Monday, August 2, 2021

Imagine the Power of Kindness

 Leila was 21, but life had put too much of burden on her tender shoulders. Her mother was the bread winner of the family. Leila helped her by supplementing the income and looking after her young siblings. She had lost her father at a young age. 

Life’s trials and tribulations never seemed to end for Leila. When her friends were enjoying life, she was burdened with the life’s numerous responsibilities. Always smiling and carrying out. But today, she was too just tired. Exhausted and despaired. She felt broken. Misunderstood absolutely. She found her passion dying for her career. 
She watched the little children playing in the park and suddenly memories of her happy childhood flashed past. The days of joy when her father was alive. That was the last she remembered being wholly, soulfully joyous. 
Suddenly it was all too much for her . She burst into tears. A dam of sorrow being unleashed.

She was lost in her world of misery. She felt a withered old hand touching her hand quietly. Comforting her, reassuring her. She found herself in a comforting warm hug. The scent of her grandma teased her once again. 

After she composed herself. She looked up and found a sweet, smiling warm face greeting her. The warm brown gaze caressed her lovingly. Leila found herself talking endlessly to this kind soul.

After that day, Leila felt a new confidence. A new resilience to mark her being. She found her old self again.
She still remembered her guardian angel who had helped her that day.

The act of kindness was what? What had that kind soul done? Just been there for her. Just held her when she needed it the most.

Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Just be there for another selflessly. Then watch the power of kindness.
Have a great day ahead.

Hope we can practice these little acts of kindness.

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