Saturday, September 11, 2021

Red doorway to happiness

 Aytan felt refreshed after a long time. She felt light and happy. She was invited to Myra’s for bbq and spend the day . The day had turned cloudy and beautiful. Perfect day to be outdoor .

She was just finishing her salad dressing, she had promised to take it over to Myra’s. Just then her phone rang. She was sending a silent prayer up there. “ Please let it not be work”. She hesitatingly answered the phone. It was from her favourite spa . She kept thinking, had she by mistake booked herself for something. It was a delightful surprise from her dear friends . She was booked for a complete body massage. She was thrilled. 

She still had time before the part kicked in. It was starting at 4. She quickly went for her appointment. On the way making quick calls to her besties and thanking them. 

After 2 hours, Aytan felt totally relaxed and on top of the world . She loved every moment of it . She came back home and had just enough time to get dressed and go to Myra.

She donned a lemon yellow summer dress. She had been wanting to wear it since a long time. She did her hair in lazy wind blown curls . Her make up was light. Pearl drops sat daintily on her ear lobes.

She was especially feeling relaxed and happy after a long time. The party had started when she got there. Helping her friends do the finishing touches to the quick bites.

Her son looked very happy . 

She was standing by the pool, when suddenly she heard a deep voice in her ear . She quickly turned . Looking into beautiful, tawny eyes. It was Sumer . Last night it was too dark at the lounge to make out the colour of his eyes .

They spoke for a while. Lost in their own world . Oblivious to everything around. Her besties exchanged glances and had a mischievous smile .

When Aytan was alone. They wanted to know everything.

She said” Relax! We are just friends”

They both shrugged their shoulders and answered in unison” We did not say anything “.

Aytan answered” Yeah ! Right !

The party was in full swing . It was relaxing. It was a long weekend. Everyone was off the next day . It wrapped at midnight.

Sumer stayed till the end to clean up.

He sat with Aytan for sometime with their midnight coffees.

He left and promised to call Aytan the next day.

They were all meeting for Sunday brunch and outdoor games at a beautiful countryside farm.

After a long time Aytan was whistling under her breath. Her eyes sparkled. There was a soft glow about her.

Would finally a new door open for her?

Stay tuned for more excitement in the coming weeks.

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