Saturday, December 31, 2022

End of the year

 So much left unsaid,

So many lost,

I bid farewell to thee,

I know not which whole of mine,

The broken of mine!

Some emotions withered forever,

Some hoping to blossom,

The year gone by,

I sign it with  gratitude,


Shall be shall be!

The year gone by was a mixed bag of emotions. I know not what I want to hold tight and what I want to let go. I am glad for all the beautiful moments I spent in the company of family and friends. There were some sorrowed moments when I lost my few dear ones. Is not life meant to have a dash of sadness as well? 

I hate to sound clichΓ© but life does have  multiple sides to it, not just 2. Life came with different facades. Which was the truest one?

Which kept you going? So many things to be grateful for, so many  things signed with the ink of gratitude πŸ™. 

Joy is flighty, love is mostly unreliable, untrusting, mostly breakable.

Love for yourself is something which will always be special and stay the longest!

Love yourself is the motto to better living!

Weave your being with threads of kindness, humility, compassion and gratitude πŸ™.

Let go of what does not serve your purpose anymore. 

Keep the soul blossoming! 

Keep your being nourished with self love!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Reliving the Moment

 It was such an eventful day. Slightly exhausting. The feeling of exhilaration was so energising. They came back after the shopping. All went on to freshen up before dinner. This was the night they usually decorated the Christmas tree together. Kia came and fell into a deep slumber. She woke up with a start. She ran a hot bath. Soaked her tired limbs, tired spirit. Hoping to r come out rejuvenated. After sometime she came out of her bath. Started getting dressed for the evening ahead. It had been decades since all of them had gathered. It felt so good to be back together. The time seed of delight which had been dead for awhile started growing again. 

She got dressed in a beautiful peach knit dress. It lovingly caressed her each curve. Her complexion looked radiant. Her dewy face spoke of joy. She wore tiny diamond Pearl ear rings. A gift from her dear grandma . She came down to excited chatter and laughter. Truly the house had come alive. 

She stood at the last rail looking at the joyous scene. So wishing her dear dad was one amongst them. This was the first time she came after her father’s unexpected demise. Life always readily took from her. So often forgetting to replace what was taken from her.

Today she would just live the moment. It was an enjoyable evening. After dinner they all sat around the Christmas tree. Decorations were under way. 

Midnight ritual of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies were again relived. Thanks to her dear grandma. 

It was 2 AM when they finally went to sleep. Tomorrow was the engagement. The wedding festivities to begin. 

Lots of excitement in store in the coming week for Kia. 

Stay tuned!

Do you think kia will finally find the love of her life?

Want to know more?

Watch this space for more excitement to unfold!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Treasured Moments

December the month where endings are written. Sometimes prologue to new aspirations, hopes and new beginnings. It has its own magic. The stardust of joy.
The month where joy looks beautiful. Festivity rules.
Yet remember that there are hearts which are still broken. Some are mourning the loss of their loved ones. Some are going through their own trials and tribulations. Be kind. Be sensitive. Do not forget to be there for these broken souls. Some might be battling an illness. If you are feeling rested pass the calmness to others.

Hope for the best. Treasure what was given to you. What was taken away also had a reason. Love the ones who stayed with you. Bade farewell to the ones who have left you. Value, cherish and treasure each. The moments you lived, the memories you have made. Keep them close.

Be thankful at all times. 
Have a blessed month ahead. Hope for the best in the coming year. 

Monday, December 12, 2022

Secret Santa List

 Dear Santa 

So many wishes,

So many hopes,

So many dreams 

Each wants to see come true!

My greatest wish is to have a continuous supply of my favourite chocolates mind you sans calories 😝😝. Winter cozy evenings by the fireplace reading my favourite best sellers with endless supply of cappuccino and freshly baked cookies. Travelling through the length and breath of the world. Hoping to see a lot of joy all around. Hoping to see a more healthier me in 2022. Hoping  to have my published book of poetry doing the rounds. More lives, more poetry and definitely more yoga 🧘‍♀️. The peace and  calm after every session is priceless. 

Practice more gratitude πŸ™.

Immensely grateful for all you have bestowed almighty.

Let the countdown begin for the new year!

Let’s make the last few weeks of 2021 memorable!

Spread joy and love!

Smile 😊!

Stay positive!

Believe that the best is yet to come.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Life after coffee

 Kia woke up to a beautiful morning. The snowflakes fell lovingly down at her windowpane. Waking her up softly. It had been ages since Kia woke up feeling so refreshed and relaxed. No rushing to work. Lounging in lazily in bed.

