Saturday, July 3, 2021

Finding your moments of peace!

Vacations have become a challenge for many.

Then how do you create your own little special moments. Moments of getaway.

Create it.

Weave your magical moments.

A quiet morning is as meditative as the best pranayama.

Deep in thoughts, restive and assuring.

My favourite time of the day, of course without  my gud ole cup of cappuccino, it’s truly incomplete.

My inspiration for my poetic thoughts, all come usually at this beautiful, peaceful hour.

Lost in the world of phrases and words, I sit wrapped deeply in their warm embrace.

Go for a long drive.

Disconnect with everything for sometime, including your phone.

Pick up your coffee and watch the sunset. 

Enjoy the Dusk.

The quiet, the calm, it’s invigorating.

Setting some time for yourself is very important.

Read a book.

Do something special for yourself.

Finding a wood in the cabins might not be so easy. 

In the easy find your joy.

Be out on your own and see the magic.

I usually set out for a long drive by myself, doing my chores and yet giving myself a break as well.

It works magically on my mood.

Have fun in what you are doing 😀😀.

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