Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dinner extravaganza!

 The day dawned bright . I had been relentlessly interrogated regarding Jay’s likes and dislikes about food. His preferences, his favourite dishes and so on and so forth. Resulting me in disturbing Jay again and again leaving him in giggles and me in mortification .

My aunts started from 5 in the evening “ I hope you are wearing something beautiful”! 

The one one” Zara kuch bright colour pehno beta”!

Ohhh god! Not again!

Their match making  Skills in full swing.

Finally 8.30 the bell rang.

I was dressed in a bright red outfit, to please my dear aunts more than Jay.

Jay was immediately bulldozed by them into  interview round 2.

Mind you! The first one by the river.

Poor Jay! He was smiling, witty and answering as best as he could.

Then my aunt’s  sly glances, those happy grins coming my way sealed the deal.

I was tactfully made to sit next to Jay.

Now his lineage, his place of birth and his family background came next.

One aunt asked him point blank” Beta aap ko kaisi ladki chahye?

Which left me choking!

I so wished, I could disappear somewhere!

Thank God!

The dinner ordeal came to an end!

We fast forwarded to dessert!

I wanted to fast forward to next morning!

Finally it was time to bade goodbye!

My whole entourage was at the porch.

It reminded me of a scene straight from “ My big fat Greek Wedding”!

Jay promised to be in touch.

I wanted to apologise to him.

Once he left .

I was pulled into the interrogation round!

They had all approved. So far!

Wanted to hear the wedding bells ringing!

I was dying to hear my next day morning alarm ringing for a change!

Making me believe, it was a nightmare! 

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