She turned and looked out at the sparkling landscape. Pristine and white! She could see snowman’s, colourful wreaths all decorating the doors!

The evening would look beautiful. The spirit of Christmas was in the air. Just then there was a soft knock on the door. She heard Maria’s sing song voice. Her grandparents care taker. She ran the house meticulously. She was the one who took care of her the most when she was a child. It was so lovely to see Maria’s smiling face in the morning. She came with her breakfast and her coffee. Just the way she liked it. Strong, slightly bitter. The right mix to wake her up and get her going.

Maria told her that her grandparents were waiting to see her. Kia quickly jumped into the shower. Got ready in a beautiful soft blue warm sweater and jeans. It felt so good to just be able to lounge around wearing her favourite clothes.

She went down humming to herself. The whole brigade was already there. The noisy chatter, the laughter , giggles, it felt so festive already. 

The stockings had to be organised. The Christmas tree stood tall and strong, looking resplendent, just as it always had. 

She turned and looked back at the happiness embracing her. How she wished her father’s smiling face would also be amongst them.

She turned and looked out at the landscape. So restive and peaceful. 

It lasted all of 5 minutes. She was dragged by her cousins to accompany them for Christmas shopping. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Reflections I see and smile

 She sat by the cozy hearth and reflected on the bygones. Her warm coffee mug, her best solace during winter. So many had left her in her journey. She knew not now what is truly left. What is taken away? 

She sat reflecting of all that she had lost. Today she still sat with a warm cozy heart thanking the creator. She was immensely grateful to him for blessing her with the most prized gift of all, her writing. 

He never said the journey might be easy, What he had promised was of being with her always. That the creator always did.

Kia believed that there would always be a beautiful smiling dawn awaiting for her, and it did.

Her journey so far had been tiring. She had come to her ancestral family home. They had all gathered for the grand celebration of her grandfather’s 90 th Birthday. 

Lots of celebrations lined up. Her cousin’s engagement and her youngest brother’s wedding. 

She sat in her favourite place, the den reliving the past. 

Times like this when she had sat with her dad. Laughing, playing or just reading.

Today the quiet evening once more reminded her of him.

Life had just gone by. She had tossed herself in work.

Forgetting herself. Today she just wanted the quiet and solace of this beautiful place. 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

December Vibes

 My favourite month and time of the year. I enjoy being embraced by the winter aura. This time brings a lot of memories of my childhood and my school. 

I loved being able to enjoy the Christmasy feel in my school. It was such a wonderful time of the year. Our whole school was decorated in the spirit of Christmas πŸŽ„. The month long practice of the Christmas celebration kept us in our toes and our brings joyous. 

Choir practice, play practice and so many more events. A week long celebration in school ended with our winter break. 

I miss the spirit of it every single time. 

Trying to recreate it in my own little way. Singing Christmas carols with my students. Planning a Christmas party, secret Santa . The fun of December and the spirit of celebration is all around in leaps and bounds.

Time to meet your friends, attend weddings, let the bygones be bygones. 

Time to welcome the new year in all its spirit!

Truly joy to the world! 

Just love the aura of this beautiful month. White Christmas calls for the celebration of the spirit of red and green in all its festivity!

Time to bake cakes, put up the stocking for the gifts 🎁 to be received by nature! 

Let us gear up for the joyousness of this beautiful month.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Ode to Gratitude

Being grateful at all times. Sounds so easy but in reality the hardest to practice. How many times have we consciously thanked the almighty for all the numerous blessings? How many times have we sat and conversed with him? Poured our hearts out in thankfulness! Only when we have grievances or are hurt, se sit complaining. Yet he listens to us whole heartedly. 

So much given to us. When we sit and pay gratitude to all. We will be bestowed with more and more. He has sent us believing , we will do our best. Then are we doing that?

I love this months. Month of thanksgiving, Time to be thankful. Staying grateful at all times.

I enjoy the warmth of a fireplace. Sitting by it with my coffee . I’m grateful for the weather, even if it’s winter. Even winter comes with its own beauty. Snowy mountains, white pristine landscapes. Shopping for Christmas. Looking towards the new year. Do we send gratitude to the bygones. Whether joyous or not so joyous?

Every phrase of life is like Santa Claus. Bringing good tidings. Sometimes when Santa is absent . They could be certain amount of trials . Yet they make us strong. 

Resilience is important to bring out the perfection in you. Perfection for yourself. Perfection where you emerge as the best version of yourself!

