Monday, September 20, 2021


 I came across this word and instantly found myself being drawn to it. As I was reading, the writer in me started getting excited . Such a relatable word .

Every morning consciously practice this . Make a mental checklist of how your yesterday was. There might have been something joyous even if it was like any other . 

In our everyday lives, we will always found those tiny, cute hidden little joys . We just have to feel them. We are so busy focusing on the larger picture our little joys almost her missed 😊.

It could just be some “ Me time”. Catching up on your pending chores ( likeable ones). Meeting some friends . Just being by yourself and enjoying the solitude. Could be a simple self care routine. Indulging in your hobby. Catching up on a good read . Spending quality time out in the open, amidst nature. Just enjoying the day.

Helping out someone . Being a sound box for a troubled soul. Just lending your joyous smile 😊. 

So many little tiny joys tucked away like little elves. Who meet us just like them. Catching us unawares and then making themselves invisible 😊

Have a lovely day ahead beautiful souls😊

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