Sunday, October 31, 2021

Hello November

The month which teaches us consciously to practise gratitude . To be thankful for all the blessings, big or small. The month to share and care .

A quintessential of living sharing and caring . It’s my favourite time of the year because there’s a change in the weather . A slight nip in the bud. Long winter evenings ahead . Hopefully it will be the change in the world health weather too.

Looking forward to joyous tidings to fill each hearth . Keep your hearts extra warm, embrace mankind and spread the light of compassion, kindness and positivity .

Immense joy to be the mantra of the month.

Looking forward to more of fitness and meditation for me. A special mention for all the loving kind souls who love me and nurture my being . 

I like to thank each one of you who stand by me. My yoga friends, my poetry community, friends and family.

Each one of you are a blessing and I sincerely appreciate all of you for being a part of my journey!

Let’s spread, joy, love and compassion.

Take the world in your stride with πŸ’• love!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Romanticising life

 Hey you beautiful souls, believe. Believe! That each  thing you do through the day is fun. Kill the mundanity . Your morning comments, think about some time to yourself. Listen to your favourite song, or am inspirational talk. Just gaze out the window. Your morning coffee a total blissful beverage, waiting just for you, with open arms. 

The strangers you meet, plant a smile. 

There will always be something exciting in the day. Think of it. You will definitely find it. Even your trip to the supermarket, is actually a cutie little drive by yourself .

Listening to something soft on the way. Catching up with your phone calls. Just find the romance in your little tasks. See how the day transforms into something πŸ₯°.

Even your exercise routine is leaving you glowing and lighter. Think of how good you are going to be soon and can tuck into your favourite desserts without worrying about loading calories . I hope my yoga teacher doesn’t read this πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

Life is fun and smiling 😊.

Find the smile!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Date with my favourite cuisine

 It was a beautiful morning. Resplendent in monsoon showers. Then the sun came out smiling a little. The union of the monsoon and sun could not keep the bridesmaid away, so the clouds had to come. Walking down the cobbled streets, I enjoyed just being with my thoughts. I spotted my favourite restaurant called “ Sunnys” famous for Italian cuisine.

The decision was already made for me. Surprised pleasantly by my friend . We were all invited for a surprise lunch . It was a feast for the senses and the palete. 

We sat under the canopy of trees. The soft hushed tones of numerous conversations going on . We devoured the food. From pizzas, to the salads . Started with a generous helping of crusty bread with herb butter. 

The last but the best was awaited with a bated breath. 

The chocolate ganache with the almond pie. It was purely heaven! A must try!

To die for sums it better.

Being a chocolate person, I went straight to chocolate heaven. A haven for chocolate lovers.

It didn’t end with this.

We went for a little walk and then stopped by another open air cafe . Its known for “ Hot chocolate fudge” and other desserts.

All in all it was a chocolate day .

Enjoyed thoroughly by me.

Surreptitiously loading the calories.

Have a lovely day beautiful souls😊😊Mixed with the sweetness of chocolate 😊

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


 A beautiful morning starts with a positive mindset.  I start mine with a beautiful group of like minded souls like mine. We all gather half sleepy on our yoga mats . But after few breaths and exchange of words and joyous smiles, we are invigorated.

By the time we are slumped, panting and heaving, we have a new tide of energy running through us. The best part of my morning. The beautiful souls who add beauty to my day. Keeps me smiling till dusk . The joy of doing yoga in the morning . Gulping breaths of positivity and inviting good tidings .

For me its more fitness for my soul, spirit and mind😊. Blessed to have found such a beautiful group. 

The start to the day decides the rest of your day.

It sets the pulse.

Looking after yourself 

Loving yourself 

Validating yourself 

These are the quintessentials for you . Its not just having a healthy diet . It’s the inner health which is equally important.

We take out time to appreciate others. Compliment them, smile at them. Do you practice this with yourself.

Do not wait for others to do it. Nurture yourself , love yourself abundantly, like there’s no tomorrow.

“ Live in the moment”

I learnt this from my yoga practice.

The “ Now” is what you have.

The rest is your intention . Might be there or might not.

Follow your heart’s calling and honour your soul along the way.

Live life in the best way you want. 

The dictates of others will only leave you disappointed and dissatisfied.

Good Morning beautiful souls. Stay blessed always 😊😊

Monday, October 4, 2021


 The little treats of life add a whole lot of zest to our living. These little beauties keep you going. When we learn to look for them, they brighten our skies like little twinkling stars. On a dark night, its these little beauties which bring a smile 😊 to us.

The soft lulling calmness of an inky dark sky . The night sounds like a restive lullaby. The morning radiant sun which gives a spark of Hope every dawn. The petrichor, the monsoon , rainbow all add to it.

So much to see, so much to hold within. Then why thou worry O’ man?

Your morning cup of positivity brimming for you. Your favourite chocolates adding sweetness to your life. The loving smiles sent wholeheartedly to you, beautiful gifts of love. 

Gratitude for what has been , what is and what shall be.

Today I’m thankful and grateful each morning for the joy of breathing.

Just the simple act of it which taught me its actually not that simple.

Immensely blessed for the simple joys of life!

Keep smiling and have a blessed day and a week ahead 😊

Friday, October 1, 2021

Hello October

 There’s something mesmerising and alluring about October. Its colours and hues always adds exuberance to the spirit of surroundings. The tangerine hues, the burnished goldens and the flaming orange. The soft velvety bed of fallen maple leaves. The woodsy pine scents that waft the air. The cinnamon scent of buns and tea. The warmth around the freshly started fireplace. The cosy evenings . The birth of the cold starts slowly from here. The nip in the bud. The soft feel of the sweater against your cheek. After dinner sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate and your memories. Sometimes visited by nostalgia, at times by the tenderness of memories and by love. Cocooned in the positivity, the month greets us.

Some evenings sitting with the warm glow of the scented candle you feel the peace and tranquility. Each month comes with its own beauty. 

Pumpkin pies and carrot cakes to add to the colour around you. 

May each be enveloped in the warm glow of pumpkin spirits, autumn πŸ‚ love, warm hot chocolate tidings  and burnished golden warmth.

May your thresholds be enveloped in the best of the spirits of the month 😊

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...