Learn to always pay ode to gratitude. Whatever time of the day, any moment! 
It’s always perfect to pay ode to gratitude!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Slave to Prejudice

 Decades of shackled emotions long to be unshackled. Will they ever feel the freeing breath of freedom. Has woman always been judged at the altar of freedom? Will she only emerge a winner if she stays shackled. Learn the lesson of sacrifice, honours it and excels it.

Living the life of her own choice and freedom, will it still be taboo. How is she honoured? Where is the respect she deserves. In the 21 st century she, is still a victim of domestic abuse. Still assaulted. Still fighting for her freedom . Still fighting for her place. What she ever gets  is criticism and unsolicited judgement ? Will she never be honoured for what she carries deep within?

Will not her being be respected? She has come to carve a niche. Then will she ever be given a chance to show that. She burns deep within. The trail of burning misery scorching her. Will she be able to come out unscathed from the fiery trail of criticism?

Why is she only deemed fit if she wears the armour of sacrifice and stays in it till her last breath. Does she not deserve to laugh uninhibited? Has she only come to be sacrificed repeatedly. To sacrifice her joy to bring smiles on others rigid demeanours. 

Why not a woman who dons multiple roles, is honoured for each? Why is she judged for one, criticised for another?

So much still unanswered, 

So much still fought for,

Wonder when she’ll see the dawn of new thought,

Devoid of prejudice!

Thursday, November 17, 2022


 In the journey of life, what is constant is surprisingly change. To think of it we are all the time changing. Like the seasons our life sees a new us every single time. We are evolving. The only difference is we do not realise it. 

It’s beautiful to sit and introspect. The other day I was sitting with my gratitude journaling. So many things earlier which I never realised came to my attention.

My likes , dislikes, my hobbies , even my food taste has all actually gone through a lot of change. It was actually very interesting to acknowledge it. 

So many hopes and things I would like to do now. 

Teach a hobby class

Be more connected to nature 

Learn some skill

Work on my passion for reading and writing 

Introspect more 

Travel more 

Be more connected to my loved ones 

Live in the moment.

Do what I most want to do

Explore my inner self 

Spread the cheer 

Be joyous 

Kindness a quint essential 

Join more webinars , classes to explore my inner self. 

Look forward to the journey ahead.

Let go of the past.

The bygones are a forgotten chapter

Connect with colours.

Practice gratitude at all time.

Keep the faith on. 

Hope to see my dreams come true.

To be more peaceful.

Monday, November 14, 2022


 The joy of the start of a wedding in the family. The closeness of the relations coming to light in the beautiful Pre—wedding festivities. The joy of shopping, the designing of clothes. The excitement starts much ahead. The golden moments down together  with the thread of celebration. The reunion of cousins. Staying up late. Catching up with each other over endless cups of coffees. Late night drives hunting for a chai joint. Standing outside each other’s houses and chatting till the wee hours without realising how time’s flying. The beauty of the moment truly understood long after its over. 

The union of two beautiful souls and the reunion of the connected souls. What an occasion if truly is! There was a time when we attended our cousins weddings. Not it’s the next generation . Nieces and nephews, feel immensely blessed to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion. 

The last minute running to the tailors. Invariably something missing. Suddenly reminded to buy last minute things. In between catching up over dessert. Missed lunches, late brunches and not to forget the parlour appointments. The joy of a wedding truly is class apart!

The practice sessions of friends for their dances. The songs sang during the weddings over dhol. The teasing repartee! The tuneless songs sang with joy! 

Yet they hold the tune of love ❤️. My dearest niece’s wedding was such a fun filled event. My dearest cousin so lovingly took care of all of us like she always did. 

A truly joyous affair! Wishing the newly weds all the love. May they be blessed always!

After ages our family came together for the most joyous , fun filled event! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Path to blissful existence

 Pathway to bliss is rendered with the emotional left overs to be forgotten as you move ahead. Blissful existence is all in our mind. Our thoughts render the path with blossoming thoughts of positivity. To live in positivity you have to be accepting of what has been handed over. Every day is not the same. No moment will be rewarded twice. Each day will have something beautiful hidden in its midst . You have to be patient enough to discover it and unwrap it lovingly.
I always felt life is a beautiful gift wrapped in different shades of paper. Some look desirable, some not so much. The gift waiting to be unwrapped is what the gist it. In your efforts to joyous living, keep moving in accordance to the vibes of life. 
If each day was same, how monotonous and mundane our life would be in reality. Same shade each morning, how colourless would our life be. Learn to appreciate each emotion of life, they add colour to the fabric of life.

