccino. Truly grateful  and immense gratitude πŸ™ for each breath.

Life is nothing but the breaths and the moments spent. When they become one with the will of his, its a symphony of soulful rendition. Have a lovely Friday!

Stay blessed. May you be showered with the choicest blessings!

Keep the smile on😊

Keep the faith going!

Monday, February 7, 2022

In between Poha and Poetry

 Kaira’s day started like a roller coaster ride. This was the day when everything was meant to go wrong. She had to be at work for a meeting. As she was getting ready her cook called and said “ Amma aaj nahi aaoongi”. 

Kaira wanted to scream. She had happily thought the breakfast would be taken care of by her. She rushed into the kitchen to organise a quick breakfast. Just then her little one came crying. He had a bad tummy ache . “ Mummy my stomach hurts” . Kaira went to get him settled. Just then her poha was sizzling. Ohh God! 

She had forgotten about it . Thank God the onions were still good not burned to ashes. Her day was already turning towards disaster mode. Just then her phone beeped. Ohh No! Her poem had to be sent now. She sat in the kitchen with the Poha splattering and her sonnets screaming out to her. She began penning her poem. From the fumes of ginger garlic paste to the sizzle of curry leaves and adding salt . Her love conquered all. Ohh God! What had she written? Where did ginger garlic paste come in between a love sonnet. Thank God! Shakespeare was no more. He would have had a fit. She started again once more. Her son came crying and the poem went . from the wails and tumoil of a child to the passion of uncooked morsels, the turmeric looked at her balefully. Was this love? To be jilted and left tasteless for all to devour”. Just then her husband came in asking for his breakfast. One look at the unmade poha sitting majestically, he blew the fuse. The poem continued, could poha drive a wedge between love? Could the unmade, non tossed green chillies make a difference to undying love? Well looks like it did! 

To top it the daughter slipped in the bathroom. The poem continued Love slipped at the threshold of water not mopped!

To top it Kaira sent it to the publisher. She did win the award.

The fumes of Poha and the tingling scent of love got mingled. Instead of scented love you had splatters of spices adding their aroma to the pot of poetry!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Daria Melting

 True to his word . Hadi was waiting for her next morning. Ready to leave . Sporting a smile and a sports jacket, he looked straight out of the magazine cover. Daria looked beautiful herself. Of course she never acknowledged it . Wearing a button down powder blue shirt, jeans and a vintage scarf tied casually around her neck. She looked poised, elegant and beautiful. The drive was beautiful. Daria let go herself for just this once . Totally lost in the beauty of her scenic drive .

Hadi stopped by a quaint little cafe. Set in the heart of the mountains. Daria sat lost in the beauty of it . Smiling to herself. Hadi sat lost in her beauty . They were having a lovely time . Enjoying the stops on the way . They stopped by a beautiful resort in the mountains. Spent good time there . Daria reminded him of the dinner tonight being hosted by her cousin’s parents . 

Daria was sitting by the mountain gulping the beauty. Hadi leaned and planted a kiss on her forehead . Daria turned towards him . Confusion mirrored . Hadi smirks her softly “ Daria please give us a chance. It will work. Just give it a chance please “.

Saying that he turned towards the car. The drive back was beautiful and quiet . Both left to their own thoughts . When they reached the house . Daria turned towards Hadi “ Thank you for this lovely day “. Saying this she leaned into him and kissed him on the cheek. 

This time it was Hadi’s turn to be shocked .

Daria had a naughty smile on her face as she made her way upstairs to her room.

Friday, January 14, 2022


 Daria woke up more confused than ever. Hadi had left her in a dilemma. The fear kept her gripped. She had stayed away from emotional upheaval for so long. she almost forgot what it was to feel again. She had been happy in her own busy little world . She did not get much time to think because just then she was called down for breakfast. After that it was absolute madness. The caterers, the decorators, the florists were all going about their work . The lawns looked splendid after they were done up for the engagement. Just then her cousin came and called her for lunch. After lunch along with her cousins, she was sent to the parlour. Her hair appointment and a mini spa all fitted in . 

She came home happy with her hair . Makeup she always liked doing it herself. Thankfully! She hadn’t bumped into Hadi. She did not want to deal with all that today . Tonight she wanted to enjoy herself thoroughly. After a long time, there was going to be wedding gaiety in the family. Starting from tonight it was going to be fun. The wedding was fixed for next month. Time for her to shop and plan her outfits 😊. She smiled to herself as she got ready in her soft velvet ankle length gown in emerald green with copper trimming. It did something magical to her colouring . Her crimson lips looked beautiful. Her eyes shone. The loose messy bun looked perfect. Her long chandelier ear rings touching her softly dusted collar bones. She looked beautiful and elegant. 

