Monday, July 5, 2021

Shades of love

This one word can work wonders or destroy someone completely .

It can take you to heights of Euphoria or leave you completely in despair.

It sneaks up on you or sneaks out .

Yet if understood fully, it encompasses a beautiful universe within its four lettered boundary.

The need for the purity and honesty of this emotion somehow lost in today’s world.

In the journey of life, needed the most.

Where can compassion come if humility sustain if it’s not accompanied by love.

Love cannot be blamed, if it’s being misused by mankind.

It’s still pure and wholesome.

Keep it beautiful devoid of deceit and then see how magically it works .

How beautiful your journey transforms and starts unfolding .

I always believe the emotion is not to be blamed, it’s the circumstances related to it.

Each’s experience and expectations vary in life.

When those are not matched, then the bitterness creeps in.

We are so lost in our worlds, we do not want to make those little adjustments at times.

Judgments, comparisons spoil it further.

Yet love somehow manages to conquer all. 

Love and it’s shades. It’s sometimes the unseen and unspoken which tends to be the most honest.

Shown in different and unique ways.

Simple questions,

Are you feeling okay? When you are in throes of despair.

When your voice can make the other person ask.

When something small also is taken up for you.

When you can voice your most inner fears.

When you are in trouble, anxious, the first person that comes to your mind.

The 3 am person you can vent it out to.

Love comes in many 

Cherish and rejoice in it.

When you find it, keep it close.

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