Friday, October 1, 2021

Hello October

 There’s something mesmerising and alluring about October. Its colours and hues always adds exuberance to the spirit of surroundings. The tangerine hues, the burnished goldens and the flaming orange. The soft velvety bed of fallen maple leaves. The woodsy pine scents that waft the air. The cinnamon scent of buns and tea. The warmth around the freshly started fireplace. The cosy evenings . The birth of the cold starts slowly from here. The nip in the bud. The soft feel of the sweater against your cheek. After dinner sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate and your memories. Sometimes visited by nostalgia, at times by the tenderness of memories and by love. Cocooned in the positivity, the month greets us.

Some evenings sitting with the warm glow of the scented candle you feel the peace and tranquility. Each month comes with its own beauty. 

Pumpkin pies and carrot cakes to add to the colour around you. 

May each be enveloped in the warm glow of pumpkin spirits, autumn 🍂 love, warm hot chocolate tidings  and burnished golden warmth.

May your thresholds be enveloped in the best of the spirits of the month 😊

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