Sunday, May 23, 2021

Journey of Life!

 Zaina was a very happy go lucky person . She always laughed, made people laugh around her. She never let the woes of life weigh her down!

She believed in spreading positivity and optimism around. Mother of 2, it was never easy for her. All the time in a rush. Yet she took out time for her besties, her childhood cousins and her other social obligations. 

She worked as a counsellor, so it was not easy for her. She lightened herself, ventilated by going for a walk out in the open amidst nature. Her yoga gave her the much needed balance.

All was going fine until one morning she felt herself growing tired and weary. It was unlike for her. She rested a bit but woke up with a tightness in the chest.. she dreaded it. Hoping it was not “ covid” the dreaded.

Unfortunately by evening after her scan she did come to know it was. The first one week she managed staying at home and monitoring it and doing fine. Suddenly after a week. It hit her like a storm.

Her saturation fell, she went into ER. By evening she was admitted. 2 days she did fine in the hospital. But suddenly after 48 hours she grew serious . Only 48 hours given by the doctor. It was not the fear of death that actually woke her up from slumber . 

All her unrealised dreams, aspirations, hopes which stared at her and mocked her. Asking” What did you think? That you have forever? 

How fleetingly her life had gone by? What about her wish list, her bucket list, still written in her diary. Not one realised.

The beauty of life and breath all understood by her .He was kind up there. Smiled and said “ Lass I’m giving you one more chance to live life! Do your Best! Don’t disappoint me”!

That’s what made her fight back!

Do you think now she will live?

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