Thursday, December 9, 2021

Friday Blessings

 A beautiful morning greets you joyfully. Forget your sorrows for awhile . Feel the cheer of the new day.

Each moment live the best. The moment will not be given again and you might not live it the same next time. Honour moments. Strive towards making life the best lived saga . Love yourself the most . Do not forget yourself in the bargain.

Respect yourself. Nurture your being . Smile and compliment “ You” . Each morning speak lovingly to yourself. Rid  your being of the phobias, the negativity, the fears you have held dear for years. You have sub consciously been holding space for them. De clutter your being . Give space to the new. 

The new living and loving “ You”.

It is always easy  to blame and find faults with another. Remember! We are all humans . Stop yourself for a while and think “ Instead if I can hold that being reverently” . Give space to grow into something beautifully imperfect. Imaging the outcome. “ What is perfect”?  We are made imperfect , different , unique . “ To Err is Human” . Then why do you seek for that shallow perfection? Enjoy the imperfect you. Beauty for me is the best imperfect me . The one I love dearly . I am immensely proud of that being. I was not sent to be perfect. I was sent to be kind, compassionate, loving , caring and being there for others

 That’s the version of me I hold dearest .

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Remember! Say this to yourself! “ P.S 😘I love you”

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  1. Lovelyyyy!! Impeccably written❤ by Queen of words❣❣🙌🏽


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