Sunday, December 26, 2021


 Today sitting in solitude with my thoughts. Something beautiful came up in the deep recesses of my being. As I sipped my morning coffee, I truly felt “ It’s all in moments”. Sortie, joy, gratitude all. It’s all collected like beautiful pearls and string together in an exquisite piece of jewellery. We adorn it joyously . 

Are not moments just like those pearls? We gather them painstakingly. Some we leave in our album of memories, some strung together to line our beings. 

No moment ever comes back again. What we have lived and loved in that moment is held there. Rest is our wishful thinking . We keep longing to live it again. Alas! Sadly! That never happens. The moment might come, but never lived the same. 

Each moment live it like its the best. Time might not be the same, you might not be the same. Time never stays still. Change is inevitable and we change too. 

As we are getting ready to bid farewell to this year, a lot of mixed feelings re held within. Immense gratitude for what I have been blessed with and have been gifted.

There have been sorrowed moments, tearful thoughts too. In the end still there’s only gratitude what I feel.

He knows best what he gifts and what he takes.

Thankful to be given an opportunity to breathe again. 

Hopefully the best still awaits each 😊

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