Every sentiment and emotion has a purpose. Live it in every feel of it. Let it be felt with every fibre of your being. Life is to be savoured and tasted in all its flavours. Do not let any one rule it for long.

Keep the faith and sweetness alive. 
Feel blessed at all times. 
Love yourself the most 😊

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Hello November

 Woke up to a beautiful morning . A morning which called out to you lazily. Forcing you to turn your alarm off and sleep a bit longer. Wish it was a no agenda day. An ideal day to spend it lazily doing absolutely nothing πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Ideal to walk down the street munching your favourite breakfast , sipping on piping hot coffee ☕️. 

The sun is still absent. Lazy to shine. Perfect to read a book and spend some time outdoors. 

Welcome dear November . 

It’s truly a lazy start . Ideal to just do nothing πŸ˜ƒ.

Alas! Wish it was Sunday today!

Nevertheless, the month of gratitude. Gratitude for a beautiful day. You make us consciously practice thanks giving. Let’s start by thanking for being alive. To celebrate the event called life!


Stay positive!

Have faith!

The best is yet to come!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Be Present

 Every day you breathe is a beautiful gift of living. Be Present! Life is a series of little miracles. Be aware of each breath you take. Send gratitude for all the gifts you have received. There is a lot in life to be grateful for. 

Start the month on a positive note. Think of all that you have accomplished so far. Let go of what you could not. Intend for the best always. Send out your heartfelt wishes and gratitude to the universe. See your dreams coming true. 
Be kind always. Each is fighting a battle unknown. Respect yourself, love yourself. What you have done so far is amazing, what you shall do will also be more than amazing. 

Hold the thread of gratitude,
Weave it with the golden thread of positivity,
Silver of kindness,
Yellow of brightness,
Orange of cheerfulness,
Green of peace,
Pink of joy,
Red of love,
Blue of humility,
Adorn it in the tapestry of life,
Blend it in the garment of life!

Keep the faith on. Stay blessed. Stay smiling .
Don’t forget to love yourselves beautiful souls!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Blissful Morning

The golden positivity of morning makes you believe yet again of a new day with the promise of new aspirations. Let the Hope be alive!

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. The opportunity to do something new always greets you with a smile. Let your being be open to receiving and embracing the “ New”.

Every ray of sunshine teaches us the numerous things which are still waiting out there to be achieved . 

The brilliance and the aura of a new day always ready to fill your being wholeheartedly. 

Open yourself to the universe!

Intend for the best to happen! It shall!


The power of belief is tremendous. Send gratitude in abundance.

Practising gratitude opens new pathways of newer blessings and opportunities.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

World Mental Health Day

Time to awaken to the need of being compassionate towards the ones suffering from this. There is never enough being done. There is always the need to do more towards honouring and respecting the ones who are consciously seeking help.

There is a lot of stigma attached to it. There is denial associated with it immensely. Unfortunately so many times the call for help goes unanswered. How casually depression is treated. 

Sometimes it’s too late. After we have lost them, we realise the mistake. Depression kills the person slowly. It’s a slow poison which spreads its roots tenaciously until it makes the person succumb to its vileness. 

Traumas are real so are disorders. How many times have you seen grown individuals weeping like children unable to look for anything positive or joyous.

We hardly realise for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, even to sleep is a challenge. They are afraid to be alone with themselves. Young lives out of fear have snuffed their own lives. When hope is lost, all is lost. There are various reasons for the imbalanced state of mind. What helps is immense love and compassion.

1)Loss of a loved one


3) Genetic make up

4) OCD

5) Low self esteem 

6) Excessive criticism 

How many times as parents we think, we are doing an excellent job by being critical with them. Have you ever wondered, that they have you as their closest buddy rather than a critique. Healthy criticism is good for them. Do not cross the line. Be extremely cautious about being within the means. 

One wrong word can be carried for lifetime by your child. 

Be compassionate even if your child does not meet the high standards you have set for him or her. Remember they are born at a different time. They do not have to fit into the mould set by you. 

Each has been born with a unique trait. Each has come for a purpose known best by the creator. 

We are here to help each other, care for each other . 

Tread the path of life with compassion, kindness and humility. 

Spreading awareness and championing Mental Health awareness should be our requisite and responsibility.

Do not be shy to seek for help.

You deserve to live this gift beautifully.

There’s nothing wrong in seeking help.

