Friday, May 14, 2021

The art of hearing!

 The art of listening!

Even in counselling the first thing they do is let you speak your heart out .

That’s the first form of therapy . Unfortunately in the era of conversation becoming a dying art.

Speeches are automated. We are more used to texting.

Is it the reason that people feel bottled up?

Counsellors are on the rise. The need for man to be heard growing up.

Alas! When they feel unheard, not able to ventilate, it leads to a lot of psycho somatic problems.

Anxiety, mental health issues are drastically scaling greater heights!

Is it the pandemic?

Is it the loneliness?

Communication, venting out your thoughts is paramount.

Everyone does need a sound box . Someone who they can express to without being judged.

Gratitude journaling at this time is a tremendous help.

Making you a little aware of all is still not lost.

Speak to your friends often. It helps!

Stay in touch with near and dear ones.

The pandemic has forced people to be indoors, but don’t let that stop you from communicating.

Keep the faith!

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