Monday, December 27, 2021

Daria Hopeful

 Daria woke up relaxed. It had been ages when she felt so rested. She was always scurrying around to get things done on time before she left to her cafe.

She went for her morning walk. Had breakfast in the garden with her grandparents. Her mother was meanwhile looked after and was getting ready for the day.

Just then her cousins came one by one. Amidst shouts, giggles and excited chatter, they decided to go to the souk. Daria loved to see their pottery. They all left together deciding to have lunch at one of the old cafΓ©s. 

Daria found an old quaint cafe . Done in rustic style . She sat by herself ordering her favourite coffee and enjoying the solitude . Her cousins were still shopping . Hadi walked in quietly . He found her and came to sit with her . They quickly exchanged pleasantries. They got so engrossed . Lost in their conversation. Totally lost into each other. Just then one of her cousins called out to her. They had a Christmas dinner tonight. A ritual which they had all missed . After years they would all be together. Looking forward to exchanging gifts under the Christmas tree .
They came home exhausted. Daria soaked herself in the scented warm water . She felt relaxed and dropped into the luxurious lap of slumber . Suddenly she heard a loud knock on her door . She composed herself and realised it was late. She quickly started getting dressed . Her grandad was very punctual. She wore a beautiful cream chantley long dress . Specially designed by her friend. Beautiful ruby tear drops decorated her ears . She looked beautiful, dreamy and glowing. 
She was the last one to enter the room. Her grandad looked at her pointedly. She apologised to him. He smiled and hugged her . His favourite grandchild . He longed to see her settled like the rest. 
They all exchanged gifts and were excited just like they used to be “Once upon. Time”.
Her grandad sat by her side and told her” My only wish is to see you settled” . She smiled.
Mistletoe was winking at her. She thought to herself “ would she be kissed under the mistletoe”? 
The band played out beautiful numbers. Hadi asked her for the first one. They kept dancing . Totally immersed into each other. Suddenly Hadi pulled her and took her under the mistletoe. He kissed her for long . He proposed to her . 
Daria was shocked . She had not thought at all. Hadi proposed to her . He had the ring ready too. Daria took it by asked for sometime.
She told him” Hadi this is too soon. I still need sometime”
She was giving back the ring to him. He said “ Keep the ring, when you are ready, let me know” 
“ Wear it for me then”.
He smiled and hugged her .
Daria stayed up late in the night thinking.

What do you think Daria is going to do?
Stay tuned for the excitement!😊

Sunday, December 26, 2021


 Today sitting in solitude with my thoughts. Something beautiful came up in the deep recesses of my being. As I sipped my morning coffee, I truly felt “ It’s all in moments”. Sortie, joy, gratitude all. It’s all collected like beautiful pearls and string together in an exquisite piece of jewellery. We adorn it joyously . 

Are not moments just like those pearls? We gather them painstakingly. Some we leave in our album of memories, some strung together to line our beings. 

No moment ever comes back again. What we have lived and loved in that moment is held there. Rest is our wishful thinking . We keep longing to live it again. Alas! Sadly! That never happens. The moment might come, but never lived the same. 

Each moment live it like its the best. Time might not be the same, you might not be the same. Time never stays still. Change is inevitable and we change too. 

As we are getting ready to bid farewell to this year, a lot of mixed feelings re held within. Immense gratitude for what I have been blessed with and have been gifted.

There have been sorrowed moments, tearful thoughts too. In the end still there’s only gratitude what I feel.

He knows best what he gifts and what he takes.

Thankful to be given an opportunity to breathe again. 

Hopefully the best still awaits each 😊

Friday, December 24, 2021

Listed for Santa

Dear Santa 

Today the world needs your gifts 🎁. Gift of love wrapped and trimmed in compassion filled paper tied with the ribbon of kindness.

Joy and cheerful spirit the need of the hour. Let the darkness of illnesses and despair be washed away. Let smiles, laughter be the order of the day.

Joy to the world really needed. Deck the thresholds with the cheerful boughs of holly . Let each wear the cloak of spirited joy.

