Sunday, December 19, 2021

Marrakech calling

 Daria was very excited. She was leaving next morning for Marrakech . She was still at her cafe . Tying up all the last minute loose ends . She came home tired . Next morning was their flight . She finished her packing. Checking all the packages which had been unpacked from her trip. Suddenly she remembered those eyes which had stared back at her. She lost track of time. She quickly pulled herself back .

Next morning passed by in a haze . The day just flew. She just remembered being driven to her grandparents villa. Both of them standing at the entrance. She ran into their arms . Felt a ton of weight being lifted. Her mother came slowly . She was being helped by her favourite helper. It felt good to be back in Marrakech. The villa wore a festive air .

Some of her cousins had already come. Some were coming this evening. Daria had lunch and decided to rest before the evening. She was booked for a massage at her favourite spa. She came back just in time to get ready for the welcome dinner. The festivities were going to be kickstarted with the dinner.

She was excited to meet her cousins. It had been a while.she got dressed in her long kaftan dress. Specially made for this relaxing evening. It brought out her colour well. In shades of red, it complimented her .

She went down just as her mother was being helped into the chair . She made sure all was well with her. 

Then she was enveloped in warm hugs by her dear cousins, uncles and aunts . They were still waiting for their cousin, the groom to come. Just then there was a loud cheer in the air and the welcoming dance . She turned to see her cousin walking in and behind him walked a tall man, a striking personality. Just then Daria realised it was the stranger from the plane. Those same eyes which had been haunting her for the past week. This could not be happening.

Just then someone called out to Daria . Suddenly she found herself face to face with the stranger . Her cousin came to her then and enveloped her in a warm hug . “ Daria I would like you to meet my friend , Hadi”

Daria quickly wished him. They were summoned for dinner . The dinner was a loud affair . All excited to exchange notes . Daria took her coffee and  sat quietly near the fountain, he favourite spot . It had always relaxed and calmed her . 

She heard someone clearing his throat next to her. She looked up and saw Hadi . “ Can I join you if you don’t mind” . Daria nodded .

The music began and they were summoned for a dance.

Keep tuned in for more excitement!

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  1. Yeah! Vacation time💃💃 Its giving me butterflies in my stomach when I read Tall and handsome Hadi took an entry into Daria's hectic life🙈😍😊 Every moment and feelin is beautifully penned down🙌🏽
    very excited for upcoming sequels❤ All the best❣


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