Friday, July 9, 2021


My English, Urdu spoken word . “ Aham” meaning important.

Importance of being important

Never knew I

Did I feel I was important?

Ever to thee 

Wondered I 

Then my being whispered 

Important you are,

To us 

Us ?

Asked I?

Your body,




All long for thee!

I realised the importance of truly being important to myself. Once I discovered that magical feeling, I always felt the magic deep within me.

Then why do I seek for outside validation at all?

Now it’s just my being which is my “ Be All and End All”!

Do what makes you happy!

What gives you immense joy to walk this planet?

What makes your soul sing, truly sing!

Once you find all these answers, you will truly be a different being .

Beautiful in the knowledge of being enough .

Have a lovely day beautiful souls.

The weather at my end is truly breathtaking and beautiful.

A bit stormy , a bit cloudy ,

It stands in attendance 😊😊

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