Tears of each kept at bay. Let each heart know restiveness, calmness and immense love.

Heartfelt gratitude what we have been blessed with and hoping to be blessed with the best always.

Keep each blessed ,O’ dear lord in thy choicest blessings. 

Santa I hang my stocking tonight waiting to be filed by you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰.

Joy to the world!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Marrakech calling

 Daria was very excited. She was leaving next morning for Marrakech . She was still at her cafe . Tying up all the last minute loose ends . She came home tired . Next morning was their flight . She finished her packing. Checking all the packages which had been unpacked from her trip. Suddenly she remembered those eyes which had stared back at her. She lost track of time. She quickly pulled herself back .

Next morning passed by in a haze . The day just flew. She just remembered being driven to her grandparents villa. Both of them standing at the entrance. She ran into their arms . Felt a ton of weight being lifted. Her mother came slowly . She was being helped by her favourite helper. It felt good to be back in Marrakech. The villa wore a festive air .

Some of her cousins had already come. Some were coming this evening. Daria had lunch and decided to rest before the evening. She was booked for a massage at her favourite spa. She came back just in time to get ready for the welcome dinner. The festivities were going to be kickstarted with the dinner.

She was excited to meet her cousins. It had been a while.she got dressed in her long kaftan dress. Specially made for this relaxing evening. It brought out her colour well. In shades of red, it complimented her .

She went down just as her mother was being helped into the chair . She made sure all was well with her. 

Then she was enveloped in warm hugs by her dear cousins, uncles and aunts . They were still waiting for their cousin, the groom to come. Just then there was a loud cheer in the air and the welcoming dance . She turned to see her cousin walking in and behind him walked a tall man, a striking personality. Just then Daria realised it was the stranger from the plane. Those same eyes which had been haunting her for the past week. This could not be happening.

Just then someone called out to Daria . Suddenly she found herself face to face with the stranger . Her cousin came to her then and enveloped her in a warm hug . “ Daria I would like you to meet my friend , Hadi”

Daria quickly wished him. They were summoned for dinner . The dinner was a loud affair . All excited to exchange notes . Daria took her coffee and  sat quietly near the fountain, he favourite spot . It had always relaxed and calmed her . 

She heard someone clearing his throat next to her. She looked up and saw Hadi . “ Can I join you if you don’t mind” . Daria nodded .

The music began and they were summoned for a dance.

Keep tuned in for more excitement!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Daria at Bond Street

 Rania was waiting for Daria . They were meeting after almost a year . Daria, Rania and Zaina were best friends since years. Annually they met for their reunion . This year they decided to meet in London. Rania was based in London. Daria was happy to see her besties after almost a year . She missed them like crazy. Zaina was based in Turkey. Few days of bliss was signed for her ahead.

They quickly stopped at a cafe . Had a sumptuous English breakfast and went straight for shopping. The day flew. Daria ordered her outfits . She got 4 gorgeous ones . All in her favourite shades. Her footwear matched her outfits. She had accomplished a lot. Next 3 days were going to be fun all the way with her friends .

That night they had dinner at their favourite lounge. They were so exhausted that they straight away went to bed. Next morning they woke up a bit late. They were booked for their haircuts and spa day. It was a perfect day to relax. Evening they were out again. Rested and elated to be together. They say at an outdoor cafe . Enjoying themselves. Catching up with each other’s lives. 

The next few days they enjoyed the festivity and cheer . They were gearing up for Christmas. Last night they had dinner at their favourite restaurant. Sat up almost till midnight at their favourite cafe . Enjoying the tiny desserts and coffee.

Next morning they were heading back home.

On the flight Daria made lists of what had to be done before she left for Marrakech 

A tired sigh escaped her lips. She heard someone clearing his throat next to her. She had been so lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed anyone around. The flight luckily was not full. She was sitting by herself.

She looked up across the aisle. She looked into stunning shade of greenish grey eyes. The most beautiful shade ever seen by her. She felt his gaze rest on her .

