Monday, May 17, 2021

Picnics with Family!

 As I was writing for my poem prompt, I came across this picture. Instantly bringing back so many memories. 

The days when we would be out in the open . Looking forward to picnics with all my aunts, uncles and cousins!

Whole night we would not sleep out of excitement. Planning all the games , our snacks and what we would do. 

I remember the bus ride. Singing and cracking jokes , enjoying the ride.

Once there we would immediately start our walk . Then get into the mood of games. Everyone together would be playing in different groups. 

On the day of the picnic, we would be so hungry . Everything would be polished away in sometime.

We would enjoy the seasonal fruits. Guava , poly mangoes( kairi) with the masala.

Aam ras , pickles, all the home made specialities. 

Listening to stories from our grandparents times. Some so funny which would leave us rolling .

All our favourites were carried lovingly by our elders.

What a lovely time we would have!

The day would pass beautifully under the shade of trees.

Before dusk we would leave.

Tired and spent but truly happy.

What beautiful days!

How we miss those carefree days.

Enjoying to the hilt!


  1. Shireen, you took me back to my childhood- bus rides, sandwiches, juices and thhe Antakshari sessions!! What enjoyable and simple times. No selfies , no pics yet fresh in our memories!!

  2. So true Aafu . All gathered in our heart album. Miss those gud ole simple days of our youth😊


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