Monday, April 5, 2021

What does the darkest hour teach us!

 Earlier too I had written constantly about covid.

The dreaded!

Something to be immensely terrified of.

I do not know whether to say , I had the misfortune of experiencing it . Mine was Corad -3 . 

My day started just like any other . By noon I started experiencing bouts of weakness. By afternoon I was completely drained out and fatigued. Thinking it too be very hot , I blamed it on the weather. When I woke up! I felt a tightness in the chest. My gut screamed! I went and checked the new symptoms.  As of now , I was experiencing 2. I drove myself straight to the diagnostic. I got my tests done.

The next 4 days were the hardest of my life . First day I drifted by. From day 2-4, I was completely without any energy or strength.

What made me go through this difficult phase is positivity . Gratitude for still being able to breathe without any assistance . 

The most important is the love , blessings and support of your well wishers. I would wake up from my bouts of sleep. There would be beautiful messages , missed calls . 

Beautiful heartfelt words. Believe me! It did make a difference!

The poetry community and the various poets who constantly prayed for me and sent positive energy.

The reason why I am writing it . At this time the person just needs moral support . Covid is dreaded!

And we have to live around it . 

Being cautious!


Most importantly! Being kind and caring!

Some might be lucky to have never been caught by it!

Some of us might not have been!

Each to its own!

What a person needs most is positivity, encouragement, kindness , compassion and love!

Incidentally this is what the world otherwise needs too!

But covid drives home the point further.

I’m much better now. 

A big thank you to all my well wishers . May you be blessed abundantly.

A big thank you to the one who watches me always!

I could have been worse!

I came out of it!

Good Morning beautiful souls!

Have a great day!

Wear your smile at all times!

Life is short!

Dress all your moments with a smile!😊

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