Find a good support group.

Good friends who will be your support in time of need.

Do not forget you are beautiful, strong, awesome, brave, courageous. You are simply the best!

You can do it!

Yes you can!

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Memories with my Dad

 Memories reawakened and relived once again. My dear dad’s favourite dessert. He used to relish it every single time he had. After a long time, lovingly made by my dear aunt, we were nostalgic once again.

In the journey of life, all the memories , moments are captured in the frame of life. Each beautiful moment sometimes stays forever etched in the treasure trove of memories. 

What is left is usually all that we have lived for in its truest glory.

Some moments are not redefined and relived. 

How few things stay on in the journey of life,

Some lost till Eternity,

Yet gratitude πŸ™ always.

What is willed and destined,

Knows not!

What we envisage is,

How best we honour it.

We long for so much  to stay!

Yet some stay with us for a certain time.

Make the most of it till we have them in our midst!

Friday, September 30, 2022


The spirit of October brings a fiesta essence. The month where the new takes root. There’s something warm and cozy about October. I always envisage chilly evenings . Sitting by the fireplace cradling your warm coffee mug and looking at the flames in deep introspection. 
What does it say to you?
This time I do seek for the same warmth but from the universe. Envisaging to spread the aura of gratitude πŸ™. To bask consciously in its warm embrace. I long to be enveloped and hugged by it. To feel it sinking deep within me. To fill my being with its vibe. 
In the journey of life, so much is lost, so much is found. Yet truly what stays behind in each’s thoughts? 
I know not what is still to be discovered, hoping for the best always.
This time let’s join together to consciously be thankful and grateful for every single moment.
Nothing is promised twice in life!



Monday, September 26, 2022

Lessons by the Waves

 Last evening as I sat by the waves in contemplative silence hearing their lashing tides, it was purely therapeutic. Making my dreams on the sands , I realised repeatedly how the tides washed away all every single time. Again leaving it all clean and clear to start afresh.

How similar was our life and experiences. We move, we listen to the chaos and try making something anew. Looking at the different coloured sky scape painted so exquisitely in the shades of dusk, I realised how each shade spoke something new to me. 

I sat by the beach lost in my thoughts listening to the sounds of time. So much came back, so much stayed , so much was washed away.

How I wish my heart at times was like the shore. Cleaning up all and leaving just a fresh one ready to gather new memories deep within its fold!

In that introspective silence definitely grief also visited for sometime. My happy being reusing Riley it sit for long. Like an uninvited  guest, it was quickly made to leave. How I longed for the moment to last. Just like the waves, dusk enveloped me soon.

Watching the glistening shore from afar and hearing the waves coming back every single time with more zest, I learnt the power of true resilience!

Empower your being, your thoughts and your self to fight against each crashing wave of emotion.

Grief numbs but positivity, kindness and compassion the combined trio always keeps the smile in place!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

By the beach hoping to learn some more new lessons!

Keep the faith on!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Morning Grandeur

Morning grandeur beckons you to sip in its positivity soaked moment of joy! Some days you barely want to get out of bed. That extra 10 minutes of sleep. The warmth of the comforter calls to comfort you. Some mornings the dawn slowly kisses you awake as it softly wakes up the world around you. 

I just love my morning moments. They bring so much solace and calm. I sit by the trees listening to the chirping. The quiet around me just keeps me in a deep meditative mood. As I write ✍️, I am doing exactly that. 

Sitting with my coffee ☕️ and thinking of gratitude πŸ™ this hour. My gratitude journaling diary beckoning me to start the journey . Gratitude now for me every moment is to be breathing anew each dawn! 

What we pack in light hearts and soups. What we gently give out, What we leave behind as a trail of kindness, is what shall stay as your breathing legacy.

From mud you were made,

Inti that beautiful earth you

Shall be put to rest!

Then why thou seeks for the riches 

of the world?

Seek for the richness of 

heart, soul and mind!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Keep the faith of doing something truly different!

Make every moment your best moment. Your purpose is always a bigger one than what you see!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Living in the moment

 This morning has been my best after a long time. Woke up with positivity. Back on my yoga mat after almost 5 weeks. 

I truly listened to my body this time. I did not push it. Gave it the test it requested for and required. After my viral, I was low on my energy. So many mornings just went by. My earlier self would have been so hard, taunting criticising for missing even one day of practice.

Living truly in the moment finally understood and put into practice.

Immense gratitude to another day of being alive and healthy.

Gratitude for having the energy to do my yoga practice.

