Thursday, May 6, 2021

Velvet River

 It was a beautiful morning. Tara woke up to excited chatter around her . She longed to sleep more but unfortunately the noise wouldn’t let her. She resigned to her fate. She woke a bit grumpy . Longing for her huge mug of cappuccino. The thought of it, instantly brightening her. It always managed to cheer her up! No matter whatever the day or mood. Her coffee ☕️ always cheered her up.

She got dressed and went down . Gearing up for the questions ahead.

Starting with her eldest aunt” Tara shaadi kab karogi”? 

Ohh no grunted Tara . Here comes the shaadi nuclear attack!

Then it went full blown . She was tossed around like a ball, being asked the same question. Finally she escaped with her friend out.

She came home in the evening. All excited about going to the river and doing some water sports there.

For once Tara was excited too. 

Next morning they set out early. Amidst singing and dancing in the bus. Thank God the shaadi nuclear attack was forgotten.

The day unfolded beautifully. Tara and 2 of her cousins went for river rafting. Half way through the rapids became intense and Tara was tossed . She landed near the sand, just missing the rock.

Lost now. She had no idea where she was.

Suddenly she heard some voices. She saw a life guard with a group of children explaining about the pros and cons.

He came towards Tara.

Something about him made Tara keep looking at him.

He cleared his throat and repeated the question again.

Tara suddenly blinked and explained the situation.

He offered to help Tara.

Along with the children they reached where everyone was waiting. He handed the children to their parents.

Then walked Tara to her anxiously waiting family.

They were so happy to see her. 

Jay had to introduce himself. He was treated like a hero. Invited home for dinner. A gesture of appreciation.

Stay tuned for more.

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