Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cinnamon Tales!

 Granny Brown was the sweet little granny we all always envisaged. She lived in a cute little cottage with red gabled roof. A garden of fragrance and warmth greeted us. She was proud of her little garden, taken care by her exclusively.

She lived down the road . It was called the bakers paradise by us. We were always welcomed with warm arms and warmer aromas wafting from her kitchen.

There was never a visit of ours, when we were not fed with her baked delicacies. We were greeted with cool ginger ale on a hit summer afternoon and yummy treats. She kept us entertained in her cool drawing room with stories of what had been in her youth.

She was our favourite!

After years today I still think of her fondly and miss her immensely.

Easter and Christmas was always special with granny Brown. We were greeted with cute little gifts, her love , warmth and our favourite cup cakes. 

She would make us special chocolates too.

How I miss those days when we sat with her and enjoyed our carefree moments!

Today I just remember all that and smile for what I have experienced!

Glad to have been gifted those beautiful memories!

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