Monday, December 27, 2021

Daria Hopeful

 Daria woke up relaxed. It had been ages when she felt so rested. She was always scurrying around to get things done on time before she left to her cafe.

She went for her morning walk. Had breakfast in the garden with her grandparents. Her mother was meanwhile looked after and was getting ready for the day.

Just then her cousins came one by one. Amidst shouts, giggles and excited chatter, they decided to go to the souk. Daria loved to see their pottery. They all left together deciding to have lunch at one of the old cafés. 

Daria found an old quaint cafe . Done in rustic style . She sat by herself ordering her favourite coffee and enjoying the solitude . Her cousins were still shopping . Hadi walked in quietly . He found her and came to sit with her . They quickly exchanged pleasantries. They got so engrossed . Lost in their conversation. Totally lost into each other. Just then one of her cousins called out to her. They had a Christmas dinner tonight. A ritual which they had all missed . After years they would all be together. Looking forward to exchanging gifts under the Christmas tree .
They came home exhausted. Daria soaked herself in the scented warm water . She felt relaxed and dropped into the luxurious lap of slumber . Suddenly she heard a loud knock on her door . She composed herself and realised it was late. She quickly started getting dressed . Her grandad was very punctual. She wore a beautiful cream chantley long dress . Specially designed by her friend. Beautiful ruby tear drops decorated her ears . She looked beautiful, dreamy and glowing. 
She was the last one to enter the room. Her grandad looked at her pointedly. She apologised to him. He smiled and hugged her . His favourite grandchild . He longed to see her settled like the rest. 
They all exchanged gifts and were excited just like they used to be “Once upon. Time”.
Her grandad sat by her side and told her” My only wish is to see you settled” . She smiled.
Mistletoe was winking at her. She thought to herself “ would she be kissed under the mistletoe”? 
The band played out beautiful numbers. Hadi asked her for the first one. They kept dancing . Totally immersed into each other. Suddenly Hadi pulled her and took her under the mistletoe. He kissed her for long . He proposed to her . 
Daria was shocked . She had not thought at all. Hadi proposed to her . He had the ring ready too. Daria took it by asked for sometime.
She told him” Hadi this is too soon. I still need sometime”
She was giving back the ring to him. He said “ Keep the ring, when you are ready, let me know” 
“ Wear it for me then”.
He smiled and hugged her .
Daria stayed up late in the night thinking.

What do you think Daria is going to do?
Stay tuned for the excitement!😊

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