Just then she heard the loud announcement coming through” Fasten your seatbelt’s. We will be landing shortly”

Daria could not forget those eyes . There was something about them. She reached home and got busy with her pending chores.

Stay tuned for more excitement. 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Friday Blessings

 A beautiful morning greets you joyfully. Forget your sorrows for awhile . Feel the cheer of the new day.

Each moment live the best. The moment will not be given again and you might not live it the same next time. Honour moments. Strive towards making life the best lived saga . Love yourself the most . Do not forget yourself in the bargain.

Respect yourself. Nurture your being . Smile and compliment “ You” . Each morning speak lovingly to yourself. Rid  your being of the phobias, the negativity, the fears you have held dear for years. You have sub consciously been holding space for them. De clutter your being . Give space to the new. 

The new living and loving “ You”.

It is always easy  to blame and find faults with another. Remember! We are all humans . Stop yourself for a while and think “ Instead if I can hold that being reverently” . Give space to grow into something beautifully imperfect. Imaging the outcome. “ What is perfect”?  We are made imperfect , different , unique . “ To Err is Human” . Then why do you seek for that shallow perfection? Enjoy the imperfect you. Beauty for me is the best imperfect me . The one I love dearly . I am immensely proud of that being. I was not sent to be perfect. I was sent to be kind, compassionate, loving , caring and being there for others

 That’s the version of me I hold dearest .

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Remember! Say this to yourself! “ P.S 😘I love you”

Saturday, December 4, 2021


 Lost in her thoughts, she sat by the trees. Daria looked up to see a beautiful rainbow lining the horizon . A sigh escaped her tired being. She had finished closing the coffee shop. Her means to her survival . A family business run by her . All her cousins and siblings had flown the nest. Her day started at the crack of dawn. She loved to indulge in the quiet moments . Bask in the solitude . Her mother did not keep too well. She was still sharp though. She read and wrote a bit . She helped her a little in the house . Somedays even to wake up and sit was a challenge for her weak being . 

Daria’s day after 10 ended in a blur . She whizzed through the day . Taking care of each minute detail. Came home around midnight. Just loved to sink into the softness of her bed. Sunday was one day, when she got help and took the entire day off . Saturday night she met her friends . Some nights just sat by the mountains and indulging in her writing . 

She loved those stolen moments . She had lost her father at a tender age . The responsibilities came and lanes on her young shoulders . It still did! Now she was more resilient. 

This year specially she looked forward to Christmas πŸŽ„. Her cousin was getting married at Marrakech . Her grandfather’s mansion . It was the perfect time of the year.The festivity called to all. All her cousins were gathering . After years they were all going to be together. A perfect family reunion . 

Daria was going to meet her designer and order some outfits . It had been long since she had bothered to even order some clothes . 

She smiled to herself and wondered “ Would this Christmas be any different “?

She was excited to be in Marrakech again. She loved her grandad . Enjoyed being treated favourably . She could switch off from work and responsibilities for awhile . Enjoy the vacation  and attention .

Not that she didn’t get the attention here. Here it was work, work and more work . There it was only rest. 

She had already started counting the days

Just then she heard someone calling out to her.

Time to get back to reality.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Hello frosted December

 Hello beautiful month

What does thou have in store for me?

My favourite month since my childhood. The month of joy, red and green cheer, jingles, candies all lining the air . The month of untold joy 🀩. There’s a certain festivity in the air . I still wait for Santa πŸŽ…. The aromas of fresh bakes and warm hues. Hugs in a cup, every night by the fireplace . Lost in the glow of the fireplace . Sitting in solitude with your poetic thoughts . Watching the flurries . The soft snow lining the threshold. 

Let’s hope we welcome a lot of positivity and warmth in our lives . 

Joy to the world . I’m waiting for Santa πŸŽ…. Time to jingle with your gifts 🎁. Thanks to Myntra , it feels like Christmas πŸŽ„ every day πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

Love, joy, positivity to line your hearts!

Deck the hearts with boughs of holly

Fa la la fa la ….fa la la la fa la 

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