She never paid attention to herself. Not now, never before either. Her grandparents and her mom and uncles were already seated. She was enveloped in bear hugs by her uncles. Her grandad called her and looked at her lovingly . He took out a small ring box and told her” This is an antique ring of my mother’s, I want you to have it. Wear it tonight. It matches your outfit.”. Daria was moved to tears. The most beautiful ring stared out at her. Encrusted between golden vines it sat majestically, a deep green colour”. She wore it . Her grandfather smiled lovingly at her.

She was called by her cousin . She went to meet them. She was thirsty. She went looking for the juice counter. Just then Hadi stopped her. He smiled at her and said” You look beautiful tonight. May I have a dance with you”.

She and Hadi danced for a long time together. They found a quiet spot on the lawns . They were both famished. They filled their plates and sat enjoying the music and the breeze.

After sometime Hadi cleared his throat “ So what have you decided Daria”?

Daria answered hesitantly” I honestly don’t know Hadi. I still don’t feel ready. I need time”.

Hadi smiled and then replied” Take as long as you want. I’m not resting till I hear a yes. I’m here for few more days . Then I might visit you. Anyway next month we’ll be meeting for the wedding festivities again. I would like you to spend as much time with me as you can”.

Daria smiled back at him. They danced for some more time. Then sat with her cousins. It was late . They were all calling it a night.

Hadi walked her to the door. He wished her good night. Hugged and kissed her . 

Just before turning he said” Be ready by 11. We are going to a beautiful quaint little place up in the mountains. We’ll be out for the day. Dress comfortably “.

Saying that he turned away.

Daria smiled to herself and fell asleep.

Stay tuned for more excitement.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Daria Troubled

 Daria was torn. Next morning she left early . She went to her friend’s place . They were both going to be out for the day. She had to attend her cousin’s engagement tonight. She did not want to meet Hadi today . She wanted to be away from him. This was too soon for her. She did not want to give her answer right away. She still did not know about her feelings. She was still trying to understand. 

She was sitting at her favourite cafe in the olden part of Marrakech. They made exquisite coffee. It was always her favourite place. She often came here then too. 

Suddenly it all came back to her . How perfect it had been with Ali. Then suddenly at her cousin’s wedding, he came to her and whispered” We have to talk”. She went with him towards the garden and he dropped the bomb . 

He looked awkward and suddenly he blurted out” I’m sorry Daria but we can’t get married”. I still remember those moments . I had stopped breathing . I just kept staring at him. He went on” I’m getting married to Fariya”.  Saying that he had gone away . Leaving her life for good.

How hard those months had been after he had left. She had stitched her broken heart together but by bit . She had lost faith in love and forevers.

Now Hadi had come and forced her to acknowledge emotions which she had thought were alien to her. 

Love was something which terrified her. She knows there was nothing like love. Love never stayed. Love hurt. It left you broken and hurt .

Her friend brought her out of the reverie. It was time to head back . She would get late for the engagement.

She was going in when she heard footsteps behind her.” Where have you been whole day”? . I have been looking for you . It was Hadi . She answered him in a hurry . “ I was out with a friend. Just got back . Please excuse me. I have to get ready . I’ll be late” 

He looked at her closely and said” Daria we are still not done”.

We’ll speak later . Saying that he turned away and walked towards the lawns .

Daria went to get ready . More disturbed and confused then ever.

Stay tuned for more.

Thursday, January 6, 2022


 The “Need of the hour” once again, your undeniable strength. The power you have within which helps you fight all odds. The place where you dwell and rest calmly. The uncertainty keeps each gripped once again. No assurance of life or moments. Whatever we have or are gifted in the moment is truly ours, rest it only wishful thinking . Wish always! Hope for the best as we say but to keep your being together in the most trying times is what resilience is all about. 

The fear of what holds next keeps each its unwilling slave. Yet! Slaves we all are at times. How we break free from the threatening, menacing tentacles of fear and anxiety is what living is all about. How? The question of many? To keep your sanity, your mental health together the biggest requisite.

Build a loving community together. Stay connected to your close ones. Practice self love. Read inspiring stories. Tell yourself each morning how important you are. Honour yourself by just saying at-least one positive word. One hour in the day, gift it to yourself exclusively. Work the brain along with the body. Stay inspired. Motivate others. Compassion, humility, kindness the biggest “ Need of the Hour”.

Keep the fear at bay. Smile often. Spread joy all around. Lend your shoulder for a troubled heart to rest. 


Have a blessed day ahead😊.

Keep smiling always!

Keep the faith, “ Whatever happens, happens for the best”!

Eid Fervour

 Daria was so excited! After almost 33 years she was enjoying the excitement of going to the Soukh, a night before Eid. The last 2 days had ...