Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Poetry and it’s effect on emotions!

It was a very enriching experience speaking of poetry and it’s effect on emotions. I never paid much attention to this when I penned my poems.I would just go by my moods and the flow of it. 

When I consciously say down and thought of it, it actually plays a very important role. 

The other day I was attend cartoon picture Prompt. As I started writing, so many of my childhood memories came surfing up. Long forgotten!

So many which I had never remembered for so many years. Effortlessly pulled out from the treasure chest of memories. 

It was so nostalgic to visit them. Along with that Came some more. 

Poetry does a play a very vital role!

I have discussed it in the episode above and pasted the link too. 

Have a lovely day ahead 😊

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