Tuesday, August 31, 2021


 I came across this beautiful Japanese word last night. Something about it, compelled the writer in me to pen few lines. 

I visualised it in how aptly it describes life. When we are surrounded in the thick of things. A dark foliage of darkness. Mossy thoughts, murky feelings. Swamped in the quicksand of negativity. There’s sometimes no respite. There’s no soul in this world, Who has not known inexplicable pain. Life is a challenge, a continuous test. Yet the beauty is to fight it . To emerge a winner. Stay triumphant in your achievements.

This word made me visualise the sunshine. The beautiful, softness of rays. The gentle touch of it on my being. I discovered that sunshine my writing. My poems a constant ray of sparkling  hope.

Each morning when I write my poems, it gives me the same joy of basking in fresh ,glimmering , glistening sun’s rays.

The other thing which keeps me going is being there for others. When a despaired soul calls out to you in his or her time of need. Just lending your presence.

A tiny part of me left in each’s heart, soul and spirit.

A legacy like the rays of sunshine,

I would love to leave,

In each’s midst,

Long after I am gone!

Monday, August 23, 2021


 All the beautiful colours of nature are so therapeutic by themselves. What more do we truly need? Surrounded in their colourful midst, so calming and restive.

Sitting by myself this morning. I just looked around and only found cheerful tidings from nature. Leaving me with a smile . A deep sense of gratitude , keeps me going. 

Truly blessed and feel immensely grateful 😊

Monday, August 16, 2021

Power of the Spoken


In every war, why are women treated as easy assets . They are not assets to be liberally distributed as and when pleased.

History is witness to countless wars, civil wars, take overs where women have been exploited . Without their will, they are treated with the least expected courtesy and politeness. 

Brutally abused, tortured, assaulted, the after math of spoils of war . Today again, they are being treated to the same . Where have we truly progressed to?

Human rights, does it really work?

The silence of the quiet resounds and haunts deep within each. Yet each stand at the crux of civilisation, helpless, feeling of hopelessness runs deep within.

How can you so casually just start distributing them amongst the victors as spoils of war? How?

Girls as young as 12. How can we sit quiet and witness this horrifying acts. 

For Gods Sake” Spoils of war”!

Which century are we living in? 

Progress and Development is it just a make believe institution?

Women have always unfortunately since time immemorial been easiest to manipulate, manoeuvre them any which way you like. 

Shouldn’t there be basic ground rules for women. Their rights protected even if there’s a revolution . If another country takes Over, Shouldn’t their safety be paramount .

Plagued by the present day situation rampant in the world.

Truly wondering what have we progressed towards,

Progressed or Regressed?

Saturday, August 14, 2021



Freedom in your truest being . In your expression, thought, form . Free in every expression of thought.

Revel in your independence which is governed by your thoughts and spirit. Independent of other’s opinions and judgment. Following what your heart desires. Your being’s calling . Your soul voice. Listen to it. Honour it. 

Truest freedom is expressed then wholly.

Thursday, August 12, 2021


 Time and again women are put into different moulds. Judged mercilessly.

The various roles ,she’s expected to play flawlessly.

A woman who’s running pillar to post managing things is bound to neglect herself. Yet! She’s expected to be well groomed, look beautiful, maintain a beautiful house and take care of everyone else.

She’s a human. She is going to have flaws. There are days, she might not even look herself. Days she might just want to shut  herself out. Yet! We do not refrain from putting tremendous pressure.

She has to be well versed in everything. Why  her?

Why only the pressure on women to always look good . Keep their weight off. Balance each role to perfection.

Why? Why?

She’s judged on the basis of colour, weight, her abilities and her emotions.

Why do we always have to sit on the throne of judgment?

Why cannot we sit on the ground of humility and question her in the soft tone of compassion?

Women have today learnt to unite and do away with the labels.

Each one out there is beautiful in her own way and has a right to be appreciated for what she is.


This goes out to all the wonderful women out there.

Though it’s not Women’s day, Yet , I believe that every day is our day. Without women the world would be a joyless place to live in.

Revel in your being. Do not  let anyone take that from you whatsoever.

Monday, August 9, 2021


 Trudging through the path of life. Some paths were rocky, some smooth. Leila would take a breath . While catching a breath, she would always muster a smile. Her motto” Keep smiling” half the sorrows will flee. 

Sitting by herself in a cage, with her hot cup of cappuccino, she thought” Serenity brings a lot of answers to the forefront”! As she was waiting for her friends to join her, she started gathering her thoughts. All her moments of patience, when otherwise she could have been spitting mad. In the face of turmoil, her optimistic frame of mind. How they had silently supported her throughout.

Life is short . Life is lived a once . When you are taking your last breath, what would you like to remember about life?

The beautiful moments spent amidst cheer or the morose ones. Just then her reason for joy were walking towards her. Time to make some new memories and gather more joyous moments .

We only have one life. Hating to sound cliche, but that’s the eternal truth. Live to your best potential. Enjoy each moment.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Imagine the Power of Kindness

 Leila was 21, but life had put too much of burden on her tender shoulders. Her mother was the bread winner of the family. Leila helped her by supplementing the income and looking after her young siblings. She had lost her father at a young age. 

Life’s trials and tribulations never seemed to end for Leila. When her friends were enjoying life, she was burdened with the life’s numerous responsibilities. Always smiling and carrying out. But today, she was too just tired. Exhausted and despaired. She felt broken. Misunderstood absolutely. She found her passion dying for her career. 
She watched the little children playing in the park and suddenly memories of her happy childhood flashed past. The days of joy when her father was alive. That was the last she remembered being wholly, soulfully joyous. 
Suddenly it was all too much for her . She burst into tears. A dam of sorrow being unleashed.

She was lost in her world of misery. She felt a withered old hand touching her hand quietly. Comforting her, reassuring her. She found herself in a comforting warm hug. The scent of her grandma teased her once again. 

After she composed herself. She looked up and found a sweet, smiling warm face greeting her. The warm brown gaze caressed her lovingly. Leila found herself talking endlessly to this kind soul.

After that day, Leila felt a new confidence. A new resilience to mark her being. She found her old self again.
She still remembered her guardian angel who had helped her that day.

The act of kindness was what? What had that kind soul done? Just been there for her. Just held her when she needed it the most.

Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Just be there for another selflessly. Then watch the power of kindness.
Have a great day ahead.

Hope we can practice these little acts of kindness.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ode to Friendship!

 A beautiful new month greets us anew. What better way to welcome it by paying ode to the most precious, beautiful, heartfelt, honest relationship.

The best parts of life are usually spent during school and college . Those beautiful ,carefree days remind you of what we had experienced. 

Free and joyous. This month starts by paying ode to that day. 

Friends are always by your side. Anytime you need them, they stand true to their word. They are your counsellors, partners in crime, your fun buddies and your sound box.

I still remember those fun moments back from school and college. Sharing our lunch boxes. Playing pranks on each other. Sneaking out and going for a drive. Bunking classes at times. So many fun filled moments, still stored in the treasure trove of memories.

Today also when we meet and go out, we end up laughing silly. Cracking jokes, laughing at our own fiascos. It’s so refreshing and invigorating.

It’s rightfully said “ If you are blessed with good friends, then you are truly blessed”!

I have found some wonderful souls in my poetry community too. I’m immensely grateful to them for supporting me at all times.

I have always been lucky to have some wonderful friends supporting me at all times.

I wish pleasant and joyful tidings to each for this coming month.

May we all have something to smile about each Dawn!

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

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