Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The mere act of Breathing!


In the journey of life, so many things learnt. The importance of the value of a breath, how it was driven home.
The mere act of breathing effortlessly without a gasp. The very art of living and breathing, something taken for granted.
Effortlessly doing it day in and out. Yet in a moment even that simple act when it is challenged, then you realise what life is.
We endeavour to do so much. We come with some hopes, dreams, aspirations. In our short life span trying to do our best. In a race trying to meet the requisites of or own expectations.
But the true reality of the moment is when a simple breath of air to keep you going becomes a challenge.
In my difficult moments, the only thing which crossed my mind was how effortlessly you gave us, o’ lord how we take things for granted.
Always worrying about the most insignificant things. 
When even to manage a lungful of air to keep your breathing going needs help, then the true reality of life hits you.
But in my darkest hour, what kept me moving was the relentless love, thoughts and prayers which kept pouring in.
A legacy which I always sought to leave behind, “ A little remembrance in someone’s thoughts, prayers and heart”!
The continuous flow of healing energy even made the almighty give in to the power of prayer.
Always keep others in your thoughts and prayers.
Today each is battling a magnitude of chaos!
Each troubled, tormented!
Just send a prayer into the vestiges of the world
Prayers are heard up there!
They do make an impact!
I’m the biggest example here!
I only got another lease of life because of the heartfelt prayers of each one!
You compel the creator to hear you!
Prayers have the power!
And you have the power to pray for each soul!
Do not let it go!
I’m humbled and in deep gratitude to all those beautiful, wonderful souls who prayed for me and are still praying.
Stay blessed! Stay safe!
Let’s join our hands once more for the citizens of the globe!
People who are battling covid,
Anxiety, Depression!
Are going through a tough time!
O’ lord ease each ones torment!
Line each hearth and heart in restful calm and positivity!
Fill the word with glee and giggles!
Ease the testing times!
Show your mercy to one and All!!

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