Monday, August 16, 2021

Power of the Spoken


In every war, why are women treated as easy assets . They are not assets to be liberally distributed as and when pleased.

History is witness to countless wars, civil wars, take overs where women have been exploited . Without their will, they are treated with the least expected courtesy and politeness. 

Brutally abused, tortured, assaulted, the after math of spoils of war . Today again, they are being treated to the same . Where have we truly progressed to?

Human rights, does it really work?

The silence of the quiet resounds and haunts deep within each. Yet each stand at the crux of civilisation, helpless, feeling of hopelessness runs deep within.

How can you so casually just start distributing them amongst the victors as spoils of war? How?

Girls as young as 12. How can we sit quiet and witness this horrifying acts. 

For Gods Sake” Spoils of war”!

Which century are we living in? 

Progress and Development is it just a make believe institution?

Women have always unfortunately since time immemorial been easiest to manipulate, manoeuvre them any which way you like. 

Shouldn’t there be basic ground rules for women. Their rights protected even if there’s a revolution . If another country takes Over, Shouldn’t their safety be paramount .

Plagued by the present day situation rampant in the world.

Truly wondering what have we progressed towards,

Progressed or Regressed?

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