Immense gratitude to my wonderful yoga instructor for helping me to practice my session.

Joy for the simple things in life.

The joy of breathing freely and connecting to my inner self in meditation is priceless.

Joyous to be back on my yoga mat.

Have a blessed day ahead lovelies.

Memories Barrage

 Kiera woke up unsettled after a long time. The pain had come back last night  after almost a decade. Life had a funny way of taking you back again and again towards pain. Just when she had learnt to forget it all. It was staring at her again.

She still remembered that beautiful evening at the cocktail dinner of her cousin’s friend. They had all been close. They had all been invited. Azar had just come in . He was the bride’s cousin. They had been introduced. Later she came to know he had been her senior at school. 

They spoke quite a bit that night. Next day there was the rehearsal dinner followed by dance. The evening had turned out beautifully. They had already become quite comfortable with each other. Next day at the wedding they were trying to look for an opportunity to be together. There were a lot of guests and they both got busy. 

Suddenly the wedding had come to an end. There was one last function. There was a day’s gap then reception. All of them planned to go for out a picnic and sight seeing. 

Keira and Azar were inseparable. In the reception they both confessed to loving each other. Azar was going back to U.K after a week. That week they spent every waking moment with each other. Azar had even gifted her a beautiful pink topaz ring . The bond  had been sealed. 

Few months they were still crazy about each other. Slowly Keira felt that Azar was tensed on the calls. Then suddenly for few weeks he was totally uncommunicative. She had left so many messages. So many unanswered calls.

Until one day Keira almost stopped breathing. Her cousin casually told her Azar had been engaged to his cousin. His mother had been adamant. 

What had hurt Keira was that Azar did not even have the courtesy to inform her. Something had broken within Keira that day. The promise of forever, you are my only one, so shallow and hollow.

She had been a mess. Slowly she picked her self together. Just as she was coming terms to it. She suddenly lost her father.

She was burdened with responsibilities. Taking charge of everyone. Her mother, younger siblings. Life had just passed. Today they were all settled. Keira had finally learnt to be happy until 2 days ago when Azar again came right in front of her.

Why did she have to go through pain repeatedly?

Why couldn’t it hit her once and for all and be done?

Why keep raking her pain? 

Why did she have to burn her soul  by walking on hot glowing coals of disappointment?


Why couldn’t sadness for once leave her alone?

Suddenly her phone rang.

It was her friends. She wiped her tears.

Spoke to them and decided that this time she would not give in to pain whatsoever.

She decided to put it all behind her.

She looked out of the window and found a cute little market being set up of handmade goodies.

As a child she would love going to these markets and buying cute little dolls and tea pots. Today the child in her wanted to relive it once again.

She decided to get ready and visit that cute little market there.

Her smile in place . She jumped into the shower.

Keira took pains with her make up. She wore a bright pink flowy dress. 

In the mood to conquer it all!

Monday, September 12, 2022

Morning Motivation

 Morning for some so hard to wake up from the lap of slumber. Sometimes it’s the weather too.

Give yourself half an hour each morning to just gather your thoughts. Do not stop your thoughts from flowing . Let it take its own course. Sit amidst nature if you can. Feel the breeze. Feel the vibes. Feel the positivity. Let go of yester. It’s done and gone. It cannot be salvaged. 

What you have is “Now” , your “ Today”.

Just dwell in the space of inner you. Let the silence greet you from outside and within you. Do not judge yourself in that space. Love you just the way you are.

These few moments before you jump into the day will work a lot towards keeping you going. 

Read an extract of a quote. Look at a blossoming bud. Do what makes you happy.

Forget criticism and judgment. You’ll get it in plenty. Forget all!

Remember there can never be another you. 

Love yourself just the way you are. 

Embrace it all!

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Do not be Hard on yourself

 Each morning we wake up with a lot of expectations from the day ahead. No matter how much we plan abd want to do things, there can be few setbacks. Learn to let go. You do not have to live life on an automated manual. 

You are a breathing beautiful being. Learn to honour and cherish what you have today. If some day your body does  not want to hit the gym, or walk till the park or be attentive on the yoga mat. Let go!

Savour the moment in its truest form. Do not take any moment for granted. What is entitled to you, knows no one. We only realise when its too late. Late to enjoy and taste it fully. 

There are so many who have left the world untimely. Young lives extinguished in no time. How much time we have, we know not. What we only have is the present moment. Love it to its best!

