Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Daria at Bond Street

 Rania was waiting for Daria . They were meeting after almost a year . Daria, Rania and Zaina were best friends since years. Annually they met for their reunion . This year they decided to meet in London. Rania was based in London. Daria was happy to see her besties after almost a year . She missed them like crazy. Zaina was based in Turkey. Few days of bliss was signed for her ahead.

They quickly stopped at a cafe . Had a sumptuous English breakfast and went straight for shopping. The day flew. Daria ordered her outfits . She got 4 gorgeous ones . All in her favourite shades. Her footwear matched her outfits. She had accomplished a lot. Next 3 days were going to be fun all the way with her friends .

That night they had dinner at their favourite lounge. They were so exhausted that they straight away went to bed. Next morning they woke up a bit late. They were booked for their haircuts and spa day. It was a perfect day to relax. Evening they were out again. Rested and elated to be together. They say at an outdoor cafe . Enjoying themselves. Catching up with each other’s lives. 

The next few days they enjoyed the festivity and cheer . They were gearing up for Christmas. Last night they had dinner at their favourite restaurant. Sat up almost till midnight at their favourite cafe . Enjoying the tiny desserts and coffee.

Next morning they were heading back home.

On the flight Daria made lists of what had to be done before she left for Marrakech 

A tired sigh escaped her lips. She heard someone clearing his throat next to her. She had been so lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed anyone around. The flight luckily was not full. She was sitting by herself.

She looked up across the aisle. She looked into stunning shade of greenish grey eyes. The most beautiful shade ever seen by her. She felt his gaze rest on her .

Just then she heard the loud announcement coming through” Fasten your seatbelt’s. We will be landing shortly”

Daria could not forget those eyes . There was something about them. She reached home and got busy with her pending chores.

Stay tuned for more excitement. 

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