Sunday, July 25, 2021

Staying Positive!


Truly what a powerful word! 

There are various times in life that it is the hardest to muster and bring to the forefront. Constantly badgered by criticism, cynicism and negativity, through the journey of life . This one word does immense magic.

How easily we hug the negativity ?. keep replaying it in our minds . 

But instead if we consciously expel that and just think of the positivity in and around us. We will all be much happier beings.

There are very few in today’s world who will genuinely appreciate you or love you for what you are. The others will always be quick to point out your numerous faults.

Just sit for a moment and think. Where are they coming from? Are they perfect? Flawless! Devoid of any faults.

Unfortunately or fortunately for you, they are not.

Then why should we bother about their opinion of us. It truly doesn’t matter.

Start counting your blessings. All the positive things. How you can think about doing something better?

If you start giving in to them, they will always have more power over you.

Never give your power so easily.

You are a strong being. Differently made! Unique!

Then how will another know you so well, to judge you?

It’s their perception of you. Which necessarily does not have to be right. 

So enjoy your being!

Positivity the mantra of life!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Memories with Grandma

 The lovely moments spent with my grandma . The pampering I received from her .

I still remember her favourite de-tan remedies. Her appalled  look when I came back tanned from my matches Weary and tired, I would come back and collapse .

She would come with her remedies. Dearly  putting my head in her lap and massaging all the remedies surreptitiously into my skin. 

She would say” Isse Tan jaata”!

And then one after the other , over the years , I would be treated to so many.

Today seeing my skin, I owe it all to my grandma.

For years my face wash ,was gram flour( besan), neem, orange peels dried and powdered.

Sitting majestically in my washroom counter.

My hair oil was made with Almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil with curry leaves and methi seeds.

So many things . 

In winter she would just put cream( malai) on my face .

Naturally hydrating my skin . It would feel heavenly after that .

She was a pro in using all the natural ingredients right from the kitchen .

Summer time ! She would make all the seasonal juices. Specially her false juice .Saying “ Nourishment from within is also equally important for the skin”! 

Which is so true.

I follow her best skin remedy which nourishes the skin

“ A cucumber a day”!

Keeps your skin radiant and glowing.

She would end it saying “ Keep smiling”!

Keep stress at bay.

Life is short , so do what your heart wants you to do always”!

Listen to the dictates of your heart ❤️ 

A vivacious persona, she carried at all times .

Reminded by my dear aunt about her home made Kajal with castor oil. Every morning lining her almond shaped eyes. She would so  sweetly give it to all the Kajal lovers .

“ Miss her warmth!

Miss her remedies.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


 When I was growing up, simplicity ruled our lives. We found our joys in everyday simplicity. Enjoying our walks out in the open. Playing joyously. Carefree and spirited.

Meeting our cousins. Spending quality time . Enjoying the corn when it would be pouring . Getting drenched then having Dinshaw ice-cream. 

To meet our loved ones would be the highlight . Weddings and functions were a highlight . We would be getting a lot of time together . 

Every season has its treats . The specialities of the city ruled it. We never thought of materialistic things . Just what planted a smile on our hearts, beings and souls.

Where did those golden days disappear? Vanished without a trace.

Now I sit lost in the concrete jungle , absolutely lost!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Morning Motivation

 Some mornings its  such a challenge to find something positive in the day. Consciously I have made it a habit to look deeply into the day .

Surprisingly I found more than one thing to look forward to .

I came across a lovely insight, if through your the year we looked , we would have more than 365 things to be joyful about . That is consciously realised.

Subconsciously there might be so many more.

It made me really look forward to little joys and positivity induced acts. 

It really calms me to think we have so much already to be grateful for, gratitude practiced every moment.

Such a beautiful way to practice gratitude πŸ™.

Count our little blessings and spread the joy 😊

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Classically Classy

 I thought of this when I came across a write up on designer, branded wear . Labels , signature styles so forth and so on.

What is being classy?

Is it just being draped and adorned in those labels is termed classy?

Classy should run deep into your soul, in your heart in every feeling.

Helping someone in need quietly.

By doing a kind deed .

Adorn your self in unseen labels of compassion, humility and kindness.

When you are seen by the world , let them see you in the label of kindness worn exclusively by you.

Let your being be stitched in designer threads of compassion made exclusively by you.

Your own signature label.

Let the world see you adorned in the best threads sewn by humility, intertwined and interwoven by soulful diction.

A beautiful signature being remembered for long in the humanitarian world.

Classy in my soul,

I long to be remembered,

Classically soulful,

In all my being!


A rain soaked morning

 Woke up to a beautiful Sunday rain soaked morning. 

The gentle sounds of nature and the cloudy smile woke me up with a smile of my own.

Today is a totally no agenda day.

Soaking up to the gentle rain soaked morning and enjoying the lovely wet moments .