Carve a path filled with the blossoms of positivity, compassion and humility. Savour the fruits of kindness. Plant the tree of life hoping to bear these beautiful fruits of labour. 

Let it be harvested long after you walk the path of life!

We take nothing from this world. Only what we have packed in our tender hearts. What we leave behind a gentle reminder for those who shall miss you after you are gone!

So keep in mind to leave a happy joyous one!

Hail to better fruitful living!

Keep the faith on!

Smile always! 

Have a lovely day ahead!

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Candle of Hope

 Kiera got up all confused. It was a beautiful morning. The sky looked beautifully stormy. She had nothing lined up today. She wanted to spend a quiet morning with her thoughts, her writing and of course her coffee ☕️ too. She wanted to explore the quiet little homey towns. Sit under the open sky, by the glade. Gazing at the blooms.

Her friends probably would be busy. Just then she remembered Azar. She hesitantly called him. He picked up after rings. Just when she was about to hang up. He answered sleepily. They spoke for sometime. 

He was off too. They agreed to meet at one of the open coffee shops. She got ready . Had a light breakfast. Set out in a touristy mood. She was penning something in her gratitude journal , when she saw him waking towards her. He looked carefree and wind blown. Wearing a soft lemon coloured linen shirt. He looked good . 

They exchanged pleasantries and got busy catching up.

So much had transpired over the years. They never came close to the part where they had been forced to move away from each other. 

It was still painful. The wound raw. Kiera had been broken to bits. It had taken a long time for her to overcome the pain. Who understands the journey of pain and grief? Except the ones who go through it.

The day passed by in a pleasant way. Surprisingly Keira had enjoyed herself. 

They big goodbyes . Keira had a dinner date with her friends.

She wanted to rest a bit before she got ready for the big dinner tonight. Tonight it was a mini reunion. 20 of them were meeting. Keira was excited to see most of them after decades.

She closed her eyes and next she knew the alarm was ringing. She quickly jumped into the shower. Leaving her hair in a messy bun. She got out and go down to doing her make up. She was wearing red tonight. 

Keira was ready just in time. Her friends were waiting in the lobby.

She was greet you whistles. They laughed and hugged each other.

The party was in a beautiful lounge. Live band and the ambience was casual. 

It was the perfect place.

They were dancing to the tunes of yester when she was asked for a slow dance. Azar had come with another friend. They had joined their party . Being a senior from school. He knew most of them.

The thrumming beats being played out reminded her of that beautiful evening, when they had been crazily, hopelessly in love.

Inseparable, how had they separated for decades.

Could life and destiny be responsible jointly?

Wondered she!

Now why again after so many years?

Would she be brave enough to take a second chance?

Suddenly she looked into intense tawny depths? The same wiwad mirrored in that gaze.

Keira felt very hot suddenly. Flushed! She found her friends and ordered a mocktail  for herself.

The night progressed. Suddenly it was time to bid good night.

Keira was quiet on the drive back.

She went upto her room. Promising to meet them again tomorrow.

Why had life been so harsh?

Always so jarring!

She closed her eyes and after decades the tears came back.

Streaming down her face. Paying an ode to her pain once again.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Sensual September


Coffee under the Birches

 The fragrance of freshly brewing coffee, it’s priceless. Ask a coffee lover and they’ll be swooning . Arezouh loved going to her gran’s place . Her week was usually packed with work. Weekends was where she wanted some quiet moments amidst nature . 

What better place to be but her gran’s beautiful cottage and her gorgeous garden. Her grandparents were the most loving souls. Her gran would make all her favourites. A pro in baking . She just loved the ambience , the aromas wafting out of her sunny lit kitchen. 

These were the simple joys she looked forward to. They were truly priceless. Her specially home made skin cream would be massaged into her face. She would oil her hair lovingly and get nostalgic. 

Life had taught Arezouh a lot of lessons. Her name in Persian met “ Desire”. So many desires yet to be realised . So many hopes, some left unrealised, some buried long ago.

This was where she found true peace. She sat by the garden porch looking at the lush green expanse with bordered colours of positivity in the form of rose buds smiling lovingly at her.

How much had been taken away from her. She had lost her dear dad. Life had felt so colourless then, so devoid of joy! Some loving souls had eased the pain, erased the misery.

Would love also do the same, she wondered quite often!
Guarding her heart like a pitchfork!
She had seen many of her friends torn in love.
Could love ever be truthful and honest ? Wondered she!

Her grandparents were watching her from afar. Dearly wishing that love would conquer it all.

Just then there was a knock at their door.

