Saturday, June 19, 2021

Memories With my Dad

Each year the memories come back stronger. All the beautiful years and moments spent in your company.
I hold it dearly in the album of my life!

When I turn the pages ,
Each comes back,
More stronger!
Than Ever!
So much!
That separates us!
Dear Dad!
But your presence!
Is always felt!
Every living Moment!

Today when I see where I have come to.My passion of writing and reading all inculcated by you.
Every night you read bed time stories to me. Still remember the twinkle in your eye! The laughter! The patience with which you read to me!
I miss so many of those moments!
Sometimes I long to sit and read out my poems to you.
Wonder what you would have thought of them!
But I know deep down you must be reading them from up there!
I always hold the values dearly which you instilled in us.
Held like a legacy by each one of us.
Till we meet again.

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