Thursday, September 2, 2021

A beautiful day

 I sent out immense gratitude into the universe this morning. I woke up to a beautiful, rain washed Dawn. 

I opened my window and found nature being rain kissed. The cleaning leaves, the raindrops on buds and delicately resting on petals. 

It was perfect for my morning yoga. After a lovely practice and feeling energised. I rested a whole out in the open . Just listening to sounds of nature.

For once I did not go for my coffee ☕️ immediately. A habit with me. A ritual of sorts. I just sat lost in my thoughts. The restiveness, calm was so therapeutic.

When nature can truly cure us? What do we really need?

But unfortunately we are always so pressured and pressed for time, where do we bask in this silence?

I always remember Robert Frost’s poem

 I have miles to go 

Roads to travel

But today I decided to truly rest a while in the lap of nature😊

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