Friday, May 21, 2021

Multi Tasking

 Sometimes I’m the,

Undisputed queen,

At times,

Guest of honour,

And most of the times,

Maid of honour,

Running around,

With the broom,

In one hand,

The ladle in another,

I’m adding Lizol,

To the bucket,

And spices in,

The cooker,

Sometimes I leave,

My cooker on sim,

And run around,

With my duster,

Until a faint,

Burning aroma rants,

The air,

Making me realise,

What is burning!

I hear a faint,

Yell from the,

Kids bedroom!

The battle is on!

Then I hear my,

Vimla bai reminding!

“ Amma this is over”!

I rush with my car keys!

Out and about!

I long for,

Some me time,

At night when,

There is silence,

All around,

I sit down,

For my own sweet time!

Instantly being reminded!

The test papers, 

Of my students,

Still lying in a pile,

The chores never ending,

As long as the River Nile!!!

I long for my carefree days,

The spa licious,

Chocolate filled moments,

The joys,


All a distant memory!

Now the music to,

My ears is,

Cooker whistles,

The shouts and screams,

Of my offspring!

The gentle voice of,

Vimla bai,

Who keeps my,

Sanity in check!!


  1. And inspite of all the chaos you find some time to entertain your audience with your such amazing pieces of writing!! Beautiful narration❣πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


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