The steady beat of rain on my window pane, an inspiration for me to write something spontaneous and heartfelt.

Rarely did I ever sit and enjoy a morning like this, today I took the opportunity and to just watch nature.

So calming and peaceful.

Making me realise to just take a break and let the day unfold .

Take the day in its stride.

Good Morning beautiful souls .

Enjoy the day!

Friday, July 9, 2021


My English, Urdu spoken word . “ Aham” meaning important.

Importance of being important

Never knew I

Did I feel I was important?

Ever to thee 

Wondered I 

Then my being whispered 

Important you are,

To us 

Us ?

Asked I?

Your body,




All long for thee!

I realised the importance of truly being important to myself. Once I discovered that magical feeling, I always felt the magic deep within me.

Then why do I seek for outside validation at all?

Now it’s just my being which is my “ Be All and End All”!

Do what makes you happy!

What gives you immense joy to walk this planet?

What makes your soul sing, truly sing!

Once you find all these answers, you will truly be a different being .

Beautiful in the knowledge of being enough .

Have a lovely day beautiful souls.

The weather at my end is truly breathtaking and beautiful.

A bit stormy , a bit cloudy ,

It stands in attendance 😊😊

Monday, July 5, 2021

Shades of love

This one word can work wonders or destroy someone completely .

It can take you to heights of Euphoria or leave you completely in despair.

It sneaks up on you or sneaks out .

Yet if understood fully, it encompasses a beautiful universe within its four lettered boundary.

The need for the purity and honesty of this emotion somehow lost in today’s world.

In the journey of life, needed the most.

Where can compassion come if humility sustain if it’s not accompanied by love.

Love cannot be blamed, if it’s being misused by mankind.

It’s still pure and wholesome.

Keep it beautiful devoid of deceit and then see how magically it works .

How beautiful your journey transforms and starts unfolding .

I always believe the emotion is not to be blamed, it’s the circumstances related to it.

Each’s experience and expectations vary in life.

When those are not matched, then the bitterness creeps in.

We are so lost in our worlds, we do not want to make those little adjustments at times.

Judgments, comparisons spoil it further.

Yet love somehow manages to conquer all. 

Love and it’s shades. It’s sometimes the unseen and unspoken which tends to be the most honest.

Shown in different and unique ways.

Simple questions,

Are you feeling okay? When you are in throes of despair.

When your voice can make the other person ask.

When something small also is taken up for you.

When you can voice your most inner fears.

When you are in trouble, anxious, the first person that comes to your mind.

The 3 am person you can vent it out to.

Love comes in many 

Cherish and rejoice in it.

When you find it, keep it close.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Finding your moments of peace!

Vacations have become a challenge for many.

Then how do you create your own little special moments. Moments of getaway.

Create it.

Weave your magical moments.

A quiet morning is as meditative as the best pranayama.

Deep in thoughts, restive and assuring.

My favourite time of the day, of course without  my gud ole cup of cappuccino, it’s truly incomplete.

My inspiration for my poetic thoughts, all come usually at this beautiful, peaceful hour.

Lost in the world of phrases and words, I sit wrapped deeply in their warm embrace.

Go for a long drive.

Disconnect with everything for sometime, including your phone.

Pick up your coffee and watch the sunset. 

Enjoy the Dusk.

The quiet, the calm, it’s invigorating.

Setting some time for yourself is very important.

Read a book.

Do something special for yourself.

Finding a wood in the cabins might not be so easy. 

In the easy find your joy.

Be out on your own and see the magic.

I usually set out for a long drive by myself, doing my chores and yet giving myself a break as well.

It works magically on my mood.

Have fun in what you are doing πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

Friday, July 2, 2021

My most loved things!

 The first moments when you wake up, and realise you can sleep for some more timeπŸ˜€.

Sometimes my energy levels are in a crazy mood, so they take me to the park for a long walk.

At times I’m found on my yoga mat.

A beautiful cloudy morning on the weekend. When you have nothing planned. Suddenly your friends plan a drive and coffee meet.

When I indulge in retail therapy πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Getting my favourites.

Some evenings sitting quietly by the window and hearing the sounds of nature. In all its glory and magnificence!

The quiet drizzle of the rain on my window pane.

An impulsive spa day πŸ˜€.

My favourite is my morning solitude with my steaming cup of cappuccino☕️.

When I taste my favourite dessert or my chocolate, after a  long time.

The first taste . I just love πŸ’• the feeling.

Sudden coffee dates with my besties or dinners.

A late night drive with my favourite soothing numbers playing.

And the best is an out of town  getaway with them.

Fun with my cousins when they visit me.

Our sudden little fun trips!

It’s  absolute bliss 😊😊

I sound pretty simple right πŸ˜‰.

Have a lovely day beautiful souls out there.

Love each moment, cherish it.

My favourite line” Nothing is promised to us, All we have is now”

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