Monday, June 28, 2021

Cyra’s coffee thoughts

  Cyra grew tired . Day in and day out. She was falling into a rut. She wanted to do something with her life. Her life did not revolve only in being domesticated . She was growing into a bitter frustration.

One morning she just left everything and took herself for coffee. She wanted to get away from the usual.

She impulsively joined a book reading group. Enjoyed herself thoroughly. They planned to do a poem reading session too. 

She sat with her thoughts and coffee thinking of what she had envisaged of life.

Was she just getting into a rut. Had she forgotten herself?

Only taking care of others.

She realised finally . She had to think of where wanted too.

Mostly after a time we put ourselves into a timetable. From morning to night all planned. Spontaneity takes a backseat .

If you want to honour yourself . Learn to take out time for yourself. 

Meet your friends over coffee or meals. Plan a fun shopping trip. Indulge in a hobby . You are more . You are just not a wife or a mother . 

Your are “ You”!

What are you doing for the” You”.

We are so conditioned to put our priorities before us.

Are you a “ Priority”!

Have you put yourself on the top.

Sadly most of the time it will be a no.

Sometimes you just need to be out. Take yourself for a drive. Treat yourself to your favourite thing. But something you have been longing to. Feel good! 

Dress up . Feel good factor goes a long way in keeping you happy. You need time away from the family too. Do not feel guilty about it.

You owe yourself that.

Cyra found hers. She was a much happier person after she realised it. She made excellent like minded friends. Once a week she dropped everything and gave time to herself.

Are you ready to do that 😊


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