Sunday, May 9, 2021


 I’m reeling with shock!

When the world is in the grip of the deadliest pandemic possible, acts of terrorism still do not cease!

Alas! Behold!

People are dying. 

Running Helter Skelter to save their loved ones!

Some are losing them. Some have already lost them.

We are caged in!

In our man made concrete jungle!

And children are being killed in a senseless way!

Is this the price to be paid?

To live in today’s world?

Where there are displays of humaneness?

There are displays of such acts too!

When are we going to learn?

When will this hatred be wiped from the world?


When ? Will we give our future generations a beautiful negative free world to live in?

Free of animosity!

Devoid of Misery?


Thoughts and prayers with the bereaved?

Those beautiful souls who were deliberately wiped out before they blossomed !


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