Friday, September 10, 2021

Women in their 40’s

In their ripe age of 40, do women actually discover themselves . 

The journey till the 40’s is more of a trial and error. Moulded , compartmentalised and then the rebellious being emerges. 

Suddenly one fine day Dana realised, she didn’t want any of her old life. She went into a moody, sullen silence.

No! It was not menopausal!

It was just a rebellion from her inner being.

She was tired of being told from birth to her 40’s to do something in a certain way.

Suddenly one day she was bestowed the role of wife hood,followed without a pause into motherhood and the other various roles. 

Mind you. No journal, no manual, figure out on your own.

She started doing and breaking it.

At the threshold of 40, she realised she wanted a life just for her. Her likes, her dislikes, her joys and her sorrows.

Simple things as enjoying her day off. Doing what her heart felt like. Going out and enjoying herself with her friends. Sitting quietly in a cafe with a book . Enrolling for a hobby class. Booking herself for an exclusive Spa day. Fighting for just causes close to her heart. Dressing the way she liked. Staying fit according to her like. Wearing colours of her choice. Styling her wardrobe to her own desirable choice. Feeling good 😊 

A woman is reborn at 40!!!

When she started voicing her thoughts and her will to do something different, She was looked in shock.

She was told time and again in uncertain terms” Oh! You should see your doctor, you are getting menopausal”!

Ohh !God! Really 

Burst out Dana. 

Please kindly don’t put women in the stereotype compartments.

When she’s upset about something. Its the gud ole Pmsing .

If she has outbursts , ohhh must be the hormones.

Right! Emotions are sleeping throughout.

You give her multi tasking throughout her life and expect her to excel at each .

Women know their mind. They develop a power of assertion. They learn to vocalise their feelings. For once they are thinking beyond cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping.

They learn to look proudly in the mirror of life .

Their reflection smiles back. They start taking care of their neglected selves sacrificed at the altar of taking care of others. 

Women in 40’s are a force to reckon with.

Don’t sign them off. They take this long to ferment in their beliefs and goals.

Their maturity reaches new zenith .

Before you sign a woman off saying she’s menopausal, how about looking at her a little differently.

To all the gorgeous women in their 40’s, this goes out to each one of you! You are the best!

Follow your heart’s desire.

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