Had love knocked? 
Had the universe listened to their heartfelt prayer!
Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Hello Beautiful September

 September does hold a dear place in my life and heart. Of course! It has to be. My birthday month. I opened my eyes for the first time on 1st  September at the crack of Dawn. 

September ,I always feel is a turn in the season. The road which curves towards better. In some countries called “ Fall”. I always feel it has a deeper meaning in itself there.

The falling of the old,

The drop of the yester,

The joyous beginning of today,

The “ Now” beautifully scented 

in smells of pine!

September the turn of the new leaf 🍁. It also teaches you how each comes with a shelf life. Nature teaches us so beautifully. Time to let go of the past , look forward to the future. 

There’s something beautiful always kept for you. Nature, universe , they all listen, so wish for what your heart desires.

I love September for its beauty,

Because I was brought into the worldπŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

It makes fall also a learning in our lives!

Do not fear the fall,

For thou shall learn in being humbled!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

May the rusts and the burnished hues, colour your thoughts in a beautiful golden warmth of positivity!

Books do heal

 This beautiful magical array of books, believe me are truly magical m. Each one of them helps you delve in deeper without leaving you unattended to. They heal you, make you question your insecurities. Yet do not leave you lost. So many questions which have been unanswered in our journey, which we never seem to find solutions to, here you find some solution to it.

The Magic is truly magical. Leaving you in a spell of self discovery.

Let the power be with you teaches you the significance of truly living in the now.

Louis Hay teaches you how to let go , otherwise your body is bearing the repercussions. The eroding slowly leaving a destructive trail of dreaded diseases and illnesses. The psychosomatic truly how it plays havoc.

The affirmations which you need to hear and say it to your beautiful being, so beautifully listed out and made easy.

I learnt the power of manifestation, that the universe truly does listen to you.

Definite must reads.
I do hope they help you the way they did to me.

Happy heartfelt reading!
Keep the faith on,
Do not forget your smile!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Yesterday comes back

 Keira slowly looked up. Wishing dearly that it was not true. This was not Azar.the recognition stated out loud and clear. The intense gaze which she had always loved, staring again at her. It had been almost 2 decades. The longing humming again in every nerve of her being. Destiny you cannot be so callous, she called out. Azar was accompanied with two other friends. Unknown to her. Once the introductions were in order . She came to know one of them had also come down for the conference. Incidentally Azar was heading it tomorrow. How she wished she could sleep in late tomorrow morning and miss it. Wish she was back in school where she could use the age old excuse of being unwell.

The evening passed pleasantly enough. It was time to draw it to a close. She was dropped back by her friends. Making plans for the next evening. 

Keira got into bed tired. Sleep was nowhere close. That evening came to haunt her again. How her live had changed. How she had matured over night. The responsibility immense. The tears came back . Flooding her being. Unleashing the dam of memories which she had held for long. 

Finally she slept in a restless fervour. Suddenly woken up by the loud alarm. She woke up with a nagging headache. God! Not today.

She went in for a cold shower. To awaken her senses. After gulping down two strong cups of coffee, her headache was a little better. She popped her headache pill too, just in case.

Dressed immaculately in fawn . She looked crisp and business like. 

Today she had to take a little longer with her make up to camouflage the dark circles.

She was just in time for the conference. Seated next to a distinguished looking person. 

Azar walked in just then. Her breath stopped. He looked 

“ Drop Dead Handsome”. Wearing a steel grey suit which fitted him to perfection. So business like. 

Be definitely had an aura around him now. Soon the conference was under way.

It was a long day. Keira was exhausted. She just wanted to sleep. 

Just then she remembered, she was meeting her friends. She wanted to go to a chilled out place. Hardly in the mood today. 

She came back. Slept for an hour. Soaked herself in the hot water with her favourite scents. 

Dressed casually in jeans and a bohemian shirt kaftan top. She looked relaxed . Her hair wind blown.

She actually did feel better. Seeing her friends her tiredness all vanished.

It was a beautiful evening and a gorgeous place. 

As they were reminiscing about their school days, they heard a familiar voice wishing them.

Ohh God! Not here again.

It was Azar and his friends.

Luckily this time they were more of them. So they didn’t join them.

Keira was suddenly very sleepy and tired after dinner. Hardly able to keep her eyes open.

Just as they were leaving.

Azar got up and came to her. He took Keira aside and said “ Please call me “. Quickly sharing his number he bade them goodbye.

Keira was still not ready.